Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey, guess what? I'm a 26-year-old college grad!

I did it, you guys. After 8 long years, I did it.

Oh wait, you didn't know I was in school?

Allow me to explain.

8 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Which yes, is the same school that Lauren Conrad pretended to attend as well.
She would sit in class, film for 5 minutes, then leave.
"Attendance - Aschmendance" was her policy, apparently.
We're basically besties because that was my policy too.
Except, I didn't get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that.....

Anyway, after 2 years in L.A., I received my Associate's of Arts degree in Merchandise Marketing.

I was 20 years old and eager to start working right away {the Asian in me had to get them greens!}.
I figured I could get my Bachelor's degree online while I worked.

Except after one class online, I remembered that I kind of sort of really hated school.

So then I kind of sort of put that on hold for a few years.

Needless to say, those few years stretched on with me taking the occasional online class.

It was brutal.

Not because it was hard. But because it was taking away from precious free time that could be spent on more important matters.

Anyway, after The Dizzle and I decided that we were going to travel the world, it kind of kept nagging at me that I didn't have my degree.

I was only 3 classes away!

Plus, if I had my Bachelor's, I could possibly teach English in one of these countries we go to. 
I wanted to keep my options open.

So I decided to buckle down, focus for 15 weeks, and

Monday was my very last day of class.
My very last assignment.
My very last anything.

I can't describe just how excited I am about this!
Of course, most of this excitement is because I know I'll never have to write another paper in my life, but I'm also pretty excited because I finished something.
Even though it took 8 years, I still did it.

I'm the first and only one of my siblings to get a Bachelor's degree and that kind of feels good too.
{Sibling rivalry, much?}
What am I ever going to do with this degree?
I have no effing idea.

There it is.


You may congratulate me now.




  1. I TOTALLY WENT TO FIDM TOO!!!! Around the same time as well! I was Interior Design, how crazy!!!!!!

  2. You go girlllll. I have my AA and then before starting my real major I dropped out and moved to Orlando. Boom. Stupid.

  3. Git Er Done!!! Congrats on getting your degree!!!
    Everyone's journey is different so just do you.
    Don't worry about other people's timelines:)

  4. I totally said "that's where LC went!" only because MTV has been playing massive amounts of the Hills reruns and I am guilty of watching them. all of them.
    Congratulations of your degree!!!

  5. Congratulations on being done! Once you've stopped, I know it's really hard to go back to husband just started grad school after three years out of school, and I don't think he's in love with it at all.

  6. Congrats! I'm on the eight year plan too- no worries, at least we're getting it done right?! Great idea getting it all finished up before your big trip too!

  7. Awww I am so proud, ya little smarty pants Asian!! lol

    If I go super full time I can get my 2 masters degrees in 2.5 more years.. but if I want to remain living a life it will probably take 4. OHHH decisions decisions.

    I still cannot believe you are leavinggggg, wahhhhhh!

  8. Yeah, congrats! Did you ever see Lauren Conrad on campus?? Lol

    I've had my degree for a year and a half and still have NO idea what I'm gonna do with it. Blah!

    Online classes are hard! You don't actually have to get off your butt and attend anything which totally made me procrastinate when I took them.

  9. congratulations!! nothing more exciting feeling than accomplishing something like that! :)

  10. WOO-FREAKIN-HOOOOOO!!!!! Congrats! Graduating feels so amazing!

  11. Way to go! School is difficult, any way you try to tackle it. Great job on finishing!

  12. Mish this is huge!! What an accomplishment. Being the first of your siblings is not a small thing. What a way to leave the us!

  13. Congrats, girl!!

  14. This is such a big deal! Great job! Way to stick with it until the end!

  15. Mazel tov girl! Or, as me and my Asian friends (lie, I have one Asian friend) say, "Get it gurllll (GIG)."

  16. Good job!!! You should be very proud of yourself. I'm thinking about starting school next semester and it terrifies me! I graduated high school in 2003 and even though I had a scholarship I had just been married and we had orders to move to Germany so I said thanks but no thanks and left the U.S. NOW I wish I had been a teensy bit more responsible and at least done online courses.

  17. Yay! Congratulations!!!! :)

  18. Congrats! It is going to take me a total of 7 1/2 years as long as I get my classes these last two semesters! I should be graduating next semester!

    I think the important thing is you finished! Not how long it took! But I feel you! I get so much crap for taking so long!

    What did you get your Bachelor's in? Fashion Merchandising also?

  19. YAYYYY!!! Congratulations!! That is a HUGE accomplishment, even if it took 80 years! That degree is something you worked your butt off for and I'm excited for you! I totally was stoked to be the first of my siblings with my BA too, so I feel ya there! ;) hahaha! Congrats, girl!

  20. YAHOO! Congratulations! I was the first person in my family (like, ever) to go to college and graduate with my Bachelors. Then my little sister had to show me up and get her Masters. Jerk. Not really though.

  21. I was also 26when I Yay for taking the long road. It feels pretty damn good tho right? Congrats Missy!

  22. Holy crap woman! CONGRATULATIONS! That is so amazing - you deserve a drink and a trip around the world!!!

  23. Woooo!! Congrats, girl! :) Now go travel the world and stuff!


  24. Congrats! It was a long road, but you did it! Be proud (you are, I see) :D

  25. Nice job, lady! :)
    I have a BA in Literature...useless, but whatever. I have it.

  26. YES! Congrats. Better late than never. Thanks for linking up!

  27. Congrats!! This is so inspiring! It took me 5 years to get an associates degree and I have so many regrets on how I handled my schooling. I so want to go back to school and get my bachelors, just gotta get some money saved up first and go from there!

  28. Congrats on finally graduating! That will be so amazing to travel the world together :)

  29. I am 24 and have just started university which will take me 4 years !! so I'm going to be a 28 year old graduate ! Holy cow ! But it's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'll be sooo happy once it's done ! Massive congratulations on completing your degree !

  30. I know this is way late but congrats! I started over zealous and starting college at 17. I finished with my Associated degree at 19 and had already burned myself out. Not at almsot 23 I am finally going back at it haha! How did you decide to move to San Fran? I'm assuming Dizzle is coming with, did he find a job there yet?? Sorry for all the questions but your life is just so cool and I like to live vicariously through it :)

  31. I can completely relate. I graduated high school in 02 and will finish and have my B.A. in December 2014. 12 freaking years... It makes me insanely mad, but I'll be done.

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