Saturday, October 27, 2012

Travel Talk {and a Giveaway!)

This whole unemployed thing has got me all whopper-jawed.
Is whopper-jawed a saying or is it only my Mom that says that?

Anyway, I can't tell my Tuesdays from my Saturdays or my 12pm's from my 4pm's.

Now, it's not that I'm complaining or anything {trust me, I'm not}, I just wonder if I'll ever get back into a "routine."
Or, will I forever be a transient, traveling to the ends of the earth, with a slight crazy look in my eye? 
{cue: dramatics}

Excuse me while I continue to adjust to this new little life of mine.


Also, aren't these Etsy earrings super cute??
Lovely Cynthia is giving a pair away to one of YOU!


And in the spirit of traveling, she has also graciously shared her travel story below. 
Let me just say: ouch.

Enjoy {and don't forget to enter below}!


Hello Mish (and Dizzle) lovers!
I'm Cynthia and I blog over at Living in Neverland

So...who else is dreaming about being in Michelle's situation right now?? 
(OK, maybe minus some of the downsizing/packing woes.)  
It's been a secret long time dream of mine to quit my job and travel the world.  
And now she's doing it!!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.
I love to travel.  I don't get to do it as often as I'd like, nor have I been to many of the far flung and exotic places that Michelle will be visiting. But, I have been a few interesting places and Hawaii was my number one favorite (so far!!).

Unfortunately, my Hawaii trip did not have the happiest ending.

It started off fabulously.  We flew from LAX to the Big Island of Hawaii, where my aunt lives.  We spent 3 beautiful days exploring that island.
Then we flew to Maui.  (*sigh* I LOVE MAUI)  A friend of ours works for Waldorf and he got us a "friends" rate to stay at the Grand Wailea.  So we were in the lap of luxury.

Source: via Inesa on Pinterest

Early on our second morning we got up early to bike down the Haleakala volcano.
This is where things went wrong.
Actually, the bike ride, itself, was one of the coolest things we have ever done...

It started off great.  The ocean views from the top and as you begin the ride down are amazing.  There were cows grazing, lavender fields in bloom, and it truly felt like you were in paradise. About a mile away from the end I glanced over at a cute little church and  *BAM*!  That's when it happened.

I crashed.

On basically flat and smooth ground. #lame
To make a long story short...We basically assumed I sprained my knee (with our limited knowledge of all things medical). Since our trip was pretty busy with lots of (pre-paid) plans, we decided to go ahead and head over to Lahaina for our luau that night.  Luckily the hotel had a wheelchair and crutches that they let us use for the rest of our stay. 
Can't let a little bike crash disrupt our fun! 

Sadly, the next day we missed our spa appointments and couples massage. :-(   
I was, honestly, so so so so sad about that. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to. 

On the positive side, flying while in a wheelchair is great! We got to go to the front of security lines and got extra room on the plane. 
When I got home, this happened: 

As a reminder of my visit to Hawaii...I have this screw in my knee, to forever remind me of that one time I went on a fabulous vacation and shattered my knee. 
Let's just say the next time we go to Hawaii (which better be soon!)
we (absolutely) won't be riding any bicycles.
Cynthia: 0
Volcano: 1

Hawaii, we will be back. 

Please, come over to my blog and say hi!  
Tell me a story about when you crashed on your vacation to make me feel better...
or something, I'm open minded, tell me anything! 
Or tell me how jealous of Mish & Dizzle you are so we can commiserate. 
I love meeting new people, especially if they are cool enough to be a reader of Mish! 

You can find me here... 

Aaaaaand, as an incentive for reading and checking me out today... 
I've got these adorable earrings to give away!  
Honestly, I might buy another pair for myself because they are cuter in person than they are on Etsy.  

Good luck!!   

Enter here!

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  1. Those earrings are beautiful!

    Unfortunately, Rafflecopter isn't working for me :S (won't load)

    But oh god I can't imagine what it's like to think you've sprained your knee and realise you've shattered it! That's totally something I would do though, I'm super clumsy.

    1. Try again later, they really are cute!! :)
      Yeah, considering I was already SO TIRED of crutching by the time I got home, learning I would have to crutch for 3 more months was really discouraging. I wish it had been just a sprain!

  2. I love those earrings =) I am in total agreement with you Cynthia, I would love to be in Mish's place... I love to travel and I cannot wait to be done with school and able to move wherever I want and travel (hopefully) whenever I want. As for vacations, I have had a similar experience when I was in high school I shattered my ankle the day before my family and a couple of my friends and I were supposed to go to Florida for spring break... they ended up going to West VIrginia, I ended up having surgery on my birthday =/ not one for the record books for me!


    1. :-( My surgery was 2 weeks before Christmas! Made shopping a bit difficult.

  3. Aww, thanks for featuring me! I love hanging on your sidebar.
    I will be avidly following you on your adventures! Just watch out for volcanoes. :)

  4. Oh no! What a terrible way for her to end her vacation!

    Maybe you won't get back to your routine for a while but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I say embrace it!



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