Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Man's Mother...

The Dizzle's Mamma surprised us the other week with some glorious news.
She oh-so generously bought us tickets to fly up to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend!
She said she missed us and wanted to see us.
And boom, just like that, we're going to San Francisco!
{Which is basically one of my favorite cities ever and I'm oh-so excited.}

Point is: Mamma Dizzle rocks. Big time.


Anyway, after this gracious and generous act of kindness, it made me think of past boyfriends.
Which then made me think of past boyfriend's mothers.
Which then made me appreciate Mamma Dizzle all the more.
Because, boy, let me tell you:
There was this one Mom, and ooooh man, did she disapprove of me or what!
{Actually, okay, I think there were two Moms, now that I think of it.}
How, you may be wondering, could anyone ever disapprove of the angelic Mishi?

Well...according to them,

The Moms = Ultra Conservative God-Fearing Women
Me = The Devil

One mom actually stalked my Facebook page, saw a picture of me doing who knows what, but it probably involved me and alcohol.

Or perhaps me and a penis paddle.

Who knows. But anyway,
I was deemed "The Party Girl," never to be accepted again!
And surely "The Party Girl" would only corrupt her angelic son, right? Right??
I mean, God forbid I get spanked with a pink penis paddle on the night of my friend's bachelorette party!

Well, according to them, God did forbid it. And so did they.

Let's just say I'm so very glad I have moved on to greener pastures.
And greener mothers.

I think Mamma Dizzle is just the sweetest and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know she thinks the same of me.
Pink penis paddle and all.


But, seriously, please tell me I'm not the only with horror stories of your man's mother??




  1. actually my first boyfriend and i started to get serious really young and his mother told him he should date other people expand his horizions don't be so serious....needless to say we broke up........got back together.....broke up....got back together....and now we are together and have been for 6 years. take that momma...ha but i don't care, or hold it against her now. she's actually sweet and i love his parents!

  2. You definitely aren't the only one....my mother in law does like me, I think....and I do like her, but she most definitely drives me bonkers 50% of the time. On the other hand, my husbands mother in law is fantastic! haha (I'm sure he has some stories too)

  3. Hahaha you are definitely not the only one. My mother in law didn't used to like me because she thought I was racist (even though her son is not white), but then after she saw how much I loved him and how well I treated him and how much he loved me, she got over it. Now we're better than ever. (Knock on wood!!)

  4. That's sweet that she likes you so much :)

    My boyfriend and his mom don't talk...which I guess could be a good thing, one less person to get approval from but it's sad for me that they don't have a relationship.

  5. Definitely NOT!!! I've had a few disapproving, conservative boyfriend moms in my life and it sucked. In fact, I would go as far as saying that my mother may have fit the description a time or two towards my devil-like boyfriends too. Ole well. I'm with you. I've moved on to a better side. Not only are my in-laws great, they love me just like a daughter. (I believe I prayed for this a time or so in my lifetime.) Not that we're heading to San Fran anytime soon, but they did fly us to Colorado for a week in early January. Yea, I'd say I'm pretty blessed with good in-laws. Too bad, so sad for the unlucky ladies who wind up with those Ultra Conservative Mother-in-laws. But, yay for you & me = the lucky ones!


  6. the pink penis picture. I DIE! hahahah absolutely love it girrrrll

    and psshh those moms were just jealous they were chillin in their mom jeans and mini vans and not having a grand old time like their sons girlfriend! but SO glad dizzles mama is a cool ass chick! thats the best tho...when moms are just as awesome as sons!

    kurts family is just plain AWESOME and i couldnt have landed in a better future in-law fam (cough cough hopefully soon ha!)

    but yeah my last boyfriends mom deff disapproved of me i think...never actually SAYING anything but i just got a vibe! and it IRKED ME!!

    dizzle and his mom are so adorable in that pic!


  7. Hahaha. I had one ex's mother tell me to my face the day I met her that her sweet perfect son should have a girlfriend that went to church all the time and I wasnt good enough for him. Little did she know he drank every night, lied about going to church, and cheated on every girlfriend he ever had. Cool beans right?
    Hubbys family loves me....way more than they love him :) Cuz Im the best ever. Take that mean moms.

  8. You are NOT the only gal' with horror stories about mom's. My husbands mom (and dad, actually) do not like me! No matter what I do, they can't get over the fact that we got married pretty quickly and they weren't ready for it...so I'm to blame that their 24 YEAR OLD SON doesn't still live at home. ?!?!!? It's crazy. They tell my husband all the time that he should leave me and that he never should have married me...and it's usually for no reason!

    However....in their defense...I don't really like them either.

    I'm so glad you have a great relationship with Dizzle's mom!

  9. That's so sweet that she bought you tickets!
    And don't take it personally. I'm pretty sure most moms are delusional about how "angelic" their sons are.

