Friday, July 6, 2012

Is today Monday?

My days are all wonky since I had yesterday off.
Every few hours I'd get that dreadful "oh no it's Monday tomorrow" feeling.
But alas, today is Friday! Which means weekend time! Yee-haw!

How was your Fourth?
Mine was pretty good. Fun with family and friends.
You know that fireworks show I was so looking forward to?

At around 9pm, the biggest, hugest explosion of fireworks went off.
It was quite magical. I oohed and awwed for about 5 seconds.

Then nothing.

Apparently it was a mistake and they all accidentally went off.
So then we were left standing on the roof like idiots, starting at a blank sky for, oh, about 30 minutes.

Next year, America.
You better not let me down.


Happy Weekend, ya'll!


  1. hahaha poor poor san diego. HUGE fail.

  2. That massive explosion DID look pretty awesome though.

  3. Oh no! Haha! Fireworks fail. Although I bet it was cool to see all of them at once in a way?

    You and your friends sure are pretty. SHEESH louise. Beauty queens.

  4. That's crazy town. Our fireworks were postponed a day because of thunder and some craaaazy lightning, but they definitely went off last night...I could hear them from 5 miles away at my house!

  5. LoL ... saw that on the news ... it would have made for a great beginning, cuz I've never seen such a bright ball of fireworks before .. too bad it was the whole show~ It was the pubescent boy of firework shows .. if you know what I mean! *wink* *wink* hahaha Happy Happy Friday~

  6. Hahha yeah I heard about that! Made me proud to be from San Diego. You go SD!

  7. Come to my house I can see Disneyland and Angels stadium fireworks like every night!

  8. you so pretty, boo boo. double weekend!!!

  9. I definitely watched that fireworks display on YouTube. Reeeeedic yo! Enjoy your weekend girl!

  10. I've seen a lot of videos of the SD "fireworks" at least it was an awesome 10 seconds?

  11. oh gawd that sound so sad. a magical moment for 5 seconds... i was fortunate enough to witness 6 shows all at once at my boyfriend's apartment complex. the benefit being on the hill side of Newport Beach.

  12. just stumbled across your blog from you following me on the TWIT!! loving for blog! :-)

    okay so i heard about you guys alllllllll the way over hurrr in Boston! fireworks boomin' in 10 seconds! i cannot believe that!!! that was insane to watch hahaha

    if it makes you feel better, the fireworks in Boston were delayed 30 mins from a GIANT t-storm...the t-storm never came, OH until about 1 min into the 30 min delayed fireworks. It wasn't JUST rain. it was that OH CRAP I CANT SEE ANYTHING IN FRONT OF ME rain hahahah but all is well :)

    looking forward to reading more!


  13. Yea, someone sent a link around our office yesterday about the San Diego fireworks fail, and I work in London. We all had a good laugh over it. Not that we would have done any better over here ;)

  14. Oh no, that fireworks fail must have been so mortifying for the person who accidentally set them all off. Ah well, there's always next year!

  15. Funny how that made the news all over the place - I heard about it down here in GA! :) Hope next year is better!!!

  16. Yeah, that was weird.. We were just pulling chairs into the backyard (we live above the bay/Sea World) and the big goof up happened. I was like "it's not 9:00 yet??" Bummer dudes.
    Luckily we could still see a few of the other shows and then Sea World after they ended.
    Happy weekend. :)

  17. Awh well that sux! Hopefully next year will be better!

  18. Better luck with the fireworks next year! Sorry they let you down =(

  19. I have to be honest, I was laughing so hard when I read about the Big Bay Boom! I immediately looked up videos on YouTube, and I was laughing all over again! The news report interviews were hilarious!

    I can only imagine that someone was thinking, "Holy crap. What did I do wrong?!" Bahaha! Even if no one was to blame, you know that there were a handful of people who each wondered if he/she did something wrong!

  20. OMG, I just so happened to be in San Diego for the week on a mini vacay and was super excited for the Big Bay Boom! When that first round went off I thought.. wow if that's the intro, this is gonna be amazing!! And was so disappointed when they finally announced that was it :(

  21. My co worker mentioned that happened. What a waste huh? You sat there for 30 min? SRY!



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