Monday, October 15, 2012

So...about that Camping business...

Sitting by a campfire, eating hot dogs and drinking mulled wine?
If that's camping, then you can call me a professional camper, thankyouverymuch.


Feeling like you're in a straight jacket while freezing in your sleeping bag at night?
Now that, I can do without.

Maybe it's because I'm a San Diegan and I'm a weenie when it comes to weather below 60 degrees, 
but the gloves, ear muffs, and Hunter Boots graced the scene basically the entire weekend.

I didn't shower for 2 days, either.
But what else is new there?

On Saturday, I felt more in my element.
In the cute little town, there was an art and wine festival.
15 different locations were participating and at each place they offered about 2-3 wine tasting samples accompanied with some cheese and crackers. #yum

After about 6 stops I was back to thinking this whole camping business wasn't so bad.

So I suppose, in conclusion, this is where I'm at:

-Camping offers great bonding time with friends
-Camping is a great excuse to eat crappy food and drink more than is necessary
-I hate tents and sleeping bags
-Anything that involves wine & cheese is a-okay in my book
-Showers are overrated
-Doing this activity every 5 years is good with me

Big kudos to all you camp fans out there.

Hope you all had great weekends!




  1. I absolutely love camping! I haven't been in years but I would love to go soon. My husband jokes that he doesn't want to camp because being in the Army he does it for a living haha.

  2. ...and that's pretty much exactly how I feel about camping.

  3. That puppy is so cute! Also, I tried to warn you about this camping business. It looks a hell of a lot cooler in the LL Bean store. Not that I shop at LL Bean..but you know what I mean.

    Have a great week lady!

  4. It IS good bonding time! But I'd rather bond indoors ;). Last Monday?! Wahoo!

  5. I used to go camping with the Pathfinders...but that's because there were boys there and my mom wasn't.

  6. my idea of camping is in a camper. with walls, and a bathroom. my boyfriend however likes "alpine camping" and tries to take as little as possible and sleep without a tent. obviously, it makes camping interesting. probably why i have only gone camping once.

  7. I like to camp every once in awhile but I actually hate when it's too hot --- nothing worse than waking up to a sauna of a tent when you have the hangover sweats. Yuck.

  8. I am with ya girl; i can camp but i prefer to have the sleeping, cleaning, bathroom part be in a hotel :)


  9. Oh now I LOVE me some camping!! And add a wine tasting/festival- I am soooo there! Congrats on your last working Monday!! Let the adventure begin!!

  10. I went camping 2 weeks ago in Santa Barbara and you described the sleeping experience perfectly: freezing in a straight jacket! AND IT SUCKED! HAHA! I'm glad you had a good time nonetheless, I did too! :)

  11. I'm glad you didn't have a horrible time! =)

    Hooray for the last Monday as a working woman! That is soooooo exciting!

  12. You are a braver woman than I. I don't think I could handle camping. I'd probably kill someone. Not myself, because I'm awesome. But everyone else? Fair game.

  13. I have never gone camping before! And am nervous too. My husband is outdoorsy, but not I. I would like to try camping at least once though!

  14. Looks like you had a great experience!! I am exactly like you...anything below 60 degrees and I am miserable!! You're a rock star for going thru with it!!

  15. Pretty!!! But I am with you... I am NOT a fan of camping.

  16. girl, you're going to turn into a real camper! What town did you go to? But really - showers are way overrated.

  17. Haha this way you're getting some first hand experiences as what is to come on your adventures! :)

    Cristina Marie
    C'est Une Belle Vie

  18. Camping is so hit and miss for me. Sometimes it's a great time and sometimes I just want to get home ASAP! Weather is the biggest factor for me, I hate windy camping. No fun.
    Yay for the lat Monday at work, ahhhh!



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