Tuesday, October 2, 2012


via instagram: @mishlove

Isn't it great when friends have babies?
You can hold them, snuggle them, smell that new baby smell, then hand them on back to their mamas.

Have you all met Vicki's baby, River?
I'm sure you have because he's basically the coolest new baby in the blog world with the coolest name ever.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Happy Tuesday everyone.
I hope you all have a great day.
I'm keeping busy, laying in bed, watching AC & Zack get up to their usual shenanigans.
Thank Zeus for Netflix, eh?


Before you go on about your day though, check out these Crazy.Sexy.Cool ladies below!
I'm kind of really loving the random facts about them.






  1. Tks for the feature! You're awesome!!

  2. An old friend from high school named her new baby Slater - all I can picture is Mario Lopez in those pants (you know the ones) and a tank top.

  3. The one where Jessi popped a ton of diet pills is still my favorite one ever!

  4. I am also obsessed with River but it's creepier because I'm half a world away and don't even technically know his mumma. That doesn't stop me though. I want to steal his name!

    Also, you're perdy.


  5. Scared me for half a second when I saw you holding that baby! I thought I'd missed Melody's birth!!! Like in a really bad dream.

  6. Baby River is adorable! I agree, it is great to be able to cuddle with them and then hand them back to their parents. =)

    LOVE Save by the Bell! Never gets old!



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