Monday, September 17, 2012


A lot of you saw via Instagram my unfortunate incident that happened at the KFC the other night.

It was so unfortunate that several of you wanted to vomit, much like myself.

It was also so unfortunate, that I'll have to share the picture again.

Ready? Set. Go.

This, my friends, was at the bottom of our KFC bucket.

Just sitting there.

Unattached to anything else.

Let me just say that it definitely ruined my KFC experience. For Life.

Let me also say that KFC is not a place that I go to regularly {or ever}.
We just so happened to see a KFC commercial, got sucked in to its advertisement, then somehow ended up there, ordering the 8pc chicken meal, complete with mashed potatoes and mac 'n cheese.

It wasn't our finest moment.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to say how disgusting KFC is (and it really is disgusting),
or to say that I regret not keeping this disturbing spine for purposes that could potentially make me a millionaire (and I really do), but this is to tell the story of how we were stranded there for 3 hours after this horrific find.


As we were leaving the KFC, we got in to The Dizzle's whip to head home.

Except home, we did not go.

He tried to start the engine, and instead of doing just that, the engine made a very sad and angry noise.

We looked at each other and stared for a few seconds.

Then he tried again.


Except this time, the engine starting spewing some very concerning smoke at us.

So The Dizz got on his mobile and dialed up the mechanic that happened to work on his car earlier that day, who did a routine oil change and such.

The mechanic, who we shall call Carlos, told my Dizzle that he would personally come down to the KFC on Market and 32nd to take a look.
Surprisingly, he knew just the KFC we were talking about.

45 minutes later, Carlos arrives.

He tinkers around for a bit and tells us this:

"Blah blah blah, engine, blah blah blah."

Clearly. I don't speak Car.

I think he could tell that by the dumbfounded looks on our face.
So he graciously offers to drive us to Auto Zone for the part he thinks we need.

People, there really are good ones left in this world!

So anyway, we get back to the car, Carlos tinkers around some more.

Then he tells The Dizz to try once more.
And it goes a little something like this:

{I should probably get a job in sound effects, it's so lifelike.}

But basically, it didn't work.

And basically, Carlos had to go.

Why he didn't want to stay at the KFC parking lot with one will know.

So there we were.

Back to square one.

We called AAA, tow truck came and whisked the car away.


His car will be in the shop until Thursday.
Something about a head gasket.
$930 bill.


I hate you, KFC.


  1. EW! WTH is that! I would've thrown up my whole meal

  2. What the effff. Totally shoulda sued so you could just buy a new car :/ Carlos sounds sketchy to me like he broke it And wanted to seem like the good guy. I don't trust people.

  3. Ugh. For some reason I can't stop staring at that spine...guess it's a good thing for my diet that I saw this right before lunch and it ruined my appetite?!hehehe Sorry about the car! Hopes you guys had a fun weekend despite all this! boo on you, KFC!

  4. shutttt up! i really did just throw up in my mouth. even though that spine is making me sick, i can't stop scrolling back up to look at it, ha!

  5. Your sound effects were fabulous! I think you should have "went after" KFC for that nastiness solely to pay for the Mr.'s car. =/

  6. OMG! I am now put off KFC for life.... uchhh lol!

  7. That makes me want to barf everywhere.

  8. What the F is that!?!? SICK! I'm never eating at KFC again. Gross!

  9. This is terrible. KFC? Did you tell an employee? (not like that would do much). Also, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REVEAL YOUR BIG NEWS?!?

  10. omg, i am horrified for you. and will never eat at KFC again (not that i've been there in forever, but still).

    also, yes...where is the big news reveal?!

  11. i will never and i repeat never eat at KFC again. i am so disgusted. i think that anytime i want to eat bad food i should refer to this post. seriously, nothing would get rid of a craving like this post could. disgusting.

  12. oh my god

    the spine. I just cant. i had to show this to my boyfriend just because we had a similar KFC experience except not as gross. My bf kurt got popcorn chicken and it had like purple and green paint on it...WHAT! KFC isnt even painted purple and green. What the flufffff

    ok i just scrolled up again to look at the spine. WHY WHY WHY

    blah blah blah engine. im the same way g-frand haha how do men just automatically speak car?!?!?

    glad y'all got out of there safe....sans the spine!


