Thursday, August 2, 2012

We may not have documented us actually kayaking...

...but we sure as heck took a butt-load of pictures in our wet suits.
Which, let me tell you were not necessary for La Jolla in the middle of July.
Fun, awkward little suckers, but not necessary.


Anyway, The Dizz took me kayaking at the La Jolla Coves for my birthday and it was just splendid.
I wish I could have taken my camera out on the water because we saw some pretty amazing stuff! But my favorite were the baby sea lions sleeping next to their mamma's on the rocks. 
Oh goodness, gracious. So cute.

Our kayak instructor basically looked and acted exactly like Mila Kunis.
And if you ask me, sure seemed quite interested in The Dizzle and I bet you, would have preferred to give a private tour, if you know what I mean. *wink**wink*
It's okay though, I understand the longing glances and googly eyes.
It's only a natural reaction around The Dizz. ;)

Towards the end of the 2 hour tour, I think we were feeling quite confident with our paddling.
Gliding through the ocean, paddles in sync.
How Olympian of us, no?

And as if the day couldn't have gone any better, The Dizz took me to Sprinkles Cupcakes for one last celebration.
Remember how I wanted to lose those 4 extra post-marathon pounds?
I'm thinking July wasn't the best month to try and make that happen because clearly 
those pounds ain't-a-budgin'.


Happy Thursday!



  1. Big fan of that nail polish color- it's so cute! Plus, cupcakes are delicious and having just recently moved to SoCal, I had never heard of a Sprinkles cupcakes place before but I am so excited to go to one!

  2. Kayaking!! So fun :) And what an adorable little beach strip. I would have to agree, wet suits are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing. But you guys look good!

  3. What a fun date! That V-dizz is pretty creative!

  4. Haha, fun post! Love the pictures!

    And now I'm craving a cupcake at 7 in the morn. Nice.

  5. You made me want a cupcake, awww yum!!!!

  6. What a fun birthday gift :) And now I want a cupcake, thanks =P

  7. love the stretching moves to get the suit on! lol

  8. Kayaking AND Sprinkles cupcakes? Two of my favorite things! Happy late birthday <3

  9. girl, making those wet suites look good! what a great birthday

  10. what a cool birthday present!
    i'd love to get a kayaking trip for my birthday too.

    love the pictures

  11. how fun!!! i loooove kayaking! my parents own a few, and we go out on the lake by their house. but we never get to see any baby sea lions!!
    and those wet suits? S-E-X-Y, girl. rock it.

  12. Love the photo collage and you in the wet suit is hilarious. You remind me of my lil sis -- always silly in photos! Glad you had fun and that scene with the mom & babies does sound cute. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cupcake!

  13. Seeing you guys in the wet suits reminds me of the time when I was stupid enough to wear leather pants to a club... in the middle of summer in Chicago. Nobody warned me that I shouldn't wear leather pants when I was going to sweat. Which during the summer in Chicago is inevitable. I went to pee and was stuck in the stall for over 20 minutes trying to get my leather pants back up. I got so nervous that I started crying and sweating more... which did not help trying to get those damn leather pants up. Let's not talk about how I tried to wipe myself down with cheap one ply toilet paper that basically stuck to my legs. I had to calm myself down, which is no easy feat when I'm already worked up or else I was walking out of the club half naked. Anyways... I hope you had fun kayaking, but remember... don't wear leather pants when you're gonna sweat like ass off. See... there's a lesson in everything.


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