Thursday, September 20, 2012

This public transportation business ain't no joke

So remember how I told you all that last week V Dizzle's car broke down and had us stranded in the KFC parking lot for 3 hours?

Well what I didn't tell you is that just ONE HOUR prior to that conundrum, 
I had sold my car.

Big deal for us! 
So what did we do? Go to KFC to celebrate....yeah....

Perfect timing, huh?

So here we are, one week later, and still car-less.

How have I been getting to work, you might ask?

Why, by the lovely public transportation system here in San Diego: The Trolley.

And my, how lovely it has been!
I mean, just look at these people! Don't they look so happy??

The girl on the top left was alternating from complete silence to hysterically laughing every 10 seconds.
I don't know what it was, but I wish I could have been let in on the joke!

The guy on the top right was really enjoying that beautiful scenic view Downtown has to offer.
Just look at him. You can tell by his eyes the pure joy he's feeling.

The lady on the bottom right? It's hard to tell now, but she was...well, having a ball. I promise.

And that guy on the bottom left? The one with the Rubik's Cube?
I mean, how could you bring back a toy from the 80's and not be having the time of your life?

So you see, it's really been no inconvenience at all being car-less.
I could keep myself entertained for hours on this dear trolley.

I love the 15 minute walks to and from the trolley station every morning and evening!
Working up a nice sweaty back and a few blisters along the way really builds character I hear.

In fact, I hope The Dizzle doesn't get his car back today!
The shop can keep it forever!



P.S. Thank you ALL so so much for your amazing support yesterday after we shared our big news. We couldn't be more excited and we're literally counting down the days! You guys rock and I'm so excited that you all want to follow along! And also many thanks for checking out our new travel blog! :) :) We're excited to write all about our travels. But don't worry. This blog is my home and will not be abandoned!


  1. I hope those people didn't see you snapping those pictures! They might be on the trolley with you tomorrow :)

  2. How did you get all those sweet pics! I always want to take pictures of the people that I people watch but I'm too scared they would catch me and attack.

  3. hahaha.. public transportation is no joke. i've lived in chicago for 3 years and have been taking the CTA and am still amazed that these people still amaze me. I have also taken pictures of people and I know for a fact that I've had my picture taken... why? i have no idea. probably because i'm one of those people that smiles on the train about something that happened last week. ha!

  4. Hahaha this is awesome, I agree public transportation is no joke.

  5. public transportation in CA is sooooo depressing. i was in chicago over labor day and their subway and bus system is actually GREAT...dare to dream.

  6. Ugh I hate the train. But like it's the only convenient (re: cheap) way for me to get to work. But man, people do weird shit on the train. Like apply makeup. And eat meals. Gross.

  7. Um hello? Rubiks cube was a product of the 80's. Get it straight, young girl. Nobutseriously. Were you even born in the 80s? ;)

    And I didn't comment yesterday, but congrats on your big news. That sounds like a grand time.

  8. hahaha omg you really captured the very essence of public transportation. just perfect.

  9. LOL! I use to ride the coaster AND the trollies to school everyday from O-side. :-)

  10. I really for your sake hope those people did not see you taking their pictures because truthfully they look like they might kill you, throw your phone break it, I mean you name it. I hope you had better days then them!

  11. Ha! I used to have to ride the trolley and buses, there is some serious entertainment value to it.

  12. I've been thinking that instead of paying $1400 a year to park at work I should just take the (free) bus. This makes me wonder if I'll be more frightened OR entertained ;)

  13. hah, makes me misses the subways in nyc... you do see very interesting people. too bad i live in suburbs of LA and the train doesn't pass my work place.

  14. I've taken the bus in L.A. and I can confirm that this is probably indicative of public transportation all over California. It's a mess.

  15. It's small prep for the crazy public transit experiences you will have in the coming months!! :)

  16. OMG this is hillarious!! The fact that you got their pics in action without looking like your hiding your camera is ozzume!!

    I love that San Diego has a trolley... luckily you're not stuck on a bus that is full of bums like our lovely home of LA!

    Congrats on selling your car, and I hope you had plenty KFC biscuits to celebrate with!

    I'm catching up on your blog, reading backwards, so I'm ecstatic to see what the big news be!!

  17. And they didn't even mind having their photos taken. How nice :). There are certainly interesting characters on public trans!



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