Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That day we decided to have a 30 day alcohol ban.

This past Sunday, The Dizzle and I went to the beach. We had the urge to just lay in the sun, read, and lounge. And for about two hours, we did just that. 
Minus the sunburns, it was a really good time.


After a few hours lounging in the sand, we went to Sand Bar for lunch; 
I was craving a turkey club sandwich.
Yet, somehow lunch turned into the following:

Turkey sandwich
8 beers
Nachos. A lot of nachos.



So, as we're gulping back, oh I don't know, maybe our 4th beer, we came to the conclusion that: 
hot damn, do we like to drink.

And this is coming from the girl that never ever drank in high school and just occasionally drank in college. Somehow between then and now, I've honed in on the German side of me and basically made alcohol a large part of my life. I mean, yeah, have I traded in the jagermeister for pinot noir now? Sure.
But when V Dizzle brings over a 20-pack of Bud Light and somehow the box is empty by night's end, it makes me wonder if somehow, at the ripe age of 25, I'm overdoing it a bit?


We came up with a little lets-cleanse-and-stop-being-alcoholics-in-the-making challenge.

No drinking for 30 days.

Seems pretty simple to me. Though, I'm only on day 2.
Maybe when I start to get the shakes, I won't be singing such a sweet tune.

But really, as much as it seems to not be the case, I really do care about my health.
Plus, maybe with these next 30 days, sans the extra 10,000 calories I would have consumed in alcohol, I'll actually lose these last 3 pounds to get me back to marathon weight?

So who's with me?
Anyone feel like giving up 30 of their summer time and the living is easy days?
Anyone? .....Bueller?

Well, fine.

Then at least have a margarita {or three} for me in the meantime.




  1. Oh you brave woman - giving up beer in the summer? That's like going on a diet over Christmas!

    Joe and I are trying to cut back on beer - we were drinking a lot and regularly our last month (or 3) in Gabon. Beer is really, really expensive in Norway ($5/can in the grocery store!!!!!) so we're going to try a 6 pack/per week. (Although, it's Tuesday and we only have 1 left - we have no self control!)

    Good luck over the next 30 days - although I'm wondering if you might be swigging from a paper bag in a back alley 15 days in ;)

  2. Dry July!! I'm doing it too! Thought I'd give the ol' liver a break.

  3. Bwahahaha. Sorry, but working full time, going to school full time, and being a mommy full time to 3 kiddies - I needs me some alcohol. You're on your own on this one sister.

    I'll drink to you, though! Cheers and good luck!

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. Wow! Good luck!! I'm not sure I could do it during summer. Hope you're hanging out with Vicki a lot! :)

  5. You are cutting back and I'm longing for a beer. Haha. I miss the random times where one drink leads to a few more:) Nothing wrong with that in my opinion:)

  6. I can guarantee that cutting out alcohol will wipe those 3 pounds away real quick! Haha I gained so much weight when I was going out with my friends all the time and then when I stopped I noticed a bit of the weight fell off.

    I'll have a margarita for you though, on the rocks or blended? ;)

  7. I accept your challenge. :) Though I'm not a huge drinker anymore to begin with, seeing if I can go a whole month without so much as a tiny glass of wine will be interesting.

    Good luck!

  8. I did my own 30-day dry challenge and I succeeded - but it was HARD as crap. Trying to avoid the situations that normally were drinking times (bowling, dinner's out, etc.) helped ALOT

    I wish you luck!!!

  9. I've thought about doing this a few times in the past month or so, but I don't think I ever could during the Summer. I am trying to hold myself to only once a week though, which has been moderately successful. Do this again in October and you can count me in! ... oh wait, Oktoberfest. Maybe January then ;-)

  10. I've done this before! I did it my freshman year of college. I never drank in high school either, so came to college and was like WOAH IM AN ALCOHOLIC! And then I went 30 days without it and felt better. So I continued the rest of the 4 years downing those thousands of calories a night. Awesomeee.

  11. Oh god that sounds hard. Like...really hard. I'll be drinking margz for ya girl.

  12. You go girl! We tried this in my house and it was a mega-failure. We find it much easier to cut back to only 3 drinks on Fri, Sat, and Sun. Sometimes it is good just to be conscious of how much you are drinking.

    Best of luck!

  13. Starting August 1st, yes, I'm there with ya. Buttttt...until then, there is way too much going on in July to stop now! I'll have a couple margaritas for you...promise! Cheers!

  14. this post was wayyyyyy too relatable. like, way. good luck!!! i'll be cutting back, definitely, but not sure about the whole "ban" thing. that's scary. and also very commendable :)

  15. LOL good luck Mish! I don't drink nearly as often as I did in college but lately I've been craving red wine all the time! Something about summer and being outside makes me want to drink more too. But hey, I hope you VDizzle make it the 30 days! I think you'll definitely shed those 3 lbs! I'll be thinkin of you with every sip of margarita or blue moon girl.


  16. i think we should have our first real drink together. yep, thats what we'll do! looks like you have more than 30 days missy! hahah

  17. though I can't say i'll give it up completely for 30 days... I have learned how to cut back and not inhale a bottle of wine every night. or glup down multiple martini's a night JUST BECAUSE. so... i hear ya on wanting to be healthy.

  18. I'm sending you two huge amounts of support and encouragement! So happy to hear you're cutting out alcohol for a month. Make sure you drink lots of water to flush out your liver.
    Love you!!

  19. I will pour a little out for you next time I have some wine.
    You can do it!

  20. Haha, I can drink a case with my loverbuns too! And holy jeebus, 10,000 calories... yeah I think I need to lay off the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol too! Then maybe I'd find more time to take my butt to the gym and lose this muffin top that's starting to spill over. Yikes! Hope you can make it to 30 days, sista!

  21. 30 days no booze?! good luck, girl. let me know how it goes. sending good vibes your way!

  22. i love me some beer. good thing I only drink beer when I'm at the Boyf's place (which is every Sunday. His place is my second Church. Sad)

    gawd, if I can cut down sugar for 30 days, my bod would be fabulous. Hard. So hard.

    xo, Rima

  23. woo woo!!! go girl!

    eating nachos kind of screams "WASH ME DOWN WITH A BEER!!!!" haha but you can dooooo it!!! I feel like I couldn't but I would love love love to try this!!

    can't wait to hear how its going! YOU CAN DOOOO IT!!


  24. you are way stronger than i am....i love my coronas...

    I shall have several in your honor ;)

  25. You can do it! As a recovering sorority girl, I can tell you that it can be good to slow things down a bit. I don't drink that much anymore, and it's definitely a good thing for me! And in case you hadn't done the math yet... 10,000 calories = 2.857 pounds of body weight. Get it.

  26. You brave soul!! Good thing you're doing this 30-day cleanse of alcohol with your boo. Otherwise I don't know how I would do it. It's like they say, "let's go to dinner, and have a few drinks" (you can't have sushi without sake right??)... so going into this with a partner is fantab!! You guys can keep each other on track, and proud of ya ;)

  27. The calories add up SO QUICKLY! It was our California road trip/9 day eating and drinking binge that did us in. So I'll be suffering along side you!



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