  10. oh lord no. almost mother-in-laws can definitely be handfuls. they like to think their sons are angels and you are the reason they do what they do. hold on to this one because it is so hard to find a great man and a great mother lol

  11. no I dated this guy from Portugal who went into the navy, wanted me to meet his mom it was nice (i only spent a few hours there) after he left though thats when the crazy started...she wanted to know when I was moving out of my parents house and in with them...also when her son and I in fact got married she kindly informed me that she would be taking his room upstairs and we could have the master bedroom to make grandchildren. Then she took me in and showed me all her amazing jewelry (which it was pretty amazing) from Portugal and told me it would all be for me as soon as we said 'I do' she had me go to a festa with her that night and my bf's cousin was there and I was talking to him outside about his girlfriend who didn't get to come and the mom came outside screaming at me for doing this to her baby while he was gone!!! What was wrong with me? Talking to other men outside!

    it was like the most ridiculous and embarrassing thing ever

    none of that would be very bad but we'd only been dating like a week.

  12. Oh my gosh, haha! That's hilarious! I don't think any of my boyfriend's parents ever disapproved of me. If they did, they never made it known. Your boyfriend's mom is gorgeous, by the way! I hope I look that good when I'm older.

    - Kendra thedarlingblog.com

  13. This made me LoL...but not just because of the penis paddle. Because if I didn't LoL, I would cry of absurdity. I, too, once had a bf mother who was crazy. But not just regular crazy, medicated crazy. And she had this awful habit of refusing to take her medications and thinking it was funny. This should have been the red flag, but oh no, I decided I wanted to take this relationship to college with me. One night, after one too many jungle juices, I broke up with said BF and his psycho mother. Yes his mother. I often felt like I was dating her, too. Said BF told his mother. The mother then proceeds to call MY MOTHER at 4am in the morning and tell her that I am at college partaking in gang bangs and drugs. Funny, I don't remember that in my jungle juice--and if there were gang bangs, let's just say I probably wouldn't have been able to sit in my 8am the next day.

    Moral of the story: YOU CANNOT REASON WITH CRAZY. IF YOU SEE IT COMING, cross the street.

  14. This is so funny because I had a boyfriend mom from hell! The day I broke up with my boyfriend I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because I knew I was going to be rid of his mother too! It sounds awful but I was so glad I would never have to see that lady again! Ha!

  15. mom's can be scary. i once had a boyfriend mom who just hated me for no reason. i knew just by the way she looked at me. i really lucked out with my mother-in-law. have fun in san francisco!!

  16. So sweet! My bf's mom is an absolute doll. A HUGE change of pace from my ex's mom. I could go on for days, but let's just go with the fact that I thought it would be okay to move into her house and we could all live together. Worst decision of my life.

  17. I had not one, but TWO boyfriends REFUSE to even tell their mothers about me. No joke. First one was just weird, and like didn't want his family in his business. Whatever. But the second one? He told me his mother would have a heart attack if she knew about me because I wasn't Indian. Like. Ew. Get over yourself lady. At least I was Asian!

  18. Oh girl, I have some stories for you about ex-boiyfriend's mother. Like how she let me go to a New Years Eve party with MY FLY ON MY JEANS DOWN and noticed it in the car but decided to just let it ride for 2 hours. Or maybe how she would never let me spend the night in their home when we came to visit.

  19. My Boyfriend's mom - he's the only Boyfriend I've had, and I'm 22 years old. . talk about getting serious young - totally loves me. Like, has told him she might love me more than she loves him, because I make better fudge. His stepmother also thinks that I'm pretty rad. His grandmother, on the other hand. . . his grandmother is a she-demon from the deepest darkest pit of in-law-hell-fire.

    The first time I met her, we had been dating three months, maybe four. I brought my purse and made the mistake of leaving it behind when I used the restroom. She pulled out my birth control pills and laid them on the kitchen counter (We were there for dinner) cue me having to explain my endometriosis and probable inability to bear children. . . to my boyfriend's grandparents. Oh, and my boyfriend. That's probably our most pleasant interaction . . .

  20. my last boyfriend had the mom from hell. but my current boyfriend zac has the best family ever. they are the family i always wanted.

  21. One of my exs moms is still obsessed w me. Tells my friends parents how much she loves me and wants to take me to dinner. My ex has been through 2 other gfs after me. Get over it lady. I mean i know im the shiz but i like dudes and not your son either!

  22. One of my exs moms is still obsessed w me. Tells my friends parents how much she loves me and wants to take me to dinner. My ex has been through 2 other gfs after me. Get over it lady. I mean i know im the shiz but i like dudes and not your son either!

  23. My ex husband.. That's right, I'm fixin' to bust out an ex mother in law here. That woman was Satan. I am fully convinced that the woman was sent here from a pit of somethin' fiery and her sole mission was to gain weight and meddle in our then marriage. The woman took full control of our bank account (she took me off) she was his Beneficiary in case he died (I'd get a measly phone call; "Hi, This is the Military. Yeah, your husband is dead....Uhh, yeah, thought I'd let you know") That was the glorious day of my life when the divorce happened. Not only did I divorce him, but her. My eyes bug out and I get tore up thinkin' about that woman! Be damn happy you got a good one!

