Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sayanara, Suckas!


The Dizzle and I are off to go play with DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.
And if you don't know that reference, I think now is when we must part ways.
But, since something tells me my Mother might ask what I'm talking about, I went ahead and graciously added the video for the opening credits of the best show in history.
You're welcome.

I hope you all have amazing Labor Days with little to no laboring.
Feel free to follow along with me on Instagram {@mishlove} this weekend!
It's going to be the bomb diggs.


Oh, and also, Erin over at Simply Just Lovely is hosting a ginormous giveaway.
13 prizes.
13 winners.
Say, whaaaat?

And I just so happen to be giving away a free XL ad spot on my blog!
So go check it out, will ya?




  1. the question is...

    will comet be there? be sure to bring him a treat! ;-)

    have a blast!!! will stalk via insta!


  2. have such a fun weekend in sf! if you have time during your visit you should brunch at sam's in tiburon. yummy food and bloody mary's right on the water.

  3. OHHHHH I'm so jealous. One of my favorite cities in the world.

  4. have fun! you guys are gunna have a great time

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. i'm so jealous. dying to go there. have the best time! i am going to have to add you on Instagram.

  6. Cut. It. Out.

    loved the Full House reference. Have fun with Dizzle, his mom, and everyone else. And if she starts to pull some crazy shit, you get the hell out of there. You can't reason with crazy.

  7. Oh boy, I do miss that show! I am new to NorCal and love SF. I didn't realize that they had Lombardi St in the opener to the show. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. whoop whoop! tribute to the best show evaaaaaaah! Have a fabulous time! xoxo

  9. the second i saw dj, stephanie and michelle, the theme song started playing in my head. i used to have everyone sing that to me when i was little since my name is michelle and i looked like michelle.

  10. Have fun girl! Full house was the SHOW.


  11. I want to enjoy Labor Day but I don't know what it is and I'm definitely not getting some sort of public holiday happening over here. To cure my depression that is currently developing I'll just enjoy your Instagram pics and pretend it's this mysterious Labor Day.

    I just spelled labour wrong TWICE for you. Cuddles! X

  12. Jelly jelly! Have fun girl! And tell Uncle Jesse I say what's up ;)

  13. Aw!!! I loooove Full House! SO good!

  14. please give a smack to the olsen twins so i can have their money


    eat some clam chowders for me.

  15. 80s children, love it. That was a great show! Oh, you should charge more for ad space b/c you deserve it! This was englightening --> even though I charge $0 currently.

  16. I stinkin' love Full House, I've seen every episode! Lol

    Have fun in San Fran =)

  17. Okay, so you know me really well. And now I don't have to ask :)
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Haha! I haven't thought about Full House in years!

    Have a great trip!



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