Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We're waiting on you, little one!

So here's the plan.
Before The Dizzle and I flee the country and head to Spain, we have a few stops to make first.

Stop 1: Drive up to San Francisco to see The Dizzle's family.

Yes, this is The Dizzle. Aka Justin Guarini.

Stop 2: Fly to Georgia to see my mama, brother, and nephew.

But here's the thing...

We can't leave San Diego until...

...This little baby comes out!

She's due on November 3rd and we have a flight out of San Fran on November 10th.

So that gives us a Liiiittttlllleeee wiggle room to wait for her to enter this world and then we're outta here!

So please, little Melody, let's stick to the schedule, shall we?

K thanks. 

Your Aunt Mish


P.S. Their co-ed baby shower was this past weekend! 
BBQ'd burgers + a Keg = Good times. Obvi.

I spotted the cutest little half Asian twins! ...so then I creepily took pictures of them.
Like brother, like sister....
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Haha that shower sounds fun. Keeping my fingers crossed that the baby will make an appearance before you leave!! :)

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I secretly always wanted to drive across the country...I dunno if I could survive though lol

  3. Is your family excited for you guys? We're they shocked when you told them you were going?

    1. They're super excited! I'm actually a little surprised we haven't received any type of push back on our plans. Both families are very supportive and agree that we should take advantage of not having any ties here or major responsibilities and to just go live it up! :) So it definitely made things easier having their approval!

  4. Aww everything coming up is so exciting for you guys!! Sounds amazing!

  5. It all sounds very amazing. Hopefully Melody will arrive on time :)

  6. Eeee I'll keep my fingers crossed that she arrives on time, healthy and happy!

  7. I believe everything will fall into place :) You go get em!

  8. Hope Melody arrives early! First ones tend to, I think. Cutest paci in the pumpkin!

  9. San Fran is my favorite place in the states so far! Hope you guys have a great time!

  10. Aww, what a nice parting gift! :)

  11. The Dizzles family is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. You're all frickin beautiful.

  12. How cute! Hopefully your new niece will be here on time and you both will have a great time visiting with your families before beginning your epic journey!

  13. Can we take a moment and talk about how you're the only Asian person I know with dimples?! WTF man, save some for the rest of us. You've already got VDiz, share the wealth lady!

    Also, good luck on forcing the baby out in time. Maybe if you play some terrible music near the belly, she won't be able to take it and she'll fly right out?

  14. LOL @ your timeline!! All dependent on the little one coming into the world, huh?! You're already an amazing Aunty to little Melody!

    Love the shower and the kegs for the grown folks!

    xo, Bev



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