Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tales From A Spoiled Rotten Brat.

Growing up with two older brothers, I was the baby of the family and the only girl.
Then we adopted my little sister when I was 10, which should have bumped me out of the I'm-The-Little-Princess-So-You-Should-Treat-Me-As-Such stage, 
but alas, that didn't quite happen.


One could say perhaps, just a tiny bit, I was slightly spoiled.
...okay, fine. I was one spoiled son of a biznatch.
I'm not extremely proud of this fact, but it is what it is.

Moving on.

When I wanted something, I'd ask Mom for it.
When she said 'No,' that's where Fasha came in.
Which was always a sure thing with enough "pretty please's" thrown in.
{Spoiled B-R-A-T. I know, I know.}


One thing I got was the Easy-Bake Oven.
I just had to have it because clearly, I would become a world renowned chef one day.
I think I maybe attempted one brownie that turned out like dog poo, both in taste and looks.
Turns out, I wasn't a cook then and I'm not a cook now. Go figure.

They also got me this rock tumbler thing that I saw once and just had to have.
I was convinced that I could uncover some rare stones with this contraption.
I think I used it once, realized it was supposed to take days or weeks to tumble before a stone would produce, got bored, then left it in its tumbler, sitting in gross water for the rest of its existence.
I didn't have patience then and I don't have patience now.

Then there was that time I knew I could become a professional potter.
I would create unique bowls and vases for everyone to admire, just you wait!
So of course, I had to have the kids pottery clay kit.
And of course, you guessed it, the "vase" turned out to be a lumpy something or other that resembled nothing like that of a vase and more like a deformed ash tray.

Oh, and let's not forget the time when I knew I would be a famous guitarist.
I just had to get that electric guitar, in blue of course, complete with an amp and carrying case!
I begged, I pleaded, I promised it would all pay off!
Then that one Christmas morning, I got my spoiled-brat wish.
There: the guitar of my dreams.
One year later, dreams were forgotten, never to be entertained again.

You know what's funny though?
The one thing I can remember wanting throughout my entire childhood...

The Pink Power Wheels Jeep.
...and would you believe I never got one??
Man, I wanted one of those SO bad!
I could cruise around my neighborhood in style and all those other kids would be so jealous!
But alas, it must have been an executive decision from Mom & Fasha, because little Mishi never got one.

You think it's possible they knew the Asian in me would probably crash that thing within a day?

Yeah...that's what I was thinking too.


Anyway, that's all.
Clearly, this last week of work is keeping me extremely busy and producing many thought-provoking.......thoughts.



  1. well you know... us ASIAN drivers.
    i bump hospital beds all the time while patients are in it. I just shout, "SORRY ASIAN FEMALE DRIVER HERE."

  2. i always wanted the jeep too and NEVER got it. it still saddens me to this day =( can you imagine how much more awesome our childhoods would have been if we had those jeeps. AMAZING right! =)

  3. ok i have to say that i DID have that barbie jeep and it was SO much fun EXCEPT. I distinctly remember my mom making my sister and I wear a helmet on it...and that just did not look as cool as the kids on the commercial!

    i love this though!! what a BLAST FROM THE PAST! what the heck is teh rock tumbler!?!? i dont think i have ever even heard of that before!?!? is it bad to want it now? even though i also couldnt wait for it to produce a rock lol

    remember creepy crawlers and the machine that made them?
    totalllly made them like last summer.


  4. I always wanted an easy bake oven and never got it! I had about 87 Tamagotchis but never an easy bake oven :( maybe that's why I can't cook/bake/make anything right!

  5. So Im pretty sure you wrote this post about my life growing up. I had an easy bake oven, a stupid rock tumbler that I used for 5 minutes and got bored, and played the electric guitar for about a month. I always begged for a pink jeep and it never happened. But the trampoline did so maybe I should shutup and quit being a brat. Or maybe I should go buy a pink jeep and when you get here we can ride it around town.

  6. That's hilarious. These are totally all the toys I wanted but never got!! I did however have a Mercedes that I drove around my driveway. I think we used them for like a week before the batteries ran out.

  7. i was SOOOOOO spoiled too. i got everything i wanted EXCEPT A CAR LIKE THAT TOO!!! my dad said we needed to work out, so instead we had every other bike/car thing that required real physical activity. so glad im not the only one!!!

