Thursday, August 16, 2012

THAT girl.

Okay, so I really don't mean to be making another post about working out.
But after last night's kickboxing class, I just couldn't not share.

There was this girl. Or should I say, that girl.
She made sure to be at the very front of the room. Which, okay, I usually do that too, but last night I was a little late and had to stand behind her.
Anyway, to give you a visual, she looked a little something like this:
{don't worry, i chopped her head off to preserve her anonymity.}

So anyway, she had only a sports bra on her overly tanned ta-ta's and these skin tight cropped pants.
Normally, I wouldn't really think twice about it.
I'd glance, notice she was tan and extremely muscley and carry on with my one-two-kicks.

But, this girl...that girl.

When we did one jab, she made sure to do a triple jab!
When we did a side kick, she made sure to do a high jump then a kick!
When we ran forward, she made sure to do a run then a jump then a twirl!
A twirl! What the...

THEN...out of nowhere, she'd make noises.
Like....{I don't know how else to describe this noise},
you know the "Raise the Roof" noise?
Like...."Oooh! Oooh!"

{I hope you get it, because I'm this close to recording myself doing this to show you.}

So yeah...that. She did that! When no one else was!
But, you guys. I just couldn't stop staring!
And maybe that was my bad. And maybe I should have just ignored her.
But I so badly wanted to say out loud to her: "Really?? REALLY??? What are you doing woman?!"

But I didn't.
And I carried on with my with my half-assed one-two-kicks.

I couldn't believe how much energy that girl had.
And you know what else??

When the class was over, she pulled out her mat and some weights because she was staying for the next body strength class!
A whole kickboxing class and then another class??

I have no more words.

No really, that's all.




  1. Can I tell you I don't get it just so that you do the video???

  2. Sounds like she went a little overboard with that class. Ha!

    Maybe you should film a video, just so we get the whole affect, though. I think it would be pretty hilarious. Or maybe she will be there next time and you can just film her! Ha!


  3. Video. I vote video. Cuz I didnt know there was a raise the roof noise :/

  4. Please make a video of you doing the "Oooo Ooooo". Thanks

  5. Oooooh, THAT girl. What a monster! Back-to-back classes after kicking the first class' ass?

  6. I hate that girl. I've had that girl in a few spinning classes (weird noises and all) and I just don't get it. When everyone else is exhausted at the end of an hour of spin, she bounces off the bike, picks up some free weights and hangs around to do a full one-hour body toning!! What the what???

  7. She was on crack. There's no other reasonable explanation as to why someone would have that much energy.

    Oh, also steroids. Crack and steroids.

  8. Hahahaha I literally laughed out loud at work in my quiet dental office. We all know a girl like THAT. Unfortunately.

  9. Hahahaha I literally laughed out loud at work in my quiet dental office. We all know a girl like THAT. Unfortunately.

  10. Ha - I remember taking a kickboxing class. And, I may have been that girl except the rock hard tan part. Oh and the twirling and triple jab. So maybe I was not that girl, just the average person taking the class.

  11. hahaha what are you DOING woman?! you totes should have asked her that.

    crazy, that's what she's doing. being crazy.

  12. Haha!! That is how she has such a ripped body I guess! Maybe she took a little somethin.

  13. SERIOUSLY the funniest thing I've read all day!
    I'm sure my coworkers are wondering why I'm hysterically laughing...

    BAHAH for real!


  14. Yikes! People like that freak me out! I would have been thinking the same thing the whole time. Like, what are you doing?!?! I get that some people are super into exercise, but lately some people are just way too over the top.

  15. haha this made me laugh out loud!
    i definitely have done a class with "that" girl before!