  13. omg. first poor you for dealing with that nasty spine (looks like somebody in the kitchen ate it and decided to do a prank on a customer: YOU) and for the Dizzle's car :(

    but being a nurse, i'm used to seeing nasty stuff, will still eat a chicken from kfc. sad, i know .

  14. That KFC business is gross..but more importantly...did Carlos ever once apologize that maybe his tinkering caused this problem? It's not every day that a mechanic will go out of his way to meet you at KFC after hours, deliver you to Advanced Auto Parts, and all these other niceties. Maybe I'm just pessimistic HAHA

  15. EW.EW.EWWWWWWW! I hate KFC.. my husband loves it and always wants to go. Next time he asks I'll show him that picture.

    BOOOO for the ridiculous amount of money (and time) cars cost.

  16. Boo KFC. This is why you never go there. Among other reasons, but mainly because they apparently put whole chicken spines (???) in the buckets of chicken, and also ruin your cars engines. I don't speak Car either. Sorry to hear this :( Poor Dizzle.

  17. Guuurl...i saw you Instagram the chicken spine and I about DIED!!! Super gross. You totally should have thrown and epic fit/sued. And I agree with Kristen....Carlos sound supa sketch.

  18. THAT PICS GROSSES ME OUT!!!!! AHHHH Im sorry Love

  19. Ok, this makes me hate KFC even more. I got food poisoning there once and have never gone back. I can hardly look at fried chicken anymore without wanting to throw up.

  20. im still stuck on what was written at the top.... disgusting.

  21. Never again, KFC, never again. Holy yuck balls!! And so sorry you were stranded for 3 hours!!

  22. Oh my gosh!!! What is it!?! Gross!

  23. O no!!! And what in the HHHH is that?

  24. Like I said last week, thank you for reminding me why I'm veg. *shudders*

    Sorry to hear about the car! I know I wouldn't have $930 just sitting around, waiting to be spent on car repairs. If Dizz does, great! If not, that sucks, man. :(

    Just say no... to KFC.

  25. Sad, sad car AND EEEEWWW KFC.

    Aren't you supposed to be sharing news with us today?!

  26. GAGGGGG!!! You should have definitely reported the nasty spine in your chicken box. EW. Sounds like a really bad experience.

  27. everything about this is ridiculous. haha

  28. KFC is the devil!! My husband is obsessed but I need to show him this picture so that he will get over it....although he did grow up in a 3rd world country and his maids/cooks probably killed chickens on the regular so he probably wouldn't be disgusted.

  29. Jesse had a major 24 hour long assplosion episode after hitting up a KFC buffet once. He has never been back. I've been once in my entire life. For the mashed taters. Nom. Spill the news already. Jeesh.

  30. haha "I don't speak Car." I suppose I don't speak Car either.

    good thing I already hated KFC.

  31. Oh god I mean the story of being stranded there is tragic but I think I'm going to throw up at the sight of that spine. Blurgh.

  32. Worst story ever.

    You could be a millionaire! This depresses me that you are not. Lesson learned. Although that thing looks seriously disgusting.

    I also appreciate the inadvertent rhyming all throughout this post. Just made me want to read the next line ya know? Where's she gonna go with this, where's she gonna go! X

  33. YUCKKK. You should tweet KFC that picture. Just to see their reaction. And it sucks about your boyfriends car! I hope your weekend got better after that!

  34. at least you know you're eating real chicken??? but still...ya..icky.

  35. I'd totally keep that spine photo just as a reminder never to eat at KFC again. UGH! And sorry about the $900 car bill. I hate cars.

  36. This post ruined KFC for me, thank you. No, for real THANK YOU! .. How gross & sorry about that bill.

  37. I'm so utterly disturbed by this. I don't eat meat, but thank sweet baby Jesus (or something) that I especially don't eat fast food meat. Barf. Ugh and car problems are the WORST too. Although I seriously can't decide which is worse in this situation...

  38. i saw this picture (again) and threw up (again). i couldn't even finish this post because of all the gagging that was happening. ew. thanks. (not).

  39. yuck! so disturbing. I hate KFC! Never go there! Luckily! :)

  40. I just started following your Filling in the Dots blog...and now this one. That KFC bone is disgusting! Thankfully I don't really like KFC anyway. Now I'll never eat there...ever!



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