Monday, July 9, 2012

The day Fantastic Sam's saved me from my psychotic Britney breakdown.

I have this thing about my hair.
I care about it. A lot, okay? But I mean, don't we all?

You'd think that someone who cares an awful lot about their hair would take care of it and get it trimmed on the regular. In fact, every 6-8 weeks to be specific. Right?


And you know why? Let me tell you.
Because the last time I got my hair "trimmed" 7 months ago {yes, 7 months!}, I was scarred!
I am very particular with the amount of hair that can be trimmed in one sitting.
I try my hardest to emphasize: "just a liitttttllleeeee bit trimmed off. Just a LITTLE BIT, MA'AM!"

So on this particular day, I walked in to the salon with long, luscious hair that was in need of a tiny touch up. I did my usual spiel, sat back, and watched the horror happen.
Somehow this lady managed to CHOP FOUR INCHES OFF!
And okay, fine, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but people, I paid $115 for that crap!?
Oh heeeck no. I was pissed.
But what could I say? The damage was done. No going back. Literally. Never again.

So 7 months later, I managed to get the length that I was missing back.
But going 7 months without a trim also brought many o' split ends into my life.

And those split ends were driving me crazy. Crazy, I tell you!

I finally know what Britney Spears went through, because let me tell you: 
I had a very similar moment of a slight psychotic snap.
I was sitting at my desk, staring at my damaged hair and I just couldn't take it anymore!
I saw a very damaged section and I became overwhelmed, so I just CHOPPED IT OFF!
And man, was that freeing.

For about 3 seconds. 

And then I said, {and I imagine Britney said the same thing} 
"Oh shizzle, what have I done?"

And just in case you don't believe me, 
here I am, with my hair chopped and a slight crazy look in my eye:

When the realization hit me of what I'd just done, I knew I had to go get a cut. Stat.
But I refused, refused to go to any salon that cost $100 for a stupid hair cut.

So you know where I went?

Fantastic Freaking Sam's.

And you know what else?

It was the best haircut of my life!

Not only did it just cost me $20 for a cut and a deep condition, but I also had my very own Korean lady named Sun who just got me. You know what I'm saying?

I told her exactly what I wanted and she delivered just that. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Maybe it was a Korean thing, but she was all about finding out who the real Michelle was.
She asked about my job and my family.
She even asked about Fasha. So I told her all about him and his new wife, Princess Sophia.
She wanted to see pictures. So I obliged.


You know what she said in that cute little Korean accent of hers about this picture of Fasha?

"Ooh..he's cuuuuttteee......he like playing guitar or something like that?"

Yes, Sun. Yes, he does like playing guitar...or something like that.

You know what she said about this picture of Princess Sophia?

"Mm...She tries to be sexy, doesn't she?"

Well, wouldn't YOU when wearing this hat on your head, Sun?


Anyway, all I can say is: I learned a valuable lesson.
I do not need to pay an arm and a leg for a haircut that I'm just going to be unhappy with.
I can pay $20 and basically have the time of my life with a superb cut.

I couldn't grab Sun's card fast enough.
I will be back in promptly 6-8 weeks.




  1. You are so freaking attractive. And your hair looks luscious. And I want a Sun :(

    The end. Xxx

  2. Omg it came out amazingggg. Gimme some length because I have never had long hair. I always cut it once its past my shoulders because I am too impatient. I had an asymmetrical/fauxhawk when I was in hair school and a year and a half later, its finally past my shoulders. Your hair is my new motivation to not pick up scissors.

  3. It looks great!
    Isn't it amazing when you find the perfect person that cuts your hair just the way you want it!

  4. That's awesome! Your hair looks great!! In the pic where you cut it yourself it looks really short. I need to find someone who will do all that for $20!

  5. I hadn't had my haircut in a year until we were in Aberdeen - I too am picky about who cuts my hair and these shady places in Africa just weren't going to do. My split ends were HORRENDOUS and it drove me nuts - not Britney nuts though, I'm way too terrified to take a chunk out of my hair. I will confess that I did try to do a little trimming over the bathroom sink but chickened out.

