Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's that saying again?

"Wise men say, never argue with a fool.
Because people from a distance can't tell who's who."

8,000 pageviews  and 187 comments from the moment I woke up yesterday to the moment I passed out.

Add that to a day jam-packed with cleaning, packing, and donating things to Goodwill so that I can set off to leave my life in San Diego and start a new one around the World, well, I guess you could say I'm just a little drained.

I don't care who you are, what you believe, or how thick your skin is; but reading 187 comments filled mostly with negativity can wear you down just a little.
But I'm not here to discuss that, nor am I here to address anything further than what I have already.

You can't please everyone, nor was I ever looking to.
Please and thank you.

I am here, however, to happily say, "Goodbye October, Hello New Friends."

Please kindly meet 3 of my lovely new friends.
We've got some Class Act women up in here, I tell ya.


A Little More About Kimberly's Blog:
Having been a newlywed and finishing my senior year of college while my husband was deployed, I picked up a few crafting talents and with the persuasion of my friends, I started blogging about it.  My blog then morphed from a display of DIY to documenting the transition of being a college student at the University of Wisconsin to becoming an Air Force Officer in the missiles career field.  I talk about everything about my life, from a humorous perspective and that can include anything from my German Shepherd puppy and her habits of rampaging to the latest best-sellers.  I love the opportunity to meet new people and get a glimpse of someone's perspective through their blog.


A Little More About Ashley's Blog:
Pencilled Daydream is a lifestyle blog that focuses on the ups and downs of motherhood, the Christian life, and my fun daydreams. As a wife and mommy to Elias and Owen, I love getting the chance to share our story.I love using my blog to encourage people and to make new friends.


A Little More About Rima's Blog:
I'm Rima and I blog about my undying love for making food, saving lives and The Pillow (the boyfriend) and Deep Fried Burrito (Chimichanga, my dog). You'll read about things I love and I do rant a lot. I love to complain. I complain nicely :)


Now go show them some Blog Love, won't ya?


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Naked in Spain.

I need you all to meet Serena right this minute!
She lives in San Francisco, and if things go as planned for when The Dizzle and I come back to the U.S after traveling, we just might be neighbors.
And then we'll have to become best friends because I won't know anyone else in the city and that's just the way it's going to be. Okay? Okay.

Also, can we take a moment and admire her gorgeous wedding dress?
I love it. So very much.

I'm also loving all this travel talk as of late and I'm especially loving this story Serena is sharing today about her time in Spain.

And her being naked. on...and laugh hysterically. Because that's what I did.

Hello lovely readers of Mish Lovin Life! My name is Serena and I'm delighted to be here. I've been a big fan of Mish's blog for awhile (anyone that posts pictures of themselves like this is bound to be a friend of mine), and I've been incredibly jealous happy for her ever since I found out that she was going to be traveling the world.

Traveling is one of the true passions of my life, and I've been fortunate enough that I've been able to do a fair share of it. Most of my traveling experiences have been AMAZING, but sometimes something happens that's less than stellar. Since Michelle is going to be traveling the world, and starting in Spain, no less, I thought I would share a travel story of mine in the hopes that Michelle may heed my advice and be saved from a similar fate.

Let me take you back...........

A few years ago my then boyfriend/now husband, Kevin, and I took our first "big" trip together. It was a three week adventure through England and Spain, and it was awesome. We did a lot of things, but mostly we did what we do best, which is eating and drinking. And we did it a lot. 

After a week in dreary England, we were thrilled to get to start the Spain leg of trip. We landed in Madrid about 10 pm on a Wednesday night. Starving, we quickly checked into our room, threw our bags down, and went out to find a place to eat. It was a beautiful night and the wine was flowing. Before we knew it, it was 3 am. 

The details of the rest of the night are a little blurry, so I may have been more than a little intoxicated. We stumbled back to our hotel and passed out, and at some point I woke up having to pee.

Being the kind and thoughtful girlfriend that I was, I decided to shut the door and then turn on the light, so as not to flood the room with brightness and possibly wake up my sleeping boyfriend (don't you hate when people do that?). I shut the door behind me and started fumbling for the light switch, but I couldn't find it.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I realized that I was not in the bathroom at all. I was in the hotel hallway. 


