Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A tad overwhelmed and such.

I'm sure it could be the fact that I'm about to travel the world with only a suitcase full of all my belongings. And well, where does one even begin to decide what gets taken and what must go??
Also, knowing me, I have a list of a bajillion things that need to be done before we leave San Diego next month, let alone leave the country a few short weeks after that!

Let me tell you how bi-polar dramatic emotional I've been lately too.
One moment I'm so super ecstatic about what's ahead, the next moment I'm a stress case trying to plan for something that I have no idea how to plan for, and then before you know it, I'm getting all nostalgic and crying over a Louis Vuitton bag I sold.
All the while, poor Dizzle gets to be front row and center to all my shenanigans, bless his heart.


Want to know something else?

I am somehow 7 pounds heavier since my marathon days.

Trust me on this. My hips don't lie.

I finally dusted off the ol' scale and weighed myself.
Then I almost choked on my chicken fried somethin' or other after seeing those numbers!
{Just kidding. I don't eat chicken fried somethin' or others since my KFC debacle.
But I'm sure it was something equally fried and equally fatty.}

But you wanna know my excuses?

Excuse #1: 
"We'll be walking so much all over Europe that I'm sure we'll burn off all this extra fat!"
{nom nom nom, chew chew chew, burp, sigh}

Excuse #2:
"Of course we should drink another bottle of wine. We'll need to learn how to be wine connoisseurs by the time we reach Italy!"

Excuse #3:
"My man is half Black. He's got to be alllll about these bodacious curves of mine."
{Okay, I sort of just came up with Excuse #3 right now. But I'm sure it's true. Right? Right?!}

On top of that, all I'm hearing these days is Paleo this, Paleo that,
and lordy, I just can't keep up!

So I am going to just keep on keepin' on. 
Because isn't that what we end up doing anyway?

I have every intention of walking to Panera for a salad tonight.
And afterwards, I have every intention of enjoying another bottle of wine.


Thanks for listening, friends.
Have yourselves a happy hump day.


  1. I stepped on the scale last week and was 8lbs heavier than I was a year ago. So upsetting. But I just can't give up my sweets. Maybe I should go to Europe. Or move to New York or something where I'm forced to walk.

  2. I can't even imagine Getting rid of all my stuff. I would be crying all the time! I know that sounds materialistic but it's true. This is a lot of huge changes at once...a little crying and a little fried whatever is to be expected!

  3. seven pounds is nothing! Commit to being healthier and it'll come off need to freak out :)

  4. I had moments of breakdowns leading up to our first move and they came around every once in awhile when things got hard overseas too. It's all about the peaks and the valleys and you are preparing to encounter some pretty incredible peaks!
    Hang in there - you too, Verner :) (I'm sure Joe could tell stories that would put Michelle's crying fits to shame.)

  5. Although you listed those perfectly good excuses, I just know they'll shed off without you realizing it when you start movin' and groovin'. It's just a part of who you are... a runner.. a fitspiration to us all... so don't freight friend!!

    xo, Bev

  6. dont worry - when you get to Euro you'll have legs of steel from all that walking ! just dont drink too much sangria in spain! ;) hehe

  7. Oh Mish...GTFO. 7 pounds ain't nothin' but some extra love. I'm so super jealous you'll be traveling the world with Dizzle and I can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

  8. yup....same thing happened to me after my marathon...something about still eating like you are running 20+ miles a week and running >3 that did me in.

  9. Pssshhhh! Eat up and enjoy it! I'm totally agreeing with excuse number 1.

  10. Girl I would totally be a crazy mess too if I was about to travel the world! I am seriously so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear about everything!!

  11. Found your blog over at Simply Evani...I'm you newest follower! I've only read the couple most recent posts but I already love your blog :)


  12. Seven pounds? If you had said Seventy Pounds, I might understand you choking on your chicken. Don't sweat it!

  13. I hear ya. I musta gained that much since when we were moving. Too tired to work out 'cause packing is a workout. Don't worry, girl. You'll definitely be walking a lot and you do need to know your wines by the time you reach Italy. Men love curves, don't you know?

  14. I always have every intention of walking to Panera for a salad which turns into driving to Panera for a salad and that darn 99cent pastry they "twist my arm" to buy. And by "twist my arm" I mean I ask, "Do you still do that?" hahahaha. Kind of kidding. But seriously: my friend just got back from a 21 day tour of 9 countries in Europe and she ate and drank SO MUCH but still lost weight and gained muscle from all the walking. You'll be fine, you already look gorgeous! xoxo

  15. Space bags will be your savior from the heavens. Order a big pack from Amazon asap. I had to live outta my suitcase for 2 months here and I woulda died without all that extra space baggage room. Do it. right now.

  16. Oh, I can relate to this! I felt that way before I backpacked through Southeast Asia - completely ecstatic one moment and then completely overwhelmed and fraaaakeaing out the next. But what you are doing is so amazing and will be the most incredible experience of your life, I have no doubt.

    And screw paleo. You will be walking and traveling and eating. Bring on the wine and carbs!

  17. Hi! I stumbled across your blog from Twitter, and this post made my day!
    Although I'm not traveling the world (yet I want to SO BAD), I'm going through about 82 different emotions a day trying to pack up my stuff to move to another country. It's overwhelming, but just think how amazing it'll be once you're there! All the prep won't be stressing you out and you'll be having the time of your life!

  18. Totally understandable! You're embarking on an overwhelming journey. BUT. This is true: Excuse number one. When I lived in London, I lived on pastries and five cappucinos a day; yet after being there for a month, my pants literally fell off when I walked because I'd gotten so skinny. My bootie's never looked so fine. So eat all you want now--you'll be backpacking picnic lunches soon enough and CRAVING some amazing American-style hamburger. ;)

  19. You just described a completely normal day for me & my emotions. Except, replace travelling to Europe with travelling upstairs to my bed.

  20. I love your reasons- and you need to enjoy all the food you won't have overseas!

  21. You mentioned that purse for my sake, didn't you? Just gotta let's done. Over. Fini.
    Sending hugs.
    Love you!

  22. Wine doesn't count as calories. I've checked, don't worry. Lol

  23. Best advice I can give you?

    Always assume another bottle of wine is a good idea.

    That being said, someone is going to take that the wrong way. I don't care. Europe has too much good wine to pass up the chance to have more.

  24. Girllll throw away the scale. For cereal. I haven't stepped on a scale in years. And honestly, I just know it's getting bad if my pants feel too tight. So then I eat better, run more. But scales are evil evil things. And the wine is always a good idea ;)

  25. I am so jealous. Thats all I can come up with right now. Jealousy of your upcoming world travels.

  26. Oh boy, I was there until 4 weeks ago... and now I'm doing Weight Watchers, because that 25 pounds that secretary butt has netted me are NOT sexy pounds. Good luck, girl. You are right though, you'll drop it in Europe. Traveling is a pretty easy time to lose weight, because you're always on the go, exploring new places and trying new things.

  27. get rid of the scale. You have 1 month left in the states - live it up!



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