Monday, October 1, 2012

It's the final countdown. Make it count.

So here we are. October already. Wait. October already?!
I know I say this every year, but I'm sure that this year has gone by the fastest in my book.
I just can't believe it.

30 days.

30 days is all I have left for my beloved San Diego until I'm off galavanting around the world with my love. So the question I keep asking myself is:

How can I make these last 30 days count?

In between all the selling and prepping we're doing, I want us to soak up as much San Diego as we possibly can in the next 30 days because well, who knows when we'll be back.
And even when we do decide to come back to the States, I'm not quite sure San Diego will be our home again. Who knows, really.

Point is: I want to go out with a bang.

I want to eat as much American food as my stomach will allow.
I want to drink every night as if it's my last!
{Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme, but it sure as heck seems like I've been doing that.}
I want to make just a few more memories with friends and family.

You know, I think I just want to make sure that when we do leave this wonderful city, 
I feel 100% ready.
And most days, I think I am. No, most days, I know I am.

But. Well. What would you do if you had only 30 days left in one of your favorite cities?




  1. Girl, I love this. I would do exactly what you're doing... making memories. Take pictures, be tourists in your own city, roam around streets you never paid attention to before. Live it up!

  2. Eat for sure! haha I eat at all the restaurants I won't have in America!
    But I also have been trying to do as much as possible with the people who matter most. I don't make time for those fair weather friends anymore. The least amount of "goodbyes", the better!

  3. Live it up, fo sho!!!

    Eat as much in n out as possible and spend time with family.. that's what I'd do!

  4. I would be taking pictures of everything, eating at all my favorite restaurants, hanging out with all my friends and family. i would make it basically a party for the next 30 days.

    and i agree, i think this year went by the fastest. i still feel like we just welcomed 2012.

  5. Buy a typical San Diego souvenir (t-shirt, engraved key chain or flashlight, etc.) that you can bring with you on your travels so that you'll always have a piece of home with you. That's what I did when I moved from DC to NYC. I have 3 different colored "I love DC" t-shirts and it's always fun to wear them and rep my hood. It's also a great conversation starter :)

  6. Heyy! So glad i found your blog!
    I think it is sooo amazing that you guys are going to travel the world!
    I have kind of a good experience in traveling so if you need some advice, i will be happy to help :)


  7. EAT ALL THE AMMUUEERRIICCAAA FOOD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! Can't wait to see you slammin Europe!

  8. I don't think I ever thought of it like that - I was always so busy trying to make the transition from one to another and so excited for the next step that I never got that sentimental about leaving. I should have though - what a great excuse to indulge in absolutely everything you love!

  9. Live it up. :) Spend lots of time with family & friends, because you know you're going to miss Princess!

  10. I was home visiting San Diego over the weekend, and we stayed downtown after the Padres game. I guess since I'm always home by Del Mar, I forgot how much fun downtown San Diego is! As much as I love Santa Barbara, I feel like I could be sooo happy there being closer to my fam. Live up these next 30 days! There's soo many awesome places down there!

  11. Do all of the touristy things that you've never done even though you've lived there for a long time. That's what I did in my last little time in New York. I also made sure to eat at every restaurant I loved and drink every drink I loved, but it seems like you've got that covered!

  12. I think it is so amazing that you are going to travel the world!!! Enjoy SD with the 30 days you have left. :)

  13. you're kind of like my hero. I really do wish I had the balls to do this!

  14. Hmm. I think I would eat my way through my city:) True story. If I ever had to leave Chicago, I'd miss the restaurant scene!

  15. Right before we moved, I just spent a lot of time driving around. I wanted to drive down all of the roads I ALWAYS drove down, but I wanted to pay attention and just memorize the places. that. And eat your favorite foods.


    i have missed your blog

    blogland has been absent in my life last week and alas I'm back and creeping through all your posts ha!!

    drink and eat every night like its your last. i like the way you think!! but knowing you and your life via blog, you WILL go out with a bang!!!

    id just do things you've never done before!! perhaps more sunrise talks! more brilliant ideas may come to your minds like this one to travel the world!!

    i am so damn excited for you i can't even handle it


  17. I am excited to see you begin a new chapter in your life exploring the world. Why not get started NOW and do that in your own home city. Explore, eat, laugh, make memories like you said. I would enjoy this time that you have you deserve it!

    Cristina Marie
    C'est Une Belle Vie

  18. Oh man, I remember this exact feeling. Moving out of my apartment in PB was SO sad for me. I spent my last week eating and drinking at my favorite places: shore club, mad dogs cafe, frosties, bareback, etc and looking at that beautiful ocean as much as possible. Don't let it pass you by because you will miss it! I miss SD like crazy somedays. Enjoy every minute!!

  19. When we left Orlando before moving here, we ate at all of our favorite restaraunts. No home cooked meals, only delicious american food. We were drunk nonstop. We lived next to Disney so we went there everyday and Sea World. and Universal. Go to Target a thousand times a day for me. Theres none in Europe. Dying. Kiss your Fasha everyday cuz you will miss him like theres no tomorrow. and be prepared for the craziest experiences of your life.

  20. Visit with every loved one that is near by. One day (soon) you will be far away and missing them. All the best in these last days in San Diego.

  21. I'd totally make a list of restaurants to eat at!



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