Since none of you reading this know me, it needs to be said that I am not a naked person. I do not walk around naked often. If I'm changing and notice that my curtains are open, I freak out. I'm the annoying girl that puts her bra on over her shirt while changing at the gym.

Yet there I was, butt-ass naked in the hallway of a very old boutique hotel. The one thing the hotel had that was up-to-date was a door that locked automatically. 

So needless to say, I WAS FREAKING THE EFF OUT. 

I started panicking and quietly knocking on the door, desperately hoping that Kevin would hear me and let me back in. As drunk as I may have been, I remembered how thin the walls were, and I especially remembered the group of Italian men that were staying in the room right next to us. 

After about a minute of quietly knocking, I start knocking a bit louder. Suddenly I hear a noise from down then hall, and then I REALLY lose it, so I start pounding on the door as hard as I can and yelling "LET ME IN!"

And here is where I die. 

Because Kevin did not hear me, but the night receptionist did. After a couple of seconds of pounding, the light in the hallway goes on and a figure starts coming toward me. I freak out even more and run down the hallway to "hide." But there is nowhere for me to hide. The hallway is a dead end. 

I then run back to my hotel door, and in an attempt to cover my private parts, I kind of shimmy against the wall, with one arm covering my boobies and the other trying to cover my hooter. 

The receptionist starts yelling at me in Spanish and saying things I do not understand, to which I respond "LO SIENTO!" over and over and over again. Again I start furiously pounding on the hotel door.

The whole time this was happening I kept thinking to myself  “this must be a dream, this HAS to be a dream, wake up, WAKE UP!” but it was not a dream. It was real.

I was locked out of my hotel room in Spain, naked, getting yelled at by an old Spanish woman. 

Somewhere in this chaos Kevin wakes up and let's me in, completely confused by what is going on. 

Back in the room I fill him in on the details. He starts laughing so hard he may die.

I tell him that we have to check out of this hotel immediately. He tells me no because we have already paid. 

I spent the next three days dodging the receptionist and dwelling in my mortification.

In hindsight, I am able to realize that it could have been worse. The person that found me could have been one of the Italian men in the room across from us, as opposed to the female night receptionist. When I finally had to face her, I just sad “lo siento” about 100 times more and she said “no worries” and looked almost as uncomfortable as I was. Clearly finding me naked in the hallway wasn’t exactly her cup of tea, either.

I have a feeling that Michelle and the Dizzle are going to be drinking more than their fair share on their trip around the world, so since the inebriated pass out is bound to happen, my advice is this:

BE YE NOT SO STUPID! Put your suitcase in front of the door. This will prohibit you from getting confused. I did this the rest of our trip, and guess what? No more naked lock-outs!
It's been over three years since that fateful night, but whenever I think about that poor receptionist watching my pale white flabby ass running down the hall, I still kind of die a bit.
And I still put things in front of the hotel door when we travel.


Now go show some blog love to my new best friend! 
{Too far?}

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Travel Talk {and a Giveaway!)

This whole unemployed thing has got me all whopper-jawed.
Is whopper-jawed a saying or is it only my Mom that says that?

Anyway, I can't tell my Tuesdays from my Saturdays or my 12pm's from my 4pm's.

Now, it's not that I'm complaining or anything {trust me, I'm not}, I just wonder if I'll ever get back into a "routine."
Or, will I forever be a transient, traveling to the ends of the earth, with a slight crazy look in my eye? 
{cue: dramatics}

Excuse me while I continue to adjust to this new little life of mine.


Also, aren't these Etsy earrings super cute??
Lovely Cynthia is giving a pair away to one of YOU!


And in the spirit of traveling, she has also graciously shared her travel story below. 
Let me just say: ouch.

Enjoy {and don't forget to enter below}!


Hello Mish (and Dizzle) lovers!
I'm Cynthia and I blog over at Living in Neverland

So...who else is dreaming about being in Michelle's situation right now?? 
(OK, maybe minus some of the downsizing/packing woes.)  
It's been a secret long time dream of mine to quit my job and travel the world.  
And now she's doing it!!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.
I love to travel.  I don't get to do it as often as I'd like, nor have I been to many of the far flung and exotic places that Michelle will be visiting. But, I have been a few interesting places and Hawaii was my number one favorite (so far!!).

