Monday, August 27, 2012

I think I was poisoned...

{Instagram yo, let's be friends: @mishlove}

Because surely, vomiting 6+ times in one night is not normal.
{I apologize for the visual}
At one point in the night, maybe round 4, I didn't even take the time to crawl back to the bedroom.
I plopped myself right on the bathroom floor until The Dizzle must have realized I was missing and came to fetch me.
It was rough, folks. Very rough.

And sure, maaayyybbbeee a full day of drinking contributed.
But I'm not convinced.
I had plenty of mashed potato pizza and tater tots to even out the drinks, so there is just no way last nights events should have happened!

Anyway, let's just say, my Monday morning hasn't gotten off to the greatest start and sitting at my desk, working, is the last thing I want to be doing right now.

So I guess I'll just day dream about the fun parts of my weekend:

*paddle boarding in mission bay*
*eating the best tomato basil soup known to man*
*saturday morning bagels (my fave)*
*and some of the best views in san diego*

Oh, also, I should be lucky to be alive, 
because we felt not one, but two earthquakes yesterday!
That's a new record for me.
And when you're high up on a sky rise, it can get a little nerve racking.
Anyone else feel those?


Hope you all have superb Mondays.
I'll be trying to master sleeping with my eyes open at work.



  1. Goshdarnit. Looking at your blog never fails to make me hungry.

  2. That sounds terrible, hope you're feeling better girl!


  3. It sounds like (minus the being sick) you had a fun weekend. I hope you are feeling better, now, though! And two earthquakes? Wow! I experienced my first one last year, and I didn't know what it was! Ha! It freaked me out. I went outside and I'm thinking, what the hell was that?!

    I hope you check out my giveaway!


  4. I had food poisoning several times while in Africa and that shit is not fun. I hope you got it all out of your system!

  5. blech, no fun, no fun!
    in other news, that soup looks delish. i'm so excited to eat soup!! you know, aka cold weather, because eating soup when it's hot is just weird to me. i dunno.
    girl, feel better!! and good luck sleeping with your eyes open! lemme know how it goes!

  6. Sans the vomming your weekend looked extra delicious, not excluding that soup which looks terrific!

  7. I must have been the only person to not feel those earthshakes... thank goodness for that!

  8. p to the s... hope you feel better. yacking it up is not a good time. although... it's a good ab workout!

  9. So seriously I'm pretty sure we had the same kind of weekend except instead of mashed potato pizza (sounds *smashing* BTW and yes, pun intended) it was a entire bowl, casserole bowl, of cheese dip.
    And while my husband would like to blame the upteen beers for the reason we had to revisit the cheese dip, I am certain I was poisoned as well. I mean seriously, who voms 10 times and feels like death for 2 whole days because of booze?!

    So anyway, CHEERS. :)


  10. I hope you are feeling better!! Bless your heart- that sounds awful!!!!!!

  11. I hope you feel better first of all. totally though you would be home in bed so props to you for being a freaking trooper & going to work because I would have totally been in bed all day.

    on the flip side Paddle boarding sounds amazing and I totally want to do it! Other then my fear about being eaten by a shark.

    eating the best tomato basil soup known to man is this the Nordstrom Soup? Did you ever get to try the Roasted tomato soup they used to have???? That my friend was the best tomato soup known to man ! :)


  12. Eeeww that sounds absolutely miserable!! Hope you're completely over it! We have mashed potato pizza at a place out here's like the perfect combo of 2 things I love but are so bad for me...potatoes and pizza. Genius.

  13. Oh man girl, I hope you're feeling better! Seriously, throwing up is the worst. Make the Dizz wait on you hand and foot ;)

  14. That stinks! Hope you're feeling better. There is nothing I hate more than vomiting :(

    But I have to talk about the mashed potato pizza. Say what? I've never heard of that. What I would do to try it right now!

  15. Those bagels!! I'm feeling the carbohydrates being pasted to my ass just looking at them. But SO DELICIOUS! Have a great week!

  16. gurl, if i was near by, i would snatch an IV and popped some Normal Salines in you! *stealing is not recommended tho*
    BUT drink some Gatorade to replace those electrolytes, chica!!!

  17. i did not feel any earthquakes but i am sad that i did not know this puking parade happened before reading it here. sorry i was out of touch today. hope my mishi is feeling betterrrr!

  18. i heard about the earth quakes!!! hope you are all okay!!! we supposedly had a tiny one here in boston last november but i never felt it! and people claim buildings were swaying and this and that...hmmmm YA OK PEEPS

    hope you are feeling better!!!! vomming is no bueno

    oh and i want to paddle board so flipping! but i feel like its only cool in the cali swag...and if i did that here people would be like um.

    catching up on your bloggy ive been blogland MIA lately!!

  19. I liked it better when you were sans alcohol and doing the cleanse :)
    Love you!!!

  20. Yiiiikes! Girl that is awful. I hope you're feeling better! I woke up with the flu, so I feel your pain. It's a rough week for everyone it seems. Try not to die in any earthquakes.

  21. Hope you're feeling better! 6 times in one night certainly sounds like food poisoning to me!



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