Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 5 and highly sick of salmon.

So here we are. It's Friday. Can I get an amen?
Day 5 of this cleanse.
Do I feel better? Sure.
Do I feel lighter? A bit.
Am I looking forward to two more days of salmon for lunch and salmon for dinner? Eff no.
I wish I was more adventurous to try other fish. But you know me, I often play the safe side when it comes to food. I'm really trying to work on it. And when I say 'work on it,' I mean I recently started eating Canadian bacon on my breakfast sandwiches for the first time ever in my life.
Yeah. Ponder that for a minute.

Anyway, wish us luck. We've been dreaming of the things we can eat come Monday.
Something like pizza for breakfast, burritos for lunch, and cheeseburgers for dinner.
We'll be feeling really great after that, I'm sure.


Hope everyone has a really great weekend!
See ya on the flip side.



  1. You should try tilapia! It is WAY less fish-y than salmon. I really like it. It is really light and i think the same price!

    Just try it! :)

  2. i second the recommendation for Tilapia! so good!

    i guess, i shouldn't tell you that my pizza just arrived for my lunch ;)

    have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I third tilapia! It's what I did during our cleanse! And halibut...halibut is the best! So not fishy!

  4. Oh no!! Don't ruin it on Monday. You both have worked so hard. Just eat one of those items not all!!!

  5. It's funny because salmon is the only fish I don't like because I think it's too fishy! If you're staying away from other fish because you don't like too strong a flavor, you may be in for a treat!

  6. Good work on keeping up with the cleanse! That's awesome. And I know, I used to be super afraid of fish, pretty much all kinds. But I've gotten more adventurous lately and, maybe it's just my taste buds, but they kind of all taste the same to me? We had trout last night and it was pretty good!

  7. i agree will all the other comments about tilapia! as far as fish goes, i will only cook tilapia (well, that or shrimp)...i can't seem to cook salmon well, so i only get it at restaurants. tilapia basically tastes like whatever you put on it, not too much flavor...but it's light and a good alternative!

    ::says the girl who just ate a handful of peanut m&m's::

  8. way to go with keeping up withe the cleanse. Talapia is really good (and super cheap) so that's a good recommendation...come Monday you won't even remember what a fish is ;)

  9. seriously, you're doing so well! And I agree with everyone: Talapia is the way to go!

  10. SO ever since your cleanse post my husband and I have talking about eating way healthier. Today we went healthy grocery shopping and got half the amount of stuff we usually for twice as much as we usually pay. Why is eating shitty so cheap? I had a salad with grilled chicken and green tea for dinner. Boom. Health.

  11. SO impressed with you, girl!!! that cracked me up about getting sick of salmon but being too afraid to try anything else... but really. you should try halibut. totes safe, mild, not fishy, delicious fish! just sayin.

  12. haha, wow. just read the other comments. apparently, i'm not the only one in the tilapia fan club.

  13. and by tilapia, i mean halibut. ugh. i think i need a nap?

  14. SALLMAN (some people actually say salmon like that!!)

    do you have to eat it plain!? can you marinade it? put it in salad? do SOMETHING to make it a lil zing zing different!? but for reals you are INSPIRING MEEEEE WOMAN!! to want to do a cleanse like this! I bet you feel lovely!

    pizza for breakfast monday probably sounds like the best thing ever

    have a fab weekend girly!

  15. girl, tilapia and red snapper and salmon and tuna.

    heck, why don't you eat Sashimi?!?!?!

  16. H!! came over courtesy of Kelly @messyhair and I know what you mean... I am on a healthy eating "diet" (I hate that word). basically stick to a specific eating schedule M-F then Sat and Sun, for dinner only pig out. So looking forward to a tamale I got from the farmer's market!!

  17. Have you tried tilapia? It's actually very good!

  18. Have you tried tilapia? It's actually very good!

  19. I do love Salmon, but I don't think I'd be able to eat it five days in a row!

  20. Cod is a pretty benign fish too. I actually think salmon's too fishy. I like to make salmon cakes with lots of mayo and lemon juice. Good luck! Wait, today's Monday!



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