Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our ginormous walk-in closet.

This here is my old room.
This here is now our giant walk-in closet.

This is where we have created piles.
A pile for "keeps."
A pile for "storage at Fasha's."
A pile for "Goodwill."
A pile for "I have no idea what to do with this but I'm not quite ready to throw it away just yet."

Would you like to see our bedroom?

Sometimes I like to pretend we have a ginormous Master Bedroom, 
instead of acknowledging that it's actually just a mattress on the floor of what used to be the living room.

You see that TV Stand up there?
It was sold for $20 at about 8:32am this morning.
Things are really happening over here, folks.

It's amazing what little one actually needs for entertainment.
We basically have a slumber party every night complete with wine, Netflix, and popcorn.

Every now and then, if we start to get a little restless, we'll pull out the big guns of entertainment.

I have no words for how creepy The Dizzle looks.
He's part Korean Boy Band, part 30 yr old college student wannabe rocker?



Here's to my very last Thursday as a working woman!

Tomorrow is my LAST. DAY.




  1. OMG. NO words for the Dizzle in those bangs. I'm dying laughing over here!!

    Happy LAST THURSDAY of work, wooooo!


  2. First I want to say that I have been wanting to get some clip in bangs. Just to mix things up I guess.

    Im sure that your anxious to get today and tomorrow over with. I know when I got a long weekend or a vacation coming up. So I cant even imagine how you are feeling.

    PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see some celebratory drinks coming your way! :)

  3. HAHA!!! Dizzle in bangs is hilarious! Enjoy your last day of work you are about to set off on an amazing adventure (I'm slightly jealous lol). :)

  4. Those bangs..I LOVE on YOU. Not Dizzle. But that infamous pink shirt is a keeper. I hope that made the cut, because I don't know what I'll do if you're over in wherever Instagramming photos and that pink shirt isn't there. True Story.

  5. Lolol did u see my post on instagram? I couldn't help but comparing him with a korean boyband member.

  6. LAST DAY TOMORROW!!! YAY!! You're doing great and are going to have such a blast. :)

  7. hahahaha! the bangs look great...on you! on the dizzle? maybe not as flattering. MAYBE.

  8. Haha, omg the bangs are hilarious on him! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. LOL VDizz is such a freakin trooper. I applaud him.

  10. ahha things are definitely happening over there! lol the hair piece is hilarious on your bf. Good luck for your last day!!!

  11. Wahoo! :)
    So exciting. LAST DAY!
    Those bangs are hysterical.

    PS You had 666 followers, so I thought I'd unlucky the blog for you :) Wahoo!

  12. You guys must be REALLY bored!

  13. That picture of VDiggz scared the SHIZ out of me. GAH!

  14. What I would do for a closet that big.

  15. oh man that picture of him with the bangs made me laugh so hard. You should see if you can get him to wear them in public lol

  16. loving the re-decoration ;) and those bangs, wow.

  17. That would be an amazing real sized closet!!!

  18. Haha! Did your old roomie move out?

    Yeah for your last day of work! I wish it was my last day of

  19. I literally laughed at loud at those bad on him!

  20. i wonder who came up with those bangs. very weird. and hilarious. :P



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