Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Night With George Hamilton

I've gotta tell you...
There's not much out there that beats half naked men in drag shaking their tail feathers on stage. Not much, I tell you.

Except maybe George Hamilton in all his botoxed-face-gleaming-teeth-and-fake-tan glory shaking his tail feather at the ripe age of 72.

Am I right, or am I right?

Last night, The Dizzle and I scored some tickets through my work to La Cage Aux Folles at the San Diego Civic Theatre.
Oh how I love me some musicals.

And oh how I loved those legs! I never thought I'd be jealous of so many men's thighs!
They were so slim and toned. I should have asked them their secret.... No, but seriously.

The show was awesome. The seats were amazing.

Was it a little awkward that the boss of my company was sitting right next to me as penis joke after penis joke was being told?

Not for me. But apparently it was for him, because he left at intermission.

Oh well, his loss, I say!


If you ever get the chance to see this, I definitely recommend it.
Just maybe don't do it the week you're on a cleanse.
Because then you'll be that girl drinking water and snacking on almonds at intermission.



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  1. i think i love anyone with a great (horrible) fake tan, botox, and nice teeth!

  2. Lol what, your boss doesn't like inappropriate penis jokes in front of his employees?! Haha it's nice that VDizzle even went with you, I think I'd have to lie to Rob and tell him it was a football game or something that we were going to.


  3. I had a blast with you boo. You're the best. I love you. BOOM! ...did I do it right?

  4. Ha! Sounds like a fun night! *I could do without the fake tans though.... ;-)

  5. lmao... i would LOVE to go to that show with my boss and watch him turn red over penis jokes. man. awesome.

  6. Saw this post and turn to my husband Ryan and say, "hey baby, would you like to go to a musical with me."
    His response, "No, I know that's not very fair of me but I wouldn't make you go to something that you would dread."
    Ahhh murried life. Too bad, because I be lovin' some musicals.

  7. I just can't stop commenting on how perfect Verner is! What a guy. I told Tim about the musical and asked if he saw the movie. His response, "Never watch anything with gay guys in it" He still thinks I tricked him into watching "Broke Back Mountain". He gets sick when he even thinks about it :( OH BROTHER!

  8. Definitely wouldn't want to be sitting next to my boss during the show, but sounds entertaining. I'm jealous of those queens' legs too. My hubby actually has great legs too. Men.



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