Monday, October 8, 2012

This Is My Real Hair

Now that we got the foot fetish thing out of the way, and because I'm lacking the ability to think or write on this Monday {which, btw is my 2nd to last Monday here at WORK!},
We can give it up for Amanda from

Amanda and I did a little interview-a-loo-in, which is cool because I got to feel like.....
Connie Chung? 
I can't seem to think of any other Asian correspondents at the moment.


Wait...Maybe Tricia Takanawa from Family Guy?


Read on, learn on, love on.

And don't forget to check out her Kick-A giveaway that she's having over on her blog to celebrate her reaching almost 100 followers!
Whoo hoo!


1. What's the best blogging advice you've received?

Blogging is building relationships with your readers.

I take every piece of advice I get, or read, and consider if it fits with my style of blogging. 
If it does then I usually implement it. 
I did it on my own the first 3 months and it went well, so my style can’t be too jacked. 
But including some of the great tips we all get, I can only grow a bigger and better blog!

2. What are your favorite things to write about?

Most popular by far would have to be my dog, Kalie.   
People love looking at her… 
or I might just be a crazy dog parent who doesn’t give a crap if you like looking at her or not :) 
Nah people definitely love looking at her! 
I also really like to write about travels with my boyfriend, 
dumb things with my friends & bestie Breanna, 
and I seem to write a lot about food…


3. What does a typical day look like for you?

I will usually get to work a little earlier so I can get all my photos laid out for the days post.  Which is a complete lie. I usually get there late, and then blog anyway.   I like to use work hours for really productive things!    I am in the office from 7:00am - 4:30pm    and I am on blogger and gchat [] the entire time.    My job is not challenging and we are extremely slow,    so I am always looking for another good chat buddy!!

After work I try to spend my time on hobbies or with people I love.
Photography, running, friends, my boyfriend, and my dog. 
However, I usually end up watching a ridiculous amount of Keeping Up With The Kardashians 
or some other garbage because I just can't help it. 
My life probably needs more drama of it’s own!

4. Embarrassing moment?

Okay… so I am totally not proud of this moment at all,    but I am sharing it anyway because that is who I am!  Open, honest, and blunt!
  A number of years ago… (Probably like 9? wtf I am so old)    I was “dating” this kid in high school.    I was simultaneously texting this particular guy and my mother.    Long story short,    I ended up texting him “I love you” when the message was meant for my mom…  he instantly responded (!!) saying something like, omg I love you too, I am so glad you said that.   So damn awkward. I replied and said thank you but that the message was to my mom!

5. What celebrity do you get compared to most?

I would answer this question by saying none!    Absolutely no celebrity looks like me!    But since this is all about you getting to know me  I will share a deep dark secret with you…    my best friend [Breanna] often, weekly for sure, compares me to Kathy Griffin.    Like… could I get somebody super hot please? least she is skinny right?!
I sent her a message asking for her help answering this question 
and of course she responded with Kathy Griffin. 
I was like, ew no pick someone else, to which she responded:

...basically the perfect description of myself lol
6. Favorite place you've ever visited?

New York City (!!), hands down, is my absolute favorite place.    Although, I should probably confess.. I haven’t really been to THAT many places!  I have visited the city three times now,  and I have a trip planned for New Year’s Eve  & another in April.  The architecture, the restaurants, the subway! I think I love it all.  

7. One thing you'd want my readers to know about you!   I typically use my blog as a life journal.  But lucky for you its not all "dear diary".  Its a lot more "omfg I can't believe that just happened!"  It's really fun, so come hang out!


Thanks Amanda!

Now go show her some blog love!




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