Unfortunately, my Hawaii trip did not have the happiest ending.

It started off fabulously.  We flew from LAX to the Big Island of Hawaii, where my aunt lives.  We spent 3 beautiful days exploring that island.
Then we flew to Maui.  (*sigh* I LOVE MAUI)  A friend of ours works for Waldorf and he got us a "friends" rate to stay at the Grand Wailea.  So we were in the lap of luxury.

Source: via Inesa on Pinterest

Early on our second morning we got up early to bike down the Haleakala volcano.
This is where things went wrong.
Actually, the bike ride, itself, was one of the coolest things we have ever done...

It started off great.  The ocean views from the top and as you begin the ride down are amazing.  There were cows grazing, lavender fields in bloom, and it truly felt like you were in paradise. About a mile away from the end I glanced over at a cute little church and  *BAM*!  That's when it happened.

I crashed.

On basically flat and smooth ground. #lame
To make a long story short...We basically assumed I sprained my knee (with our limited knowledge of all things medical). Since our trip was pretty busy with lots of (pre-paid) plans, we decided to go ahead and head over to Lahaina for our luau that night.  Luckily the hotel had a wheelchair and crutches that they let us use for the rest of our stay. 
Can't let a little bike crash disrupt our fun! 

Sadly, the next day we missed our spa appointments and couples massage. :-(   
I was, honestly, so so so so sad about that. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to. 

On the positive side, flying while in a wheelchair is great! We got to go to the front of security lines and got extra room on the plane. 
When I got home, this happened: 

As a reminder of my visit to Hawaii...I have this screw in my knee, to forever remind me of that one time I went on a fabulous vacation and shattered my knee. 
Let's just say the next time we go to Hawaii (which better be soon!)
we (absolutely) won't be riding any bicycles.
Cynthia: 0
Volcano: 1

Hawaii, we will be back. 

Please, come over to my blog and say hi!  
Tell me a story about when you crashed on your vacation to make me feel better...
or something, I'm open minded, tell me anything! 
Or tell me how jealous of Mish & Dizzle you are so we can commiserate. 
I love meeting new people, especially if they are cool enough to be a reader of Mish! 

You can find me here... 

Aaaaaand, as an incentive for reading and checking me out today... 
I've got these adorable earrings to give away!  
Honestly, I might buy another pair for myself because they are cuter in person than they are on Etsy.  

Good luck!!   

Enter here!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

That time he was a hero and called me his wife.

A few hours before those Vegas Demons {aka alcohol and food death recipe} tried to exit my body for 6 hours straight, The Dizzle and I thought it would be a great idea to purchase tickets for that night's show of Mystère performed by Cirque du Soleil.

I had always wanted to see them in Vegas and what better time than on what could be our last trip to Las Vegas for who knows how long.

So we marched ourselves up to that counter, purchased $170 tickets for that night's 9:30pm show.

Fast forward several hours of gambling, drinking, and eating to when we decided to go up to the room and take a nap at 7pm.

You know, just a little refresher before showtime.

Well, then, you know the rest of that story.
I woke up to what would be the worst 6 hours of my life and got very acquainted with Treasure Island's Porcelain King.

But here's part of the story I didn't share yesterday.

At around 8:50pm, with a slight break in-between vomit sessions, The Dizzle kindly asked me if he thought I could make it to the show in a few minutes.

The look on my puffy, pale face must have told him enough because he promptly got on the phone and called the front desk.

He said in his most professional and grown-up voice, 

"Hello Sir, I'm having a bit of a problem. We purchased tickets to Mystère tonight, but my wife is terribly ill and we need to cancel our tickets."

My pukey, pale ears perked up at that word.


I wondered if people were taken more seriously if they were married?

Needless to say, the front desk could not help him and he would have to go down to the ticket counter.

We agreed that if we could get a refund, we wouldn't go to the show.
But if they gave him trouble, I would try to pull it together and come down to meet him.

So he left, determined.

Several minutes passed, as well as several dry-heaves.

I gave him a call.

Things weren't looking good. They refused to refund our tickets.

I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, piled my hair on my head, put on my flip-flops, then did one last vomit for good measure.

I slowly made it down to the scene.

