Thursday, October 4, 2012

Would you believe me?

...If I told you that I once swore to myself I would never ever in my life drink alcohol?

Because I sure as heck wouldn't.


Judging from my Instagram, where basically every 5th picture involves a drink of some kind, one could safely assume I'm pretty much an alco in the making, no?

But let's back up a bit to that time where I swore I'd never drink.

Way back in the day, when I was a young, innocent little one, I attended a small private school that was Kindergarten through 12th grade.

With, wait for it....300 students in the entire school.

Yes, let that sink in.

300 students in the entire school. Not the Senior class. The entire K-12 school.

My graduating class had 14 students.

Half of which I had been in school with since I was 5 years old.
{But we can delve into that monstrosity another day.}

Anyway, needless to say, it was a very small school.
A very small Christian school.
Where basically, drinking alcohol meant you were the devil.
{Or so I was lead to believe.}

So, of course, what would you, as a little 14-year-old who had grown up in this atmosphere, do?
You would swear off alcohol and you would turn down all invitations to weekend parties where parents were out of town and kids would get rowdy off a few Mike's Hard Lemonades.

Okay, that's a lie.
You'd have to first get invited to said parties in order to turn them down.

So yeah, I was a goody goody, to say the least. And everyone knew it.


So. What changed, you may be thinking?

Well, I went to college. In Los Angeles. Home of the Devil Drinkers.

And at 18 years old, I had my very first alcoholic beverage.
Using my very first fake I.D. with the name of Jenny Kim.
Very fitting, I know.

And then I never looked back.

I grew to love the alcohol more and more.
It became a part of me.
It became my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy in most social situations.

I loved it so much, I even painted a picture of it.

This past weekend, as I was drinking my 3rd mimosa of the morning, I had to chuckle a bit to myself.
It's just amusing to me to see how prominent drinking has come to play in our lives.

Hang outs, sporting events, luxury movie theatres, parties, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Wine tasting, bowling, golf, happy hour, Taco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, everyyyboodddyyy!

You see what I mean?

It has dominated.

Am I complaining? No.
Do I have a point to this post? No.
Do I plan to have some more wine tonight? Yes.
Do you all think I'm a raging alcoholic? Probably.




  1. I didn't get drunk until I was in college, and now I'd be so sad if I didn't have my vino on the reg. Girl. I don't think you're an alchy. I think you're fab :)


  3. Wait until you get pregnant. Then you'll realize how much you REALLY love the sweet nectar and how much you REALLY rely on it in social/sad/bored/happy situations.

  4. Sorry you weren't invited to the parties...we didn't want to corrupt you. Guess you did it on your own ;)

    1. Ha! oooh I wish I knew who wrote this. I think I may have a few guesses ;)

  5. I don't think there is anything wrong with drinking. Do I drink? No. Have I drank before to the point of no return? Of course. It isn't up to anyone to judge what you like to do on your free time, what you drink, or eat. As long as you do it responsibly. Haha enjoy it girl! And thanks for the add :)

    Cristina Marie
    C'est Une Belle Vie

  6. I swore I'd never drink alcohol either! And had my first drink at 18, too. Let's just say UCSB taught me the responsible, proper and always classy way to drink.

    Hahaha... NOT.

  7. omg your school sounds like an SDA school (i grew up in one). I myself didn't start drinkin til I was 21... And my love for beer has grown. Mmmm beer mmmm.

  8. I don't think you're a raging alcoholic, I just think you like to have fun =)

  9. Lol No I do not think your an Alchi! You are just enjoying life! And having fun!! Shouldn't we all be doing that?? I think so!! Good Post! :)

  10. A lot of my friends swore off drinking for one reason or another... That didn't last very long though!!
    And 300 students in the entire school?!? My graduating senior class had twice that amount!!

  11. Seriously, I don't get how people are social and don't drink! I live in San Francisco so most of my socializing revolves around a cocktail... happy hours, cocktail parties, etc. Yes, of course you can do a coffee date instead, but, well, it's not as fun. A few months ago we did a 2 week cleanse where we couldnt drink, and it was soooooooooo hard because so much of our social life includes alcohol.

    And until we have kids, I'm not changing a thing!

  12. Haha I love this! I didn't think I would ever drink because I'm allergic to sulfites in wine and beer, but at the ripe age of 24 I met my dear friends tequila and vodka and I haven't looked back! hahahah!

  13. Alcohol brings out the devil in us! Its so true how having a drink surrounds us at most occassions and it is so hard to say no when everyone else is having one. So much for detox and cleanses, I just cant go without for that many weeks! I cant imagine what will happen if Im pregnant - 9 months and then some? No way! I love your painting by the way its awesome x

  14. dude, when I was in eighth grade, I got mad at a few friends that wanted to drink. Like raging mad. Like stopped talking to them mad. I thought I would never drink in my life.

    ah, kids.

  15. You wouldd make a great Irish girl :) i am 100% with you on all of that, whats not to love!! I work permanent night shift and now ive got to the stage where a glass of red at 8am is perfectly acceptable, its kinda my night time afterall!

  16. Haha I got you beat! I went to a small private Christian school with under 100 students K-12. It was the same mentality...alcohol and boys are evil. The year I graduated from middle school was the year they got rid of high school so I got quite the eye opener from high school. I didn't drink until I was 17 though and even then, I only tried it maybe three times before I went to college. I went a little nuts from 18-25. But now it's a casual thing. Beach? Cooler full of beers. BBQ? Cooler full of beers and fifths. You get the idea. Cheers!

  17. I died laughing at "I loved it so much, I even painted a picture of it."

    I kind of love the raging alcoholic in you. Hahaha


  18. Bahaha, I'm with you 100% on the private Christian school, graduating class of 14, swearing off alcohol as a teen parts. It's so strange how our views transition based on age and different stages of our lives. It's definitely been the same for me.

  19. haha i love the "breakfast, lunch, and dinner"...

    i went to catholic school and was a total goody goody until college, where i realized drinking was pretty awesome. i say have another glass of wine! you're just doing research for all the amazing wine you'll be drinking traveling the world! how else would you know what's good or bad? :)

  20. wow you will be so happy in a couple of months ....

    I'm sure I don't need to remind you that in France , Italy and Spain you will find amazing wines ( I'm a french girl living in SD and missing so much my non - expensive French wines ;()
    And Holland and UK don't let me start about their crazy good beer
    OHH enjoy your trip !
    PS: of course I'm a little bit jealous ;)

  21. I went to a teeny tiny private school too. I was def a goody good. Then college me met Houseboats and then I started my slide to the bad side. Good to know I won't be alone over there.

  22. love the painting, commemorating the milestone ;) cheers

  23. I laugh because I just read my life story. Kind of. BUT I did do the private Christian school thing. Like, the classes were so small that they combined 5th & 6th grade and put them in one room with one teacher. Thankfully we moved before I started high school, so I went to a public high school. I swore I would NEVER touch alcohol. I don't drink too often, but it makes me laugh too. How things change!

  24. So I'm a little late but this is my life story for realsies....I graduated with 19 kids...there were like 100 in the highschool and I've known these fools since second grade. I was also raised in a VERY strict religion. Alcohol and sex were of the devil. Well me and the liquor gets along just fine now thank you very much!



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