Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That Night I Wore Glasses and The Bearded Dizzle Got Hit On

**Clearly Russian is not spelled with an 'O' and I'm an idiot. Thank you Dizzle for pointing out my error**

This past weekend, I threw on my glasses, grabbed my bearded man's hand and hit the town.
His Russian friend Vladimir came too.
Which, I've come to the conclusion that any time a Russian friend is near, usually good times are had.


We decided to go to this place called Prohibition.
It has this secret little doorway for the entrance and you have to ring the doorbell and hope they'll come let you in. It's supposed to be very exclusive.
Fortunately, I had The Bearded Dizzle and The Russian with me, because we got right in.

I immediately knew I liked the place once the live band played Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That
As we were sitting there, sippin' our dranks and enjoying the tunes,
whaddya know, this other Russian chick walks up to us.

Well, walks up to my bearded man. 
She made it very clear she wanted nothing to do with me or our Russian Friend.

So she puts her hand out to shake The Bearded Dizzle's hand and says,

"Hi, I'm (Insert Russian Name)."

I waited for her to introduce herself to me and our Russian friend.
But, nope. Nothing.

All eyes on my bearded man.

And you know what's odd?

My hand was on The Dizzle's leg the entire time.
Not in a possessive-this-is-my-man kind of way, but yeah, kind of like a possessive-this-is-my-man kind of way.
Maybe in Russia, men are only friends with Asian girls in glasses and don't actually date Asian girls in glasses.
And maybe in Russia, when you put your hand on a man's leg, it really just means, this is my man friend whom we only do friendly things.

Who knows, but I was highly excited to see what (Insert Russian Name)'s next move would be!
I mean, that takes some balls to walk up to a man you're interested in!
Kudos to her!

But then the Bearded Dizzle had to go and ruin it.
He crushed her dreams and spirits when he said,

"This is my girlfriend."

She first had a look of shock!
Then she had a look of embarrassment.
Then she had a look of sadness.

She politely clinked her glass with mine, said cheers, then sulked back to her table.

Poor (Insert Russian Name).

Maybe next time?


The End.



  1. hahaha. you know.. I actually do that, too. But I never approach one when he is obviously dating someone.

    Awkward moments are the best types of moments.


  2. Ha! This is too funny! But good for your bf! :) That's kind of weird that it was so obvious you two were together and she went up to him anyway.


  3. You should have slapped her.

  4. That was sort of a lose, lose for your BF though, wasn't it? I mean it would have been super fun to see her next move but he couldn't lead her on...

    And I totally give her props for coming over!

    Fun story!


  5. hahaha, this is great! i would have done the same thing as you! i don't know what it is but i find it pretty entertaining when i see a girl trying to hit up my hubs. i guess, no one ever guess we're together. lol.

  6. HAHAH! Boom V-Dizzle... Boom. Sounds like he handled it like a perfect gentleman (not the Little Miss Russia didn't deserve a light smack though, but that's just my opinion... Humiliation works too).

  7. Dang, she has balls. I would never (have) walked up and hit on a hot guy in a bar. Never.

  8. Well, maybe she thought you were with the Russian friend. Poor girl, haha! She had balls that I never had! :)

  9. HAHAHAH ohhhh mannnnn that girls got some BALLLZYS to do that!

    i mean in all honesty id be intimidated going up to such a hot couple like yo-selves. But yah apparently in Russia only friendly things happen when u have a hand on a leg. haha you crack me up

    prohibition. that is a kickass name for a bar. It gets even more brownie points for the DOORBELL!!

    you look 10 shades of adorbs in those glasses! get it!


  10. AHAHAHAHA. Trevor and I used to like to play this game in our "going out" days. It never ceases to amaze me either a) how oblivious people are or b) how much people don't care. I mean, I got hit on the other day and I'm PREGNANT and wearing a wedding ring. EW!

  11. This is super funny. Kudos to that girl! I will not ever talk to a man with his girlfriend('s hand on his thigh) without first address his significant half.
    And V-Dizzle is a gentlemen. hah!


  12. Baahahhaha I LOVE THIS!!!! Silly Russian girl. That is so funny though, I could picture all the looks she made lol. great post girl!!

  13. So basically, your blog is amazing. I have no idea why I was not following it before, but I am now!! Newest follower:)

    Shelby xoxo

  14. Love those glasses && MAJOR Kudos to your man for clearing things up right from the get go <3

  15. hahahaha. Sad times for her. My husband got hit on by a man once in a very similar situation. Although we were at Baja Betty's so maybe it was my fault.

  16. omgee. i'm laughing my effin ass off right now. hahahhaha... I salut ye bearded man!

  17. omgee. i'm laughing my effin ass off right now. hahahhaha... I salut ye bearded man!

  18. Ha! Some girls are brave! My boyfriend recently had a drink sent to him by a female across the bar--all while he was sitting with me! Brave (and I can't help but think, RUDE!) :-)

  19. The audacity of that biddy! Boo her!

  20. you think she might like red heads?

  21. I kinda don't believe the part about you being "excited" to see her next move. Either you completely trust your man or you were one step away from bitch slapping her.

  22. You keep me laughing! But yeah I can relate. I watched a waitress hit on LoLo because I wasn't sitting next to him when we went out with some friends. It was kind of fun to see that someone else thought he was so cute!!

  23. Ha! Don't you love it when this happens?! I've had a few servers blatantly hit on my husband right in front of me. I just flash my ring & smile, because he's coming home with me. Oh & he's super oblivious to what they're doing, so it makes it that much more funnier to me! = )

  24. For your viewing pleasure:


    You can skip the first minute because it's all introduction, but after that it's pure delight.

    you have EXCELLENT music taste.

  25. The Russian girl had the courage to do so..she's cool though.

    I love reading your blog.Full of daily inspirations!

  26. PS... I love the glasses! That story was priceless.

  27. Funny story, as always. Good for your BF to speak up for ya :)

  28. Hahahaha GO DIZZ! What is with that girl?! They're teaching them all wrong in Russia.

  29. Classic. If only V Dizzle had let it progress further, I'm sure an even more interesting story would have come about.
    There's always next time ;-)

  30. Ew I hate that russian girl. You were obviously way hotter than she was. without even having to see her. and she was clearly desperate. boom. roasted.

  31. That is TOO FUNNY! Im glad your BF said it the way he did. Major burn.

    Loving the glasses by the way!

  32. I am not kidding, that has happened to me and E at a bar in san francisco. it was a small crowded place and but she did not care that he was taken. crazy russians.

  33. lol!! hilarious. i definitely would've also anticipated the next move because that is mega ballsy!

    also, saw you on whisky.tango.foxtrot and loved your glasses which is why i came to your blog and then i loved your tagline (? ... what you wrote underneath your heading) so i stayed and now im obsessed!! thanks for the morning laughs! :)



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