There was my man, standing tall at the ticket line, with the manager in tow.

I walked up to a lot of silent stares between them then showed them my best "sick" face I could muster.
Which probably took no effort on my part because I looked like hell.

But still, they wouldn't budge!

So The Dizzle asked them, 

"So you'd rather us sit in a show where my wife will probably vomit in there than refund our tickets?"

There was that word again.

But it didn't work. No refund.

You know what V Dizz also did?

He shouted to the crowd like a determined fool and tried to sell our tickets like some illegal scalper!

I've never seen such dedication!

But, of course, no one wanted to buy them from the "stubborn husband and sickly wife."

Slightly defeated, I took a deep breath, grabbed some water, and we found our seats in the auditorium.

About 3 minutes after sitting down, I had to go find the restroom.


I threw up what little water I had consumed, then headed back to my seat.

Then. Oh, then.

My precious Dizzle came up with a brilliant plan as I tried my hardest not to throw up on the person sitting in front of me.

He marched right back out of that auditorium and right back up to that ticket counter and said the following:

"You mentioned you couldn't refund the tickets because it's not before 4pm, correct?"


"You mentioned that you could not refund our tickets, but you could move our tickets to another date, correct?"


"So I would like to move our tickets to tomorrow's show. Then, I would like to cancel those tickets because it is before the 4pm deadline."

The ticket lady looked at him stunned, possibly gasped a little, told him he was very clever, then refunded the tickets.


He came and whisked me from my seat, full of much deserved pride.

I thanked him, hugged him, kissed him, then threw up for the next 5 hours.

My hero.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegas: Toilet Party

So we decided to stay one more night here in Vegas.
Because we were up until about 3 in the morning last night.
Because I spent the previous 6 hours before that throwing up my life in our Treasure Island hotel room.

Now here's where I'm not quite sure.

It could possibly be because we spent a few hours at the pool earlier and I just had too much sun.
It could possibly be because I was extremely dehydrated.
It could possibly be because I drank vodka, tequila, beer, then that one fireball shot that The Dizzle said we just needed.
Or, it could possibly be because just moments before going down for a 7pm nap, we scarfed down some fried chicken and french fries, all complete with ranch dressing.

Regardless of the reason, come 8:30pm last night, I sat straight up in bed and headed straight toward the toilet to which I then spent the next 6 hours dry heaving every ounce I had left in me.

I find it odd, because believe you me, I know what it's like to vomit after a night of too much alcohol {sadly, more times than I'd like to remember}, 
but never, NEVER in my life have I experienced this living hell.

I'd love to say I've sworn off alcohol until kingdom come, 
but as I'm sitting here sipping a Bud Light, I'd just be straight up lying to you.
And well, that's just not very nice, is it?

Needless to say, we're a little tired.
Plus, we just got done saying goodbye to The Dizzle's papa.
And that brought on a fresh bought of emotions and energy used up.
I think we deserve a night in to just relax before we head back to San Diego.

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I hate goodbyes?



Monday, October 22, 2012

First Round of Goodbyes: Las Vegas {+ a giveaway!}

Saturday, The Dizzle and I had our good-bye party with all of our San Diego and Orange County friends.
It was really great except then I remembered that I hate goodbyes.
I think it was easier for me to just pretend I'd be seeing them all in a week or two.
Guess it's time to perfect our Skype skills, eh?

Anyway, yesterday began the first official "Goodbye Leg" of the trip.
We drove 5 hours up to Las Vegas so we could spend a few days seeing V Dizzle's dad and sister.

My gambling fingers are getting antsy, I tell you!
I've said on more than one occasion that we should just take $19,000 out of our traveling funds and put it all on Black.
I'm joking...sort of...not really.
Sometimes these Asian genes of mine are a real curse, people.

We'll be here until Wednesday, so wish me luck that I can muster up the anti-gambling will power.


In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to a lovely friend of mine!

Meet Jasmine. She lives in Australia. And she's pretty much the bomb dot com.
Let's just say that Australia has always been the coolest place in my mind and I've always wanted to go.
I've spent many o' years butchering their accent and if we ever make it to Australia on this journey of ours, I'll probably be "that girl" who thinks she can speak with an Australian accent perfectly, while onlookers look at me with pure disgust.
It'll be grand, mate.

