Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I think age makes me more emotional.

I've always been a sensitive soul. Ask anyone around me.
But it wasn't until the last few years of my life that I can cry at most anything.
I'm not talking the whiny, cry-at-anything-to-get-her-way kind of girl.
 But TV shows, movies, books, kind words, not-so-kind words... it all gets me now.

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and hormones are hitting me differently or what.
But I remember when I was younger, I never used to be like this.
Now, my mother is very much so like this.
I could be watching a movie with my mom and no matter whether it was a sad or happy movie, I knew I could count on looking over at her and see tears streaming down her face.
At the time, I just couldn't understand how that was possible!

Until now.

In fact, The Dizzle and I were watching that one episode of The Office the other night.
You know, the one where it was Michael Scott's last day, and I couldn't contain myself.
I know it's fictional, I know it's not real. But I just can't help it.
I empathize, I sympathize. My eyes...they just leak!

You know they say that as you get older, you start to become more like your Mom or Dad?
I can definitely say that now.
At 26 years old, I have become the emotional version of my mother.


Case in point, I came home last night, got the mail and saw a letter from my mamma.
Now, if you don't know, she lives in Georgia.
And if you also didn't know, she's basically my best friend.
I love her and miss her more than I could probably express to you.
And I'm sure a lot of you know that feeling.

So when I got this random card in the mail, I was super excited.

...and then I just lost it. My eyes welled up and the tears fell over.
On the toilet, as I was peeing.
{yeah, I read my mail in the bathroom, don't you?}

I can't explain it! It's not even that time of the month so I can't blame it on that.
I just think I'm getting extra sensitive as I get older and there's just no stopping it.

Mamma - - I love you. I miss you.
And I sure as heck can't wait to see you in November!




  1. ah, what a sweet card from your mamma.

  2. i am super emotional too...Disney movies make me cry now!! I watch them with my 1 year old daughter..and i'm just sitting there crying. When Ariel kisses prince Eric....Rapunzel is reunited with her parents. that kind of stuff. I feel ya!!

  3. I'm the same way now, and I never used to cry at silly things when I was younger. Now all it takes is a soppy advert on tv for me to well up. I think I cried at a toilet paper commercial the other day. It's getting out of hand!

  4. ugh I do the same thing. i just got a little misty reading that lol being old really has a lot of different effects on us!

    old = 25-26 lol

    how sad for us!

  5. I'm the same way and unfortunately, it only gets worse once you have kids :)

  6. I've realized the older I get, the more I care about perfect strangers. The woman in the grocery store adding up the cost of what she's getting and deciding what she can do without? KILLS ME. When an old lady loses on The Price is Right? I lose it. I was out to eat a couple of weeks ago and these two middle aged women got in a fight and one left and when the other one just started looking around confused, I started crying.

  7. That is such a sweet card!!

    I think I'm definitely more emotional now that I'm a bit older. Everyone always used to joke that I was the girl who never cried but that's not the case anymore! Haha

  8. I TOTALLY know what you mean. I never used to cry in movies or sad situations. I used to feel like I should be crying, so I'd actually TRY to cry haha. But now, something about getting older and maybe experiencing more of life has turned me into a crying machine. Books? Movies? TV Shows? Get me every time. Glad I'm not the only one :)

  9. That is also were I read my mail. And I'm fighting tears after reading the card. I definitely know how it is to have leaky eyes.

  10. I've become more emotional with age too - the amount of times I tear up while watching TV is embarrassing. (But, I can usually hold it together enough that those around me don't notice. Or at least, I tell myself they don't notice.)

  11. It's soooo true!!! I used to be a rock and now I cry over everything. That 70's Show final episode...totally bawled and I never even watched the show regularly! I've also been known to cry in commercials and cartoons. It's only going to get worse the older we get too! Ahhh!!

  12. well crap. I cried reading your mom's card! lol ..

    it hits me in random cycles too ... not even following THAT cycle ... just random phases i go through where im in extra crybaby mode!

    i hope your mom had the chance to read this post! im sure she'd be bawling her eyes out as well.

  13. OMG your mamma is the cutest and the sweetest! That card would make even the least emotional person cry, no doubt. I started welling up a little. GAH.

  14. that's so sweet!!! but, honestly, anyone would cry at that card! i love moms :)

    oh, and i feel you on the emotional wreck thing. i cried at the very first 10 minutes of the opening day of the olympics. when they showed the montages of all the athletes and all that? yeah. tears were streaming. ridiculous.

  15. That card was amazing~ So great that you're that close with your mom!!

  16. you just described me ... i'm that way, lol.

    such a sweet card from your mama. i would be in tears too!

  17. SO SWEET. I'm a big bawler too - just like my mom! If a movie has any sort of emotional moment (ANY), I look over at my mom - nope, she's done for. And it seems to me, that if your parents become your best friends as you get older, then you truly know how well you were raised and how awesome those people are!

  18. This is so me, I cry at EVERYTHING now. Sometimes a commercial can make me cry and it's getting a little embarrassing. I definitely cried during Michael's last episode so don't feel weird about that at all. Or we might be two freakazoids together. And you have the sweetest Mama!


  19. Trust an old fogie like me... it gets worse, my dear! Take for example the Pixar cartoon UP. Lord help me, my little nephew was cracking up and I was sitting on the floor, indian style, sobbing. Like ugly cry sobbing. My nephew, who at the time was 2, looked at me and laughed even harder. Which made me cry even more. These emotions... hard to get them in check sometimes.


  20. Just like the episode of The Office when Jim professes his love to Pam and she says she can't...
    And you are too sweet! Tell me why my eyes started burning a little when I read this?!

  21. i cried too. and this is even to me. i'm with you on the sensitivity. i cry about every little thing. i'm soo emotional. it's quite ridiculous. i'm scared to see my emotions when i'm pregnant. oh boy...why do we get more sensitive/emotional with age...i'm not sure i like it!

  22. Someone told me the other day that he could see the resemblance between us and "she's even prettier than you". I was totally thrilled to even be compared with you. You are so beautiful, my daughter, I don't know how I got so lucky :)

  23. Awww that is so sweet! I've turned into such a weepy mess. Just reading about that episode of the office made my eyes all steamy!

  24. Wait until you have kids. My daughter is five weeks old and sometimes I just look at her and cry! Happy tears, of course ;)

  25. welcome to my life.. i've been an overly emotional wreck for my entire life. you get used to it eventually.

  26. Omg that episode makes me tear up when Pam runs to michael in the airport. And when Jim and Pam get married I tear up and when Robert California makes the losers and winners list, and Jim makes Pam a list that says Pam, Cece, new baby under the winners side. I die.

  27. I cry at the drop of a hat too and a random card from mom certainly would open the flood gates too!

  28. i cry almost everyday. and right now? shit sista, those olympics comercials, the "thanks mom" ones...makes me bawl and want to get knocked up simultaneously to raise a future olympian. oh, and i turn 23 this month, so...age...sure.



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