Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Movie Screening Night..

Last night, The Dizzle and I went to the screening of Ruby Sparks at a little theatre here in San Diego.
It was actually kind of neat because there was a Q&A session afterwards and Zoe Kazan was there along with the directors from Little Miss Sunshine. {I've always had a thing for seeing actors in the flesh because as you should all know, I've had a dream of being famous since I was little.}

But rather than tell you whether or not I liked the film {I did} and if I recommend it {I do}, I thought it'd be apropos to instead share with you the wonderful experience I had going to a screening with about 80 individuals who consider themselves, for lack of a better description, movie connoisseurs.

Let me first start by sharing {and this has nothing to do with the movie} my experience at the concession stand, waiting in line to buy my peanut M&M's. 
I was behind a lady that looked something like this:

She turned around and gave me this exact stare. I kid you not. For about 8 seconds.

So I finally looked right at her and said, "Hi!"

Her response?

"Oh hi. I was just admiring your eye make-up. I wish I could do something cool like that."

So I told her that in fact, I was wearing only mascara.
{Mascara after 8 hours of working}

Then she said:

"Oh, well, I guess your eyes are just cool then."

And just like that, she turns away, before I can explain that it must be the Asianness, to tell her man friend that she stole quarters from him.


When the film was over, it was time for the Q&A session. And boy, oh boy, did people have a lot to say.

There were the aspiring writers asking advice about writer's block. 
You had the one guy ask if this movie was inspired by Pinocchio {wtf?}. 
Then you had the 95 year old man shout after every question, "Repeat the question louder!!"

It was all very entertaining, really.

But I would have to say my favorite guy was the big, burly black man that stood up.
To give you a visual, this is what he looked like:

Now, imagine this guy with a very heavy lisp, saying the following as he stood up proudly to give his two-cents on this film:

"Firthst of all, I'd juthst like to thsay that the lathst five minuteths of thiths movie waths the bethst acting i have ever thseen in my life..."

I couldn't tell you his "second of all" because I was so moved by his first point.


And that was my evening.
But oh, what an evening it was.



  1. Oh god I'm seriously cracking up over here. What is wrong with people? Oh and the guy with the lisp is amazing.

  2. This was great - I started laughing out loud at my desk. Made my day haha.

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  4. can't wait for this movie!! How fun to go to a screening....including the interesting people...makes it more memorable :)

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  6. BAHAHA!!!
    Seriously, that night has to be on an awkward list somewhere...
    And I think the lady staring is the most awkward..yikes.
    you should've punk-jumped at her.


  7. Your visuals are amazing. When I saw the black guy I belted out the craziest laugh and my husband yelled at me for laughing over his video game and getting him "killed". Totally worth it :)

  8. The Q and A was my favorite part too, and come to think of it I am not sure what his second point was either! You also didn't mention the kid who asked d Zoe Kazan out on a date, that was a gem also!

  9. haha, okay why am i just now finding your blog?! you are absolutely adorable!!! and on another note, why have i not even heard of this movie.
    and don't worry, i LOVE seeing celebs in the flesh too because, well, it's my dream to one day be famous. let's make this happen girl!! ;)
    xo TJ

  10. Had that lady never seen an Asian before?! I can't.

  11. That sounds a very interesting evening! Love the lipsh typing you did at the end. Gave your story the extra oomph.

  12. I literally cannot stop laughing!! The things that happen to you...

  13. these visuals are killing me!! I'd juthst like to thsay that thou are thilarious.

  14. I know I totally did that wrong ... by the way.

  15. hahahaha... this is sooo funny. you crack me up, girl.

  16. Lol this was a very funny post :) that ladies face is classsic !

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