Monday, August 13, 2012

Bug bites, commitment issues and body-slamming

I got four new bug bites this weekend. One on my left leg, three on the right.
That's how I really know it's Summer time.
They're starting to look like welts from all the scratching, though.
The key is to scratch around the bites so as not to damage your skin.
I don't think V Dizzle knows this rule because he has two new bug bites, one on his pinky and one on his index, and both have little wounds on them from all of his intense scratching.
It's all about self-control and precision, people. Self-control and precision.


I feel the need to say that I think I have a very hard time committing to things.
Because remember that seven day cleanse that was oh-so inspring to many of you?
Well, that seven day cleanse turned into five.
You know why?
Because of me, of course.
I woke up Saturday morning, turned to The Dizzle and said right out,

"I refuse to eat another bite of salmon! Refuse!"

So that was that.

We didn't eat anymore salmon and instead had burritos from Baja Fresh.
No chips though. Self-control and precision, remember?

I don't know what it is, but aside from that marathon we ran, I just can't seem to stick to one plan.
Don't drink for 30 days? How about 12.
Cleanse for a week? We'll stop at 5.
I somehow convince myself, when the going gets tough, that there are far more fun things that I can do.
Like eat burritos.
I mean, we only live once, right?


With that said, I will end on this note.

The Dizzle and I went to Torrey Pines beach with every intention of hiking.
Well, here's a shocker....we didn't hike.
But we did go in the ocean. The ocean!
I'm talking, fully body submergal. {and apparently 'submergal' is not a word, but i'm going with it}.
If you didn't know, I'm kind of afraid of the ocean and don't particularly like to get in the water if I can avoid it.
I think it's because of that one time ,when I was 11, the ocean and I had a battle.
And the ocean won.
It body-slammed me down to the very depths of the sea, twisting me every which way until I couldn't tell my up from my down.

I thought I was a goner.
Fortunately, I survived to tell this tale.
But I have also never amended my relationship with the ocean.

Until this past Saturday.

I started with the feet. Had to warm them up a bit, you know?
Then from my feet to my thighs. This was happening and it was happening quick.
Once it got up to my belly, I think I screamed at an alarming decibel a few times.
I don't know, I may have blacked out.

But then I did it!

The waves came, I plugged my nose and ducked.

I lasted about 3 minutes then got out.
But still, I did it, didn't I?
I conquered my fears.


I'd say it was a successful weekend.




  1. Yay! I am deathly afraid of sharks...sharks in the POOL you can imagine that i also am not a frequenter (?) of the ocean. At least this time if you would have drowned V-dizzle would be there to rescue you!! :)

  2. Omg you went in the ocean? Do you need me to tell you how scary sharks are. Do you need to fly to Germany and watch Shark Week with me all week? I think you do. SO do it. and theres no ocean here, just shark-free lakes and rivers. We can eat shitty together and everyone lays out at the parks here...naked. Blog post ideas or what?

  3. I have the worst effing problem with bug bites! I itch them in my sleep, and they always seem to be plaguing me with itchiness. And of course the mosquitos are the absolute worst on the southern east coast. Damn bugs.

  4. That's a legitimate fear, so congratulations on conquering it.

    I would say (I have no business giving advice), that instead of crazy diet plans you need to just slowly change your habits. Eat healthier, but eat junk when you want it. Drink alcohol, but try not to drink heavily every weekend or have a drink every night. Eventually you will just get used to it. Props on even lasting 5 days on a cleanse. I couldn't even start one cause I can always think of a reason why I have to eat something that isn't cleanse worthy within the next week.

  5. It is strange, but true, that I am more afraid of being attacked by a shark in a swimming pool that I am in the ocean. I think it was because I was exposed to James Bond films when I was too young, now I'm irrationally scarred for life.xx

  6. I'm so proud of your new relationship with salty water. I hate the ocean. I hate the concept of salty water, which I can't open my eyes in and which means it's easy for sand to get lodged in inappropriate crevices, I hate getting pushed around and I hate the threat of an ocean dweller attacking me.

    ... Please don't hate the ocean again because of me.

    High five for burritos and commitment issues (I hear ya) and self-control and precision. Everyone knows you scratch around these kinds of things. At least, we do. X

  7. I've always loved the ocean, but the East Coast has been having some shark scares lately and I have developed a slight fear apparently! You're brave for facing something that scares you.

  8. I used to love going into the ocean up until a few years ago. In the same year, I got stung by a jelly fish that wrapped itself around my thighs and scarred me in 13 places AND the news was always talking about how sharks would come up to the shoreline. I don't do sharks, they scare me. A lot. So I haven't been in the ocean past my waist since then. And even then - that's more than I want to.


  9. I'm afraid of the ocean too. But around here most of the water is brown. And there's lots of seaweed. So when some seaweed brushes up against you, you're convinced it's a shark and you just know you are a gonner.

  10. I think I love salmon too much to ruin it for myself and only eat it for several days straight!

  11. That's awesome!! You did it!! Lol I once had a battle with the ocean in Mexico too. I was pulled under by the undertoe and thought for sure I was done. The ocean in Maine is too cold to actually go in until like the end of August and then the weather gets too cold to want to go in... lol life in Maine.

  12. congrats on no salmon this weekend. i was getting worried. also, i'm jealous of your beach time. next week though maybe i'll just go everyday. ;) hahaa

  13. WOW, you are so brave for facing the ocean once again!!! i mostly just don't like how freaking COLD it is. yeah, you can "get used to it" i.e. get NUMB, but why bother, you know? anyway. i want ocean. now. mostly for lying next to it. that's what i do best.

  14. seriously WHAT IS WITH THE BUGS AND HEAT IN SD LATELY?! im about to pack up and move elsewhere if my perfect weather doesnt return soon.

  15. Speaking of bug bites... I just finished getting spider eggs taken out of my skin after a wicked spider bite..awesome..happy Monday!

  16. Yay for getting in the ocean, sorry about the huge wave! And love your technique of scratching. I do that too. And make crosses on them with my nail. Sometimes, it eases the itch ;)

  17. The reason you can't stick to ONE plan, is because of your father...always switching hobbies & interests ALL the time. The reason you CAN'T STICK to one plan is because of your mother...never finishing anything I start :(

  18. I think it's great that you have such great intentions to take care of yourself in the first place! I could never even get through day one of either of those things. You are doing a fine job :-)

  19. So what if you have commitment issues... you tackled a fear and that's pretty awesome!

    True story... when I was 9 I almost drowned in a pool at a family party. You'd think I would stay away, right? Nope. Hours after the first drowning I jumped back in. My mom finally had to enroll me in swimming lessons. And if you're wondering why I was 9 and didn't know how to swim it's cause we were fresh of the boat and my parents didn't have a whole lot of extra cash for things like swimming lessons. Needless to say she was willing to cough up the dough since I obviously didn't let my almost drowning stop me from cannon balling back in the poo!l!

  20. You and your boyfriend are so cute! And you're funny! I love your blog!

  21. Sounds like a great time! And I would have tooootally taken the Burrito over a 6th day of Salmon too :)



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