  8. I never got a pink jeep either!! I wouldn't say I was a total spoiled brat but I did have a lot of toys and would usually get the latest cool thing for my birthday or Christmas. The one thing I always always always wanted was a pink jeep and I never got one...woe is me! Haha

  9. Hahaha I was spoiled too!! I was the youngest of 5 and was definitely the ultimate youngest child lol.

  10. Totally sums up my childhood. I too grew up being the baby of the family with two older twin brothers. Instead of getting a lot of the things I wanted I however got the hand-me-downs. Boy clothes, boy toys, boy everything! UGHHH. The only thing I was happy I got was the easy bake over but that's as far as I got spoiled. Poor me haha! I wanted that freaking jeep so bad too! Maybe when I am rolling in the money if ever I'll buy one just to say I got it :p

    Cristina Marie
    C'est Une Belle Vie

  11. Luckiest girl in the world to have gotten that Rock Tumbler!! You must have thrown Fasha 10 pretty please's for that one b/c one of mine didn't get me anywhere!! I don't care if it would have just sit in gross water... I STILL WANT ONE!!

    Miss these trow back toys.. they were the best everrrrrrr!!!!

    xo, Bev

  12. I still want a damn power wheels. Oh and the stable for my collection of My Little Ponies. My parents were so cruel.

  13. I wanted that pink jeep too! But I never got one, my parents got me a pink little bicycle but then someone stole it a month later. Boohooo. Oh and whenever mom would say no to me, I always went to my dad and sure enough a day or two after asking it would be in my bedroom with a pretty ribbon. hehehehe. But I wouldn't say I was very spoiled, I had to get good grades to get what I wanted. Lol.

  14. let's discuss how badly i wanted a pink barbie jeep, too - and it never happened for me either. when i was in high school, a little girl on my street had WONDERFUL parents who bought one for her. would you know that thing sat at the side of her house every day (taunting me), never to be played with?!

    when i drove to school each morning, i thought, "man, that little girl doesn't know how good she has it...i wonder if she'd miss that barbie jeep if it happened to disappear one day?" ;)

  15. i wanted a jeep too! but i wanted the boys one since it looked like more fun. that was the one thing i always asked for. i even offered to share with my brother. still didn't get one.

  16. Bahaha. Love this-I got all this stuff for my American Girl Dolls. Their wardrobe cost more than my own!

  17. Hey Mish! Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. I read your story and I'm so excited about your upcoming travels! Jealous!

    I also wanted the power wheels. My neighbor had one, but it was broken, so we just pushed each other around in it. It's probably for the best--I probably would've tried to take a road trip or something in that thing!

  18. I wanted a power wheels too! never got one. I bet my husband's parents would buy one for our 2yo. i wouldnt. i'm going to be mean like that ;)

  19. I begged and pleaded for a guitar when I was 14. Because I wanted to be a rockstar. So I got a guitar for my birthday, took like five lessons and decided my fingers were far too precious to me. Those strings hurt, ya know?! So that was the end of my rockstar career...

  20. hahah the asain in you! Oh gah too funny!Seriously though.. you had it good.. all I ever wanted where those payless shoes that would light up.. member those?!

  21. Well, I was the total opposite! Not spoiled, but I DID have a red Jeep Power Wheels! :) My cousin had the pink Mustang.

  22. I'm pretty sure I had none of those items, but I don't remember wanting them so I can't say if I was not spoiled or just weird. :P

  23. this post is so fun :) i had most of those things too... and ps i never got my barbie power wheels either!

  24. LOL I was pretty lucky growing up too and DEFINITELY had the Jeep. SO TAKE THAT MISH! I'm pretty sure I crashed the jeep and moved onto the convertible pretty soon though. Such a shocker, those things weren't that resilient....

  25. omg i had that rock tumbler!! haha

  26. I have just found your blog through Jasmine and love it, you're so entertaining!
    I so wanted one of those jeeps as well. Never been such a green-eyed monster in my life when the kid across the road got one. Makes my blood boil now remembering him cruising to the corner of the street and back. Agh. And there was me with my pogo stick pretending it was better than his car.
    I also wanted one of those amazing climbing frames for the garden as well, that had a slide, like 5 swings, a climbing rope and a castle bit. So damn cool. I was too lazy to walk to the local park. I needed it on my doorstep. Never happened though, grim :(



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