    You look great and I'm glad you found 'the one.'

  6. I love how you write. I feel like I can hear you talking out loud and it's hysterical. This haircut lady rocks? SO FUNNY. And the new haircut is straight sass. Love it.

  7. I totally need to find a Sun! I am so scared to get my hair cut because I've had 4 really bad incidents in a row at 4 different places. Now I haven't cut my hair in over a year which is really, really bad. At this point it probably looks worse than it did the last time someone butchered it just because of split ends, but I'm too freaked out to go get it cut!

  8. I am going through the exact same dilemma...I REALLY need a haircut but I don't feel like paying $60+ dollars for it. Perhaps I will venture to Fantastic Sam's when I'm in SD this week!

  9. Ugh haircuts are so traumatizing. I'm trying to grow mine out after having my own psychotic break and cutting 10 inches off (I don't even want to talk about it). I literally drive back to my hometown to my hairdresser I've been going to since i was 9 because I refuse to let other peeps touch my hair. NEVER AGAIN!

  10. Also, which one did you go to? There are a million in SD

  11. I get mine cut for $10 by this adorable little man at the salon down the street. He is awesome. When I had short hair, he gave me the best graduated bob. Buuuuut he doesn't speak English. And my Spanish hair cut vocabulary is limited so my husband comes with me to make sure we explain it juuuust right.

  12. Yep, can't go wrong at Fantastic Sams. Your hair looks great and I miss you so much!!!

  13. I totally go to Great Clips for every haircut. Unless I'm getting a whole new style or a lot chopped off, I canNOT justify the $50+ price tag at most salons. The $14 I pay at Great Clips has never done me wrong! Great cut every time!

  14. I love hearing FS success stories!

  15. You have gorgeous hair!!

    I haven't been to a "real" salon in YEARS! I started going to the chain First Class Cuts and haven't looked back. I never get any funky cuts or anything special done to my hair anyway and paying someone $100 to cut off 2" was a little ridiculous. So now I pay $20 and get it how I want it - no frills, no "expert" trying to do it her way because she think she knows how my hair looks best.

  16. Ha! This is hilarious. I am all about cheap haircuts. I remember one time I was getting my hair colored and cut and the lady DYED MY EYEBROWS TO MATCH MY HAIR WITHOUT ASKING ME. How does one get away with this without asking me? Well, I had my eyes closed and she just starts slapping on dye on my face. Crazy. I feel your pain and I am picky about my hair too. It is just a girl thing.

  17. ummm... that last photo... i die! you're beautimus! :]
    and in my 26 years of living... only RECENTLY (as in the last 6 weeks) have I gone to a salon to pay an arm and a leg for my hair! And that is ONLY because I wanted highlights and I cant do that ish at home. But when it comes to a trim... Fantastic Sam's is where it's at!!!

  18. Your hair looks great! I would have been terrified to go to a Fantastic Sam's honestly haha I've had bad experiences!

    I have a fantastic hair stylist in San Diego if you ever want her #! Seriously she is great and charged me $60 for a cut, which I know is more than $20 at Fantastic Sam's but if your new stylist ever disappears on you haha let me know and I'll put you in contact with mine =)

  19. i love your hair!! sun did an amazing job.
    i have tried the expensive places and the cheaper places. as much as i would love to go the the cheaper places, they have totally ruined my hair. (imagine being 18 and having GREY hair since she messed up and then unevenly chopped my hair)

  20. your hair looks great!! sounds like a fun experience, haha.

  21. I know exactly what you mean Mish! I like nice things but when it comes to haircuts, I've been going to the same girl for over 15 years and she doesn't charge me any more than $20. I'm obsessed with keeping my hair long so I go WAY too long without trimming the ends. But boy do I love the feeling of newly shampooed and trimmed hair! Can I get an Amen?


  22. I get the urge to pull a Britney sometimes, but being that that hair is umm very curly it would take YEARS to grow back.
    And your hair looks beyond beautiful.
    xoxo Nicole

  23. Haha! But now your hair looks beautiful and you have a new friend. I must admit though, I only get my hair cut every 5 months (ahhh!!).