Anyway, Jasmine is doing a really thoughtful giveaway of all of her favorite things.
She's calling it her "Mini-me Giveaway."
And in her words, "The aim is to make someone else out there more like me (hence why everything on the list sums me up) and because I want a mini-me real bad :("
Good enough reason for me!

Here's the loot!

1. Collins Vanessa 2013 Calendar/Diary
2. Earl Grey Tea
3. "It's Not How Good You Are..." by Paul Arden
4. Great Last Mascara
5. Tim Tam candy <---aka Real.Live.Aussie.Candy

Enter Below then enjoy our little interview sesh so you can get to know this awesome girl a little more!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There is no right or wrong way to go about blogging. You need to just do what makes you feel comfortable and run with it. Be inspired by other blogs, whether it's their design, content or stylistically, but take it and make it your own. Just because someone else is doing it, doesn't mean it will work for you! People on the Internet seem to have a canny knack for sussing out whether someone is being genuine or not, so I've warned you - do what feels right for you.

I enjoy writing about my daily life (in the least conceited way possible..) Living Down Under, I think it's true that we do things quite differently from the rest of the world. The blogging world is saturated by American bloggers (and I love it!) but it's a sharp contrast to the way Australian bloggers roll. We really are very relaxed people down here and for the most part, not much really ruffles our feathers. When I write my posts, I think that kind of attitude seeps in. I like to incorporate things like photographs I've taken that give you a glimpse of Australia, anecdotes that are purely Australian and tid-bits about my life; as a full-time university student with a part-time job in retail, I am full of social commentary ;)

Wake up. Eat my breakfast (this is a must!). Shower + make up. Drive to the station. Train to university. University all day. Train home. Drive to work. Work from 6-9. Drive home. Watch some TV. Catch up on the Internet. Read. Sleep. I am tired just reading that!

When I was 11 and in my last year of primary school, we had a graduation at the end. It was super important that you "went" with someone. There was one boy in my year that had liked me for years (because who wouldn't?) and I had secretly liked him too. Apparently it wasn't such a secret though and someone had told him that I had a "crush" on him and all of a sudden, he stopped liking me. I was heart broken. But determined. I still wanted to go with him to the graduation. So one lunch time, I built up some courage and interrupted his hand ball game and said "Will you come to the graduation with me?" He laughed in my face and practically screamed NO! Later that day he asked some other random girl to go with him! I was devastated. I thought for sure he'd appreciate my audacity? Apparently 11 year old boys don't like that. My best friend from primary school still to this day brings that story up occasionally. Moral: Don't be a brazen 11 year old hussy, it won't work.

Sometimes I get Jessica Alba, other times Jennifer Lopez. I don't really see either of those. My absolute favourite though, was when a guy I barely knew told me I looked like Gwen Stefani. I actually had to ask him to repeat himself because I look nothing like Gwen Stefani. 

Having only travelled to a couple of different countries, New Zealand is at the top of my list. I like how cold it is over there, how slow the pace of life is (yes, slower than Australia!) I also love the accent but that's natural. I imagine this answer will change in a few months time when I return from my 6 week long Europe holiday! Sweden here I come ;)

I cry all the time. And I'm an ugly crier. You know those people that cry, and they look so cute? Single tears dropping from their eyes, make up in place, the cutest little facial expression? Yeah, that's not me. My eyes go red, my face bunches up and I sniffle like there's no tomorrow. Which is a shame, because weddings, babies, funerals, long days and people using my stuff without asking all make me cry. When someone does something nice for me? I cry. When someone does something nice for someone else? I cry. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The point I'm getting at though is you should be my friend and love me for ever because I'm dreamy. 

Now go show her some blog love!


Friday, October 19, 2012


The memories of my office life.

So here we are.
After 5 months of planning, prepping, and strategizing, I have made it to my last day of employment.
It feels weird. Really, really weird.
I'm trying to find the right words to describe my emotions, but I'm coming up short.

I mean, I've been working steadily ever since I was 18 years old and Abercrombie paid me to hang out with half-naked men.

Now, here I am: Jobless.
And I have absolutely zero plans on when or if I'll ever be getting another one.

