Friday, July 27, 2012


Just in case you didn't notice my new spiffy Sponsor link on the left-hand side.
Here it is.


For all of you lovely sponsors who swapped with me for July, I thank you.
After July, I'll no longer be doing the "once-a-month" shout-out for swaps.
You can swap with me any day, any time. {starting now}
Unless of course, it gets filled up and you have to be wait-listed.

If we're currently swapping, and not via Passion Fruit,
then feel free to switch over to that, using the promo code with the buy button below.
You don't have to wait for July to be over, 
you can do it now and then I'll just delete your original button.

I know, I know, this gets so confusing for me too.
But that's why I'm hoping this new little set-up will be better for everyone.


Let's Swap...FOR FREE!

I'm jumping on the Passion Fruit bandwagon to see how well this works out for us.
Less time with HTML shenanigans = More time for fun.

Anyway, just click the "Buy Now" button below and enter the promo code: SWAP.

*Must be a follower of Mish Lovin' Life via GFC 
(Just click that little blue "Join" button on the left)

*Must have my button on your blog within 24 hours of signing up
(otherwise, I'll have to be mean and take yours down. Code on the left!)


Doesn't matter what day you sign up, each button gets a 30 day spot!
So don't wait for the first of the month: Start now!

Also, good news! 
Your button will be on auto-shuffle so that everyone gets a good chance for maximum exposure at the top!


Happy Blogging!



  1. Done and Done!! Thanks for the promo code!!

  2. I was thinking about using passionfruit. Do you think its better than paypal?

  3. LOVE the header on your blog and love that you think your life is interesting... we all should!

  4. Cool application that rotates the ads. I'll sign up for Aug 25

  5. OK, I tried my damndest to ad my button back on your passion fruit page BUT I couldnt find it and your sponsor me link isnt running!

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