  24. I think V's mom sees in you what I see in him. Love you guys :)

  25. When my now husband and I were dating, we fell asleep on the couch at his mom's house (where he was living part-time while in the police academy.) We woke up in the middle of the night and he put me in his little sister's room (who was away at the time) and he went to his room. (My mom-in-law is very conservative.) The next morning, he was in the room while I was still in bed, but awake and leaned over me, sitting on the bed to talk. In walks my (now) M-I-L and promptly freaks out. (Mind you, I had never met her at this point and now I looked like a tramp.) Needless to say, my poor husband had to go settle things with her and eventually, we got on the right foot with each other. I love her and she loves me, but that bump in the road was scary! :)

  26. Omg. My mother-in-law. First of all, my husband is from North Carolina and his family is extremely southern and traditional. His whole family has lived in the same county since the beginning of time. His house has been passed down to every generation. It's ridiculous. Anyway, we moved to Ohio 2 months after the wedding. SHE FLIPPED OUT. She had a cow because I came down from the "north" and took her baby boy out of the "south." His grandmother called and said she cried herself to sleep every night because he was ruining his life by moving away with me.

    When we were dating his mom would literally call him upwards of 20 times a day. It took months for her to realize he was 24 and an adult. And don't even get me started about our wedding day. She wouldn't leave me alone and brought random people into the bridal suite while I was getting ready and in front of everyone told me to stop eating peanuts "so I don't fart during the ceremony."

    I could go on for days!

  27. I randomly came across your blog and I'm cracking up. Anyone who posts a picture of themselves with a penis paddle is sure to be a friend in my book! My mother in law loves me, fortunately, but she frequently makes passive aggressive remarks about how much we (my husband and I) drink, most of which is based solely on what she sees on my facebook page, and I just think to myself "oh if you only knew! what i post is the pg rated version!"

    P.S. enjoy SF! It's one of the best cities there is, in my opinion :)

  28. Awww Momma Dizzle is awesome!
    Well, all mothers of my 3 exes are actually super cool mothers and I was close with all 3.
    And funny thing, I'm still close with all 3. Crazy. Well not like buddy-buddy close, but we cool. I respect them, they respect me.

    Current Mother, I can't really get close to her since she's so far far away (hello, Jakarta!), but I did showed my share in her son's life when she was here to visit. Boyfriend said, I impressed her. Awesome. Rima scores.

  29. Mother in laws are hard enough without them stalking your Facebook page! I had one that REALLY hated me in high school. Her son was a Junior and I was a freshman (we were 1.5 years apart) but apparently I was "too young". Thankfully I figured out the son was just one douche among many in that family.

  30. You know what's ridiculous? My boyfriends' mom thinks I'm God's gift to her family. It's his DAD that's the tough sell... we went to visit at Thanksgiving last year, and they all but ignored me for the majority of the 5 days we were there, except to ask me why I wasn't pregnant with his 4th grandchild yet. WTF???

    Glad Dizzle's mom is so fantastic, jealous you're going to SF!It's one of the best cities I've ever visited.

  31. hahahahaha you sooooo would get down with a pink penis paddle! did you at least keep that paddle for you and Dizzle to get down with? ;)

  32. BEST POST EVERRRRRR. But seriously, I've been in the EXACT same boat! To be fair though, my ex is a super scummy dirtbag so it's not like he really fell too far from that tree! It just makes you truly appreciate when you find the right one, mother and all! Have fun in SanFran, Mishi! And bring the paddle ;)

  33. why anyone would consider a penis shaped paddle a bad thing is beyond me. i mean, it could have been HIS penis on your butt, on facebook. then she would have had a real problem.

    i'm glad mama diz is so sweet and understanding of the peeeen. my high school boyfriends parents' rocked the house and we are still friendly to this day. my now [german] boyfriend's mom doesn't speak english. at all. like, princess sophia up in hurr, minus the asian-ness. but anyway, the first time we "met" was almost 2 years ago when i came stumbling out of his bedroom [still drunk] at 5am to pee, only to be greeted by her in the hallway, me sans pants. fantastic. but i think she likes me.

  34. No matter how goodie-two-shoes you are, no mom is ever going to readily accept another woman into her son's life. I know that from experience but I also know that now since I have a son. Replace me? No you dont. Heck, when my lil sister started getting serious with a guy, I totally had it in for him too. Not good enough. Well, long story short, I love my sister's husband like a brother. My mother in law loves me like a daughter. Glad you found a great momma!

  35. Oh I've definatelyyyyy had a few of those! If only they knew their son's were the ones who weren't good enough...

  36. Oh my gosh, boyfriend's moms can be the worst. Even when they like you, sometimes it can just be uncomfortable... My last boyfriend's mom was insnaely Catholic (I was raised Catholic too, but not like her), and she almost had a heart attack that we slept at each other's houses. Oy vey



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