Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So I finally tried clam chowder...

...and it was pretty amazing.
I know, how is it possible that I have gone 26 years of my life without trying clam chowder?
Well, until I met The Dizzle, "trying new foods" was not in my repertoire.
But now, I think I am coming out of my shell a bit. {Shell? Clam? .....No?}

Anyway, I think it's safe to say San Francisco was a blast.
I was a bit skeptical of the weather on our first day when it was overcast and cloudy, but then the sun surprised us for the rest of our days and it was glorious with a lovely breeze.

We explored Union Square our first day and basically became pros at using the Muni {public transport train thingymabob}. Ok, fine, we sort of got lost once, but we did make it back without having to ask anyone for directions.

We spent a lot of time with The Dizzle's family and his oh-so-cute-but-sometimes-oh-so-loud-in-that-way-only-a-two-year-old-knows-how nephew. ;)
I learned more about the movie Cars than I ever thought was possible.
But coming from a cute little toddler's mouth, I could pretty much listen to anything he wanted to tell me. Know what I mean?

And after a weekend with their great dane, Otis, I have come to the conclusion that this is the dog for me. We had quite the connection, Otis and I. I'm sure he's heartbroken now that I'm gone.

Let's see, what else about this magnificent city can I tell you?
I saw more men in drag than I have since...well, ever.
Also, I think if I lived there, I would work at Ghirardelli Square, eat chocolate all day, and be content with the average 5 pounds a week I would gain. 



Anyway, back to the grind.
San Francisco, thank you for being so good to us.
Dizzle Family: We love you and miss you already!




  1. men in drag...choc covered strawberries...CHOWDA! sounds like a perfect lil trippy trip to me!

    i love that pic of you in front of the heart!!! that is just so adorable!

    ALSO...if you want face-stuffing chowder, you must try Boston Clam Chowder! AHHH MAZING!!

    jealous you live in such a gorgeous state I NEED TO VISIT THERE!!!


  2. Awesome pictures! Love the strawberry pictures, you're so pretty! And clam chowder is so yummy!

  3. Otis is such a cutie. I'll be in San Fran the beginning of October--any must-dos?

  4. Giiiiiirl if you love clam chowder, come on over to Maine!! My old job won the chowder cook-off many years in a row. Pretty amazing. San Fran looks like so much fun! Any place that was the setting for such influential television programming as Full House is a place I must visit.

  5. big macs, clam chowder...you're like a real human now! way to be, verner! ;) and yeah, what erin said above - maine equals amazing clam chowder. but dont go there without me, k.

  6. Sounds like you had such an exciting time :) Loved reading this post! And I can't believe you haven't had clam chowder before!


  7. I have never been to SanFran and I would LOVE to!! Your pictures of the city are so pretty!! I have yet to try clam chowder, so you weren't the only one!

  8. I'm going in 3 weeks. I cannot wait, I love the city. There is just something about it...

  9. Oh the chowder. It tastes like heaven on a overcast and windy day!

  10. That city definitely has my heart. LOVE it. And it's only an hour and half drive from my home, so I go as much as possible! Can't believe you've never had a chowder bowl before!! But I'm glad you tried it- it's definitely one of the best things to eat on a cool day by the bay. Crap, now I need one, like immediately. Thanks for that.
    Also, you're so adorbs! That photo of you by the heart?? Girl, you're such a model. Just stop.

  11. I'm jealous of your boots and pants! I'm ready to be in some cooler temps down here in Texas. Looks like an excellent trip, somehow the chocolate covered strawberries pic is the one that stands out the most. I'm hungry!

  12. good gawd you did tried clam chowder. now i'm like in drool-fest... nomnomnom.

    that mr. Otis looks awesome. I wanna ride him (i'm maybe too heavy for him *sad*)

    glad you had fun, yo!

  13. I just discovered your blog this weekend. And I love it. And going on to your post, I have never been to San Francisco, but want to visit someday. It seems like a pretty openminded city.
    Although I am with you on not trying clam chowder before. Well, you have tried it now, but I still haven't. I'm not big on trying new foods. Especially seafood related foods.
    And I am with you on the cute two-year old kids. I have worked with kids forever, and it's always cute what comes out of their mouths.

  14. great photos!! i love SF...and i heard the weather was AMAZING this weekend. that clam chowder and strawberry look amazing!!

  15. Looks and sounds like an amazing time! I love all of the pictures!

  16. Ahhhh! I am soooo jealous!!! i LOVE SF. LIke we have a love affair is how much I love it! I am glad you are trying new things and liked it. Clam Chowder is my favorite soup and SF is a great place to get it! Glad you have a fun trip!!!

  17. Husband and I went to San Francisco a few years ago and fell in love! I just adore it there. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  18. amazing pictures!
    great blog, very good job!!

    xoxo P.P.

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  19. LOVE SF! Think I might move back west at some point... Anyway, glad you had a great time and liked clam chowder! haha

  20. Again, SO JEALOUS of the relationship y'all / you have with his family. I'm gnashing my teeth.

    San Fran looks SO great! My hub's favorite team is the GIANTS so maybe we'll make it out there someday anget some bomb dot comb es'plorin' done of our own. :) Glad y'all had a great trip!

  21. Ah, I've never been to SF and have always wanted to visit, it looks so awesome through your eyes too :)

    I still have not tried clam chowder! I don't know why I'm so intimidated by it? But maybe I should come out of my shell too, and just try it!

  22. I grew up an going to SF at least once a month my whole life and NEVER figured out Muni without getting lost. I tip my hat to you my dear!

  23. Okay, so I'll let you live in SF for a while as long as when I move back to SoCal, you better be there!

  24. I love SF too. Great boats photo. You like boats ;). Great Danes are such gentle giants.



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