Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Exciting Korean Gathering

As some of you know via my Instagram, it was Princess Sophia's birthday this week.
A.K.A. Fasha's Korean Speaking wife.

These days, any time we go over to their home, 
it's usually filled with the following:

-A bunch of Koreans speaking a language that I do not understand, to which I usually just sit there and smile or stare vacantly elsewhere

-Old Korean woman who occasionally look at me and say in their broken English:
" sooo pretty. Just like Daddy."

Uh...Thank you?

-Or Fasha will at some point, in some form or another, try to be the star of the evening by either performing with a musical instrument, singing on the piano, or in this week's case, sharing his newly learned Chinese.

...A Korean speaking Chinese! Who woulda thought?


Anyway, from the moment we arrived, I knew we were in for quite a treat...

But first.

Shoes off. Obvi.

At a Korean party, they will always try to please and be accommodating.
Most often times, you'll find many surprises.

For example, the beverage bin.
Would I like some yogurt?
Or how about some Organic Carrot Juice?

Well, sure, why not!

Thank you for thinking of us and all of our nutritional needs, Princess.

The Dizzle had a wonderful time, as always.
I mean, wouldn't you if you were basically made to feel like a movie star?
"Ooh, so handsome."
"Ooh, so tall."
"You have physique to be golfer like Tiger Woods!" <---???

Fasha has been very into golf these days.
{No surprise there.}
So he made sure to sport his pink Callaway shirt and white pants for the party.

At the end of the night, the Koreans wanted to play a gambling card game.
{Again, no surprise there.}

I immediately lost during the first few rounds.
It's possible it had to do with me being the only one drinking, but who knows.
Anyway, The Dizzle managed to keep up with the Koreans for quite some time!

But in the end, it was Fasha himself who took all his guest's money.

Did you hear that?

He invited friends over to his home to which he then took their money to keep for himself.

I'll let that sink in for a moment or two.


That's all I've got.
Another exciting night at Fasha's home.

I think we should have a Blogging get-together here.
Whaddya say?

Just don't gamble against Fasha.
He'll always win.



P.S. I'm guest posting over at Handling With Grace about........Guest Posting. Check it!


  1. Hahaha - the physique like Tiger Woods. Oh gosh that's funny!

    I always look forward to these Fasha/Princess Sophia posts!

  2. I always get the biggest smile when reading about Fasha! A gathering there sounds like a great time!

  3. Yogurt!!! Yogurt?! Well, hey, I guess you never know when you'll need some... Yogurt... And a beverage, at the same time. Huh.
    Your fasha definitely looks ready to golf, at any moment, which I guess is the true sign of a real golfer (?)
    I love this post.

  4. Haha, this is a great post and it seemed like a great time! :)

  5. I absolutely love the posts about your Dad & his wife! I just moved back form Korea and all of this just warms my heart and makes me laugh- even the yogurt in the beverage tub! I just love it.

  6. I love these posts about your dad and his wife. And how you poke fun at your own culture. I like that- you can always have a little fun with it. I think we all can. Makes for hilarious and interesting posts!

  7. Lol the joys of interracial dating. So tall, so handsome he is. I love these stories :) Glad to know we all have cray fams.

  8. your stories about your family ALWAYS crack me up. I am going to a baby shower for a friend thrown by her korean family and she has already strated warning me about her crazy aunts...can't wait.

  9. Sounds like a good time with some good laughs, your family sounds hilarious!

  10. Dang ill gamble against fasha.. if that means I get to walk around that house!
    lol oh and wouldnt mind having me some YOGURT! LOL

  11. omg i'm at werk and literally crying. This is too freakin funny. I would love to join te blog partay at your Fasha's and have him serenade me with his saxophone. Omg... Korean party is a bucket list.

  12. Aah, I love the Fasha posts [I couldn't think of a way of saying that without sounding like a creepy stalker, so I thought I'd just put it out there].

  13. I love these posts so much there actually are no words to describe your genius!

  14. Personally I would enjoy spending the evening with Fasha and Princess at my own free will..they sound like a damn good time, those folks who party with their shoes off!

  15. I'm so in on that blogging party at Fasha's... ;)

  16. I am lovin' your new blog design girlie... yes I suck.. haven't been reading lately, but never too late to swoon over your hood, right?!

    You house sounds jusssssssst like mine! Samoan food, family, laughs, clowning on others until they cry, and card playing!! LOVE it!

    xo, Bev

  17. Gosh, that cracked me up! I loved this post. Very funny.
    Looks like a good time though. I would be bad at the gambling too though. I've never played, and I'm bad with numbers. And money. So...I would probably just watch.

  18. i want to meet Fasha!!!! he always looks like hes just LOVING life!! lol.
    Love reading these posts,makes me smile esp when you quote 'the princess'!

  19. Aww you really love your Dad :)I call my mom, Bean, and people always ask me "why?" it's just a name! I guess that's how it is with Fasha! Now as far as having yogurt in with beverages, that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Hopefully soon it will be upgraded to a complete buffet line with cart and live seafood. That...would be... a picture..

    Steph xx

  20. i just reread this and i'm still LOLing. Fasha is hilarious. I want him to sign an autograph for me on a pink callaway shirt.

  21. Fasha is my favorite person in the world. Yes more than you Mish.

  22. I was totally thinking throughout this whole post how fun a blogger date meet up extravaganza would be at Fashas house. Lets do this thing.

  23. Your Fasha did a great job in speaking Chinese.I did understand his speaking..Congratulations!!

  24. I speak Chinese too, you see. Fasha is.....great. haha!!

    the Picablocks

  25. His Mandarin is pretty good! Go him, learning a third language! And the yogurt in the beverage bin totally made me spit out of my coffee onto my monitor.

  26. I am OBSESSED with your family. I would literally fly from Ohio for a blogging get together at his house! Hahaha.



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