Monday, August 20, 2012

My, what an exciting weekend!

I was basically P-I-M-P status with 3 different boyfriends this weekend.
Please, see below:

It was Officer Dizzle that stuck around most of the weekend, though.
{Lucky me, right?}
I will say it was a wee bit difficult trying to have any kind of serious conversation when a mustache was staring straight at me.

But, you know, it's little moments like these that really make me appreciate this man.
I mean, how many people would rock a pedophile/trucker look just to make me laugh?
Not many, I tell you. Not many.


Anyway, I hope you all had great weekends.
I had about 6 plates of spaghetti, tons o' nachos, pizza, and french fries.
Everything in moderation, right?
Gotta get back on track with kickboxing tonight.
I wonder if THAT girl will be there again??
One can only hope.

Happy Monday!



  1. That's awesome. Only someone that ridiculously goodlooking could even joke around with this facial hair. Anyone less attractive would be creepy no matter what!!

  2. Ha! That's quite a variety of looks. The last one is my favorite. I can't tell if I like it, or if it just makes me laugh.

    Right...moderation. That's why I ate half a batch of cookies in one day.

    Maybe I'm the one that needs to take a kickboxing class. They sound fun, er, entertaining! Ha!


  3. Haha! Good thing he is good looking ;)

  4. Good luck kick-boxing! Just jump right up to the front and grunt right back at her. Give her a taste of her own medicine!

  5. love this

    i read the second photo caption quick and instead of trucker i thought it said trucker with an F replacing the tr..hahah!

    love this post and dizzles various looks! :)

    happy kickboxing!

  6. Hahah I think I could handle the pedophile stash if my guy was gonna be that handsome! props to him - silly guys rock! your weekend sounds great.. at least the menu does anyway! ahaha

  7. The font under "Trucker" Dizzle totally made me think it was another word and I was like "oh no she didn'ttttt" lol. I love how he's such a willing participant on your blog, what a trooper!


  8. hahah too funny. my husband does mustache march ever year. it's a little alarming. :) and then i have to persuade him to grow a beard!

  9. Haha, loving this too funny! Aaaaaaaaaand I'm right there with you on the eating-unhealthily-ness. Here's to that girl not being there (or to her being there for more stories?)

  10. hahah you and your dizzle are so cute!

  11. well, he could pull of a robbery with the change in appearance if need be.

  12. Oh! Do let us know if SHE is there! ;-)

    Glad you had a great weekend!


  13. Haha! Totally thought of Super Troopers with the Officer Dizzle! Seriously awesome.

  14. PEDO DIZZLE!!!!! so far i think he's the ONLY one that can rock that do without being a true pedo.

    too funny.

  15. Haha, my husband is always fooling around with different "beard styles." He would appreciate this. But he's napping. Anyway, cute post! :)

  16. yup, officer dizzle is my favorite.

  17. haha what is up with men and their facial hair. My husband is so particular about his.

  18. Again, cute cute cute couple! I know you're not in the photos, but so glad he makes you laugh.



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