Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegas: Toilet Party

So we decided to stay one more night here in Vegas.
Because we were up until about 3 in the morning last night.
Because I spent the previous 6 hours before that throwing up my life in our Treasure Island hotel room.

Now here's where I'm not quite sure.

It could possibly be because we spent a few hours at the pool earlier and I just had too much sun.
It could possibly be because I was extremely dehydrated.
It could possibly be because I drank vodka, tequila, beer, then that one fireball shot that The Dizzle said we just needed.
Or, it could possibly be because just moments before going down for a 7pm nap, we scarfed down some fried chicken and french fries, all complete with ranch dressing.

Regardless of the reason, come 8:30pm last night, I sat straight up in bed and headed straight toward the toilet to which I then spent the next 6 hours dry heaving every ounce I had left in me.

I find it odd, because believe you me, I know what it's like to vomit after a night of too much alcohol {sadly, more times than I'd like to remember}, 
but never, NEVER in my life have I experienced this living hell.

I'd love to say I've sworn off alcohol until kingdom come, 
but as I'm sitting here sipping a Bud Light, I'd just be straight up lying to you.
And well, that's just not very nice, is it?

Needless to say, we're a little tired.
Plus, we just got done saying goodbye to The Dizzle's papa.
And that brought on a fresh bought of emotions and energy used up.
I think we deserve a night in to just relax before we head back to San Diego.

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I hate goodbyes?




  1. Oh no I hope you are feeling better! I agree goodbyes are the worst.

  2. love this post. for reals!! I've def been there too hugging porcelain, it is not fun!!!!! Glad you had some fun. And goodbyes are the worst, that's why they're see ya laters! :)

  3. OMG. That blows chunks - literally!!!

    Ok ok...bad joke!

    Hope your feeling better Pretty Lady!

  4. Ugh, that sucks. You probably had food poisoning... I've been sick from drinking more times than I care to count, but I've also been sick from food poisoning, and they are totally different. Food poisoning is hell on earth. So sorry you ended your Vegas trip on a sour note. Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Yuck - I have had my battles with food poisoning and they easily are near the top of the 'worst moments ever' list. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. I totally thought of it as a 'see you later'...I refuse to dwell on that stupid 'g' word.

    More suggestions in case there are still blank dots on your map.

  7. Good lord lady, I hope you're feeling well now!

    p.s. Blerg... I had a fireball night last weekend (the night of that bud light photo)... Ahh, to be young

  8. Bye V-Dizzle's Dad :(

    At least you're no longer dry-heaving. Ew. And that pre-nap snack sounded de-vine and could not ever be the cause of any sickness.

    Yay for Vegas, win big! Xx

  9. Feel better! I hate goodbyes, too :( but once they're done, the worst is over!!

  10. Oh geez girl I'm glad you feel better.... Are you pregnant? Lol I'm so kidding. What a sweet pic of vdizzle and his daddy!!

  11. hope you feel better!! Love the picture of VDizzle and his dad- so sweet!

  12. that was me a few weekends ago.. worst thing ever! Hope you're feeling a lot better.

    that picture almost made me cry.

  13. I love parties... but not toilet parties!! Ughhh that sounds miserable!! It sounds like a case of the stomach bug with really bad, awful, timing! Hope you're feeling better!!
    And saying goodby to Vdizzle's papa?? Has me wanting to cry!

  14. Sounds like food poisoning. That's the worst! And it could just be a mixture of foods that didn't sit right. Hope you feel better! And aw, saying bye to his dad..sniff. Just remember, it's not goodbye forever

  15. Omg! You are so hilarious. And I too, know what it's like to throw up from alcohol and had a similar experience with too much time in the sun, not enough water, too much vodka & beer, and greasy brisket burrito potato shit that left me throwing up all night and all morning. So I'm thinking it's a combo of everything. Hope you're feeling better today! Sounds like you are! :)

  16. Oh man lady, I hope you're feeling better! That blows, and I totally believe it's not from the alcohol entirely. Probs a combination of everything. Blah.

  17. That totally sounds like food poisoning. No bueno. Feel better girlfriend!

  18. VDiggity and his own presh! Hope DizzleDad feels better soon! XO

  19. Fireball is the devil. That is all. ;)
    (Good byes maybe a close second...)

  20. I threw up reading your intake. Goodness woman. Vegas does that though. Hope the bud light helped you feel better! It always helps my hangovers.

  21. Now THAT sounds like a day to remember... love how night life is really DAY life when you're in vegas.. never too early or late to drink... as long as those curtains are pulled tightly closed in your hotel room... it's night life all day every day!!

    I'm sorry you had a long 6 hour private party with the toilet, BUT at least it was a clean toilet! I hate being home and having too much fun throwing up in our bathroom when it's NOT clean!!

    Keep your head up girlie, and enjoy the time with the family and friends while you can!!

  22. That sucks!! It's one thing to be sick in vegas, hungover. Another thing to be attacked by....whatever you had :(



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