  16. Bahaha I've definitely seen those girls before. What I don't understand is, why in the world would you be in a silly little class when clearly you're kicking ass already? It just to show off obvi. Lol


  17. LMAO. seriously? who does that??

  18. OMG i am dying hahahahha

    why does she need to do triple of everything SHEESH!

    theres a woman like that in my zumba class she goes crazy im like can only booty shake SO hard before your ass falls off and the crack breaks it in half

    kickboxing intimidates me..will i be okay?! i wanna try a class!!


  19. What's worse is when you're Facebook friends with "that girl." I try to be supportive but seriously, not every status needs to be a dedication to your fitness regime. Sorry I'm not sorry for not doing a thousand sit-ups, bodybuilders, etc. every single day ya sweaty beast.

  20. Hahaha ohh I know that girl. I just didn't know she lived in both SB and SD.

  21. i must absolutely request a video to fully understand. :]

  22. I stumbled across your blog here on the interwebs and after reading your blog header, I knew we could be virtual BFFs. I LOLed--but really. Then I read the post about cycling and couldn't help but recall the time I did cycling the day before I was supposed to do a tri. Yeah..good times. You're hysterical and I can't wait to read more.

  23. I know that girl too!!! Except here, it's the zumba girl who totally thinks she's got some latin roots somewhere in her family tree and tries to sing the songs and thinks she knows exactly how to do all the dances. So annoying!!!

  24. dont you just want to tell that girl to stop showing off because its not necessary!!!

  25. Haha! I can't stop laughing! New to your blog! Love it! :D

  26. I'm pretty sure I know that girl...tan and all.



  27. Totally had a girl like that in my TKB class the other night!! I kept staring too and was wondering a few things...1. Why can I not look like you? 2. Why are you showing off? It's a dumb 24 fitness class? 3. Quit looking at me like you're better than me!

    Lol :)

  28. I came across your website through someone else, sorry don't remember who. But I really laughed out loud at this post. I would have been chuckling to myself like "omg isn't she embarrassed" and I would have been embarrassed for her while admiring her body. But I think that is too much muscle, muscle is good but not when you are masculine and making noises, lol.

  29. I need to confess that I like to pretend to be that girl in the safety of my own home. I try to hold it in at the gym though, because no one wants to see my stomach fat jiggle like that under those lights.

  30. omg, i would be like, quit the workout, sit on the side of the class, and just enjoy my water *coughvodkacough* while staring at her from beginning til end.

    maybe i should print that picture, post it on my mirror and stare at it while i eat my fried chicken.

    hot damn.

  31. Oh I know all about the Oooh, Oooh! all too well. It's like we get it... you're miss exercise... ok, you win! I'm kind of clumsy so I may have found a way to trip her or something... I kid... sort of... no, I kid.

  32. Ugh. I hate "that girl". I hat "that guy" too. The 24 Hour in PB was the worst.

  33. Yep, video pls.
    I don't like loud ppl at the gym.
    She musta be a gym rat.

  34. Hah! I love this. I actually read it outloud (complete with sounds) to a friend because it was that funny. Good work!

  35. HAHAHA. Oh my word, I'm dying!

    I totally know these "raise the roof" noises you speak of, but if you could record a video to confirm my understanding, that would be appreciated.

  36. Okay - I just came across your blog recently, and you are FUNNY, girl. I loves me a funny blog. I have to say, when I read this post initially, I was all, "Uhhhh, I think I may be That Girl at the gym," minus the fake tan and muscles like the girl at the top. And I started to leave a comment explaining myself, but it was too long, so I dedicated my OWN blog post to this very subject today, if you want to hop over and read it. It's totally in good fun, and if you DO stop over, I hope you enjoy it!!


  37. LOL! Sounds like a few people I have run into at my gym!

  38. Um, I'm pretty sure THAT GIRL is not a girl at all. She's a man, baby!

  39. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  40. You crack me up. I think you need to buy a GoPro and hook it to your body just to film this and share with the world. Or, you could always act like you're taking a water break and checking your phone, and film it.

  41. HAHAHAHA!!! I am going to have vote for a video on this one!



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