Thursday, August 23, 2012

Date Night - Dinner and a Concert


First of all, Date Nights are key.
I've always been a strong believer in this and I will probably still be a believer when I'm 72.
I don't care if you practically live together, you get your butts out there together!
{And I say "practically," because technically we don't {yet}.
But basically, we're in the same bed, whether it be his or mine, every night.
So, yeah...practically, technically, basically. You know.}

Anyway, this is why I appreciate nights like last night.
After about 13 back-to-back evenings of me 
make-up-less, hair up, unshowered, gym clothes on, 
it was nice to get clean and lady-like. I'm sure The Dizzle appreciated it too.

We had some bombtastic Italian (eye-talian?) food at Mimmo's in Little Italy {bruschetta - ohmywow), then headed on over to The Casbah to see Twin Shadow perform.

Other than the big sweaty chick bouncing up next to me and the 6 foot-something that tried to block my view, it was a great show and nice to get out of the house and do something different!

Thanks for a great evening, boo.
I'll see you later tonight - - hair up, gym clothes on. You know the drill.




  1. The food looks amazing & I love your earrings!!

  2. Looks like such a fun time! Date nights have kept us happily married for 16 yrs.

  3. Girl you love your bruschetta!
    how offen do you do date night?

    oh and I love the flowers in the beer mug, awesome !

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with this post. Brian and I moved in together at the beginning of june and we spend way to many nights at home. And I look exactly how you described yourself 5/6 days out of the week. I feel like such a bum haha. So I've tried to at least put on a little make up and wear an actual outfit when he comes home from work.

    It looks like you two had a lot of fun :) The tortillini looks DELICIOUS! I want to make some now!


  5. Half the week I usually dont even leave the house since hubby works nonstop so I live in sweats, hair in a bun, no makeup. I look forward to those days off with him where I get all dolled up and actually wear a bra....but secretly am wishing I was back in my sweats by the end of the day.

  6. Girl, you are just so, so pretty. Seriously.

    the Reverie blog

  7. Date nights are key, I 100% agree with you! This sounds like the perf date night too. Dinner and a show? My kind of scene for sure.

  8. I'm with Vicki! You're so pretty! And you're so right about date nights. My husband and I don't do them enough and need to get back in the habit!

  9. Love those earrings girl. Ya look exotic. And totally agreed that date nights are necessary.

  10. Oh, date nights...I love them!

    PS) You two are gorgeous!

  11. LOVE date nights!! or date days! whatever, as long as you get out there, together, show off each other to the world. i'm an old married hag (ha!) and you bet your bottom dollar date nights are here to stay fooooreeeevvverrrrrr.

  12. what does that green sauce on the second left on the top of those pasta looks like, er, a penis? (you know where my minds been all day. i haven't seen the boyf for 1 week. sad me) hehe JK.

    yes! Date Night is KEY. KEY TO AN AMAZING RELATIONSHIP. MUST. *fist in the air*

  13. speaking of concerts... super d and i are going to the black keys here in SD and the doheny days music fest at dana point.

  14. i believe in date nights too. most of the time though... our date nights include drive-thru mexican food and a movie on our couch. there's something about just being comfy in your own home that makes me one happy lady.

    Although... any dinner in little italy takes the cake because, well, carbs are my best friend!


  15. Aww you guys look so cute! And I totally agree- date nights are key- even if you practically live together :)

  16. I get you on the "practically" "technically" thing. My BF and I practically lived together in college but I didn't want to make anything official, cuz we gotta save something for after the big day! Anyhoot you know those green things look phallic right? Like skinny little man bits. I hope I'm not the only freak who sees it. (Just cycled through the comments, apparently I am. FAIL)


  17. the dinner looked sooo good!! and i agree date nights are vital!!

  18. Mmm I love bruschetta, too. :D

    Erin :-)

  19. You guys are such a cute couple! I agree, date nights are key! I wish my husband and I made more time especially since we have a 2yr now too. Believe me, marriage starts to break down without communication, hard work, and getting out of the house to eat a meal slowly and not talk about poop.

  20. Talk about a great looking couple, you two!! And I agree- date nights are so key. 1000% with you on that.



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