  24. I am the same way with my hair! I am nervous every time I get a trim! I am really glad you didn't pull a Britney!! You look great!!

  25. pretty mishi. so glad you took care of that shit. no more scissors for you!

  26. This is too good. I felt like I read my life story. I had hair like yours too and so many nightmares! One guy HACKED off my bangs, as in they hit in the MIDDLE of my foreheard. Except he didn't just hack my bangs, he hacked into the side of my hair. So basically I almost had bang length hair going around my head. If that makes sense. I felt like I had a mullet. I sobbed for HOURS. And I also waited about 6 months before cutting it again.

    Sun is awesome. She's totally on to Princess Sophia's ways. Love it.

  27. I swear we could be long lost Korean sisters. I actually just got my hair cut the other day for the first time in about 8 months. I would never spend $100+ on a cut. Color, yes. Cut, never...unless someone else was treating.

    Anyway, this last cut was the worst. Not because it looked bad, it actually looks a lot healthier - but because it took over 2 freaking hours. I was hoping to go in, get cut, and run out - you know, like a crack house - but no. I went in, and sat in the chair for 2 hours while homegirl cut my hair.

    And when I declined her "blow-dry style" afterwards, she had an attitude about it. "Well, sit down and let me at least put some serum since you don't want a blow-dry style!" Psh.

    I think I should just stick to Korean hairstylists. They really do "get" me. Plus I love the ego boost "You so pretty gurl"

    ♥ Duckie.

  28. I love me some Fantastic Sams! One time I didn't go to FS & left with a mullet. I. Kid. You. Not. It was bad. So needless to say, I only do FS now!

  29. you just gave me the balls to go to a Fantastic Sams. Win.

    xo, Rima

  30. Um, moment of pause to ruminate on the importance of me reading this post at exactly. this. moment. I sit here freaking out at the end of my own split-ends-but-I-can't-bear-the-thought-of-losing-any-length rope.

    And the frustration of not wanting to pay an arm, a leg, and a borrowed appendage from whoever is closest to me for a trim (not cut dammit, TRIM!).

    I'm finding a Fantastic Sam's immediately. Or this place downtown that vosts only slightly more than FS would be and they give you beer while you wait. Quandary.

  31. I had a bad experience with Fantastic Sam's. Clearly, it's because Sun was not there. She sounds like she is what makes Fantastic Sam's fantastic.

  32. Your hair looks FANTASTiC. Seriously, gorgeous. And I'm sitting here laughing hysterically over the guitar comment. The best. My husband probably thinks I'm crazy.

  33. Firstly, your post was hilarious. I loved it! And secondly -- you hair looks AMAZING! SO cute! I loved the comments that lady made about the pics on your phone! LOL Too great.

  34. You look fabulous with your new cut!

  35. Love the layers - she did a great job fixing it! You certainly don't need to pay 100 for a great hair cut. Just need to find a talented person. I have yet to find such a person.

  36. seriously can you stop being so pretty? lol ;)

  37. This blog post, I've actually had a very unpleasant experience at Super Cuts & I thought I've gone to fantastic Sams and they do a pretty good job depending on the person too, but boy was I wrong, She gave me a little boy hair cut, I don't cut my hair on a regular either but I need to for someone who also has long hair. I absolutely love your cut and style it looks really great.

  38. TRUTH: I have gotten my hair cut at Supercuts since 2002. And I'm not afraid to say that. I save so much money, and I'm almost always thrilled with my cut or trim. I've had two meh experiences (but definitely not terrible!), but in ten years, that ain't bad!

    In my college Research Methods class, the professor used cost of a salon visit to take a poll in class. There was some chick who actually paid $200 per haircut. I mean, we're talking about USD, after all, but still. She slowly went down the price ranges, and then it was down to my and two guys. We were in the $15-25 range. Haha! NO SHAME! Other girls were like, "Really? But your hair looks so good." I smiled and said, "And I spend a lot less than you do!" :-) Silly, rich USD girls.



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