But here's the thing with me and jobs.
With each one, they all sort of held the same pattern: The first few months were exciting and new, but after a short time, I knew it wasn't what I really wanted {usually around the 2 year mark}.
I got bored.
I got restless.
I wanted more.
But I never quite knew what that "more" was. 
So then I would just hop on over to the next job, hoping that that job would be the one.

Did you know that at one point I even attempted to go to school to become a Chiropractor like Fasha?
Yeah...Let's just say that was extremely short-lived.

But you see what I mean?
I was all over the board, never really knowing what my "calling" was.

Yesterday, Liz over at Explore.Dream.Discover wrote a post on following your dreams.
And the main thing I got from that is realizing that no one else is responsible for making my dreams and goals happen.
It's up to me.
And sitting around in meaningless job after meaningless job, waiting for this "calling" of mine, may never happen.
So what am I going to do? I'm going to quit my $47,500 a year job at 26 years old and starting today, I'm off to go live this dream of mine and create the reality that I want, with the one I love.

{Can I get an "amen?"}

Who knows where I'll be in 3 months, 6 months, or a year...
Who even knows if I'll even be alive in 3 months, 6 months, or a year...
Possibly a bit dramatic, but also kind of true, right?

Sometimes I'm scared shitless of what's to come and my control-freak side gets the better of me as I try to plan every step along the way.
But I'm learning to let go, be present, and just enjoy what's coming.

Now excuse me while I go step outside for a second to scream.


Happy Friday and thank you all SO much for your support in this crazy new chapter of our lives!
I'm so excited! :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our ginormous walk-in closet.

This here is my old room.
This here is now our giant walk-in closet.

This is where we have created piles.
A pile for "keeps."
A pile for "storage at Fasha's."
A pile for "Goodwill."
A pile for "I have no idea what to do with this but I'm not quite ready to throw it away just yet."

Would you like to see our bedroom?

Sometimes I like to pretend we have a ginormous Master Bedroom, 
instead of acknowledging that it's actually just a mattress on the floor of what used to be the living room.

You see that TV Stand up there?
It was sold for $20 at about 8:32am this morning.
Things are really happening over here, folks.

It's amazing what little one actually needs for entertainment.
We basically have a slumber party every night complete with wine, Netflix, and popcorn.

Every now and then, if we start to get a little restless, we'll pull out the big guns of entertainment.

I have no words for how creepy The Dizzle looks.
He's part Korean Boy Band, part 30 yr old college student wannabe rocker?



Here's to my very last Thursday as a working woman!

Tomorrow is my LAST. DAY.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey, guess what? I'm a 26-year-old college grad!

I did it, you guys. After 8 long years, I did it.

Oh wait, you didn't know I was in school?

Allow me to explain.

8 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Which yes, is the same school that Lauren Conrad pretended to attend as well.
She would sit in class, film for 5 minutes, then leave.
"Attendance - Aschmendance" was her policy, apparently.
We're basically besties because that was my policy too.
Except, I didn't get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that.....

Anyway, after 2 years in L.A., I received my Associate's of Arts degree in Merchandise Marketing.

I was 20 years old and eager to start working right away {the Asian in me had to get them greens!}.
I figured I could get my Bachelor's degree online while I worked.

Except after one class online, I remembered that I kind of sort of really hated school.

So then I kind of sort of put that on hold for a few years.

Needless to say, those few years stretched on with me taking the occasional online class.

It was brutal.

Not because it was hard. But because it was taking away from precious free time that could be spent on more important matters.

Anyway, after The Dizzle and I decided that we were going to travel the world, it kind of kept nagging at me that I didn't have my degree.

I was only 3 classes away!

Plus, if I had my Bachelor's, I could possibly teach English in one of these countries we go to. 
I wanted to keep my options open.

So I decided to buckle down, focus for 15 weeks, and

Monday was my very last day of class.
My very last assignment.
My very last anything.

I can't describe just how excited I am about this!
Of course, most of this excitement is because I know I'll never have to write another paper in my life, but I'm also pretty excited because I finished something.
Even though it took 8 years, I still did it.

I'm the first and only one of my siblings to get a Bachelor's degree and that kind of feels good too.
{Sibling rivalry, much?}
What am I ever going to do with this degree?
I have no effing idea.

There it is.


You may congratulate me now.




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