Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5 - No Alcohol - TGIF?

How has it only been 5 days that we've banned alcohol?
I really have to go 25 days more?

I actually suggested to V Dizzle last night, when no one else was around to hear, 
that we could just drink the night away and no. one. would. know!

He didn't take the bait.

So here I am, going in to my first weekend without alcohol. Wish me luck.
I really don't know why I chose July to be the month for this.
Middle of Summer + My Birthday Month.
Real smart, Michelle.

I just need to remember why I'm doing this.

A) To prove to myself I can
B) To give the ol' liver a break
C) To lose those extra post-marathon lbs.


So last night's "Thirsty Thursday" was spent at the gym instead, 
doing Zumba with Kathy Griffin.

Which, okay, wasn't her. But, hot damn, if there was a Kathy Griffin look alike contest, my money would be on this chick to take home the gold.
And let me tell you, this 55 year old had some moves. It was highly impressive and even more entertaining.
I really suggest you all get yourselves down to a Zumba class if you can.

Shaking your tail feathers with a bunch of middle-aged women and that one token Latino man who really takes his dance moves seriously?
You won't regret it.


After the gym, what would normally result in a bottle of wine or a 20 pack of Bud Lights,
it was instead filled with water, popcorn, 21 Jump Street, and nail polish shenanigans.
Don't get too jealous of our wild nights over here.


Happy Friday the 13th, friends.
Hope you all have fantastic weekends!



  1. Happy Happy Friday~ Stay strong .. 30 days with no alcohol is a sinch~ only 25 more days! Have a good weekend!

  2. You can do it! I would be thinking, "it's day five, closer to the end than day one"!!

  3. get it girl!! you are pretty brave for doing this in your birthday month!! yikes!
    i spent my friday night with a certain channing tatum as well ;) ;)
    (btw, i loooooved 21 jump street! like, more than i probably should have? i dunno. but i did.)

  4. 30 days with no alcohol? You go girl, when I ran my half marathon I tried but only the week before did I not drink! haha!! good luck!


  5. I strongly believe the first week is the hardest.. so you are almost past the worst part! good luck. Just think about how great you will look and feel after 30 days :)

  6. 21 Jump Street was such a funny movie!!

    You can do it! If you can run a marathon you can do anything!

  7. AND it's your birthday month?! Wow, you're screwed. But I believe in you, five days in and you're doing great. The best feeling in the world is when you challenge yourself to do something and you accomplish it!

  8. Lol Mish, why in the world would you give up alcohol in the middle of summer AND your birthday month. That shit cray. Anyways, you can do it!! Haha did you like 21 jump street?


    (Just found out I'm a no reply blogger because I'm Wordpress. Just wanted to explain why I added my e-mail, I didn't want to see desperate for a reply. Oh well too late.)

  9. just couldn't get enough of Channing huh? =)

  10. I tried to give up beer two summers ago. I last 3 days. I enjoy beer on a patio. However I know you can do this. DO IT WOMAN!

  11. Hey lady. I got a website here that may help your motivation! you put in your sex and what you drank, and it tells you what food you could have eaten for the same number of calories. After a quick run through, for 3 glasses of wine you could eat an onion bahji, a danish, a donut, and a jaffa cake.

    Hopefully you can access this from the US.

    Good luck on the next 25 days!

  12. You are too cool for words, obviously. I have faith you'll successfully make it through the next 25 days. Get it girl!

  13. Props to you for not drinking. I've been wanting to break into a bottle of wine since 11 am.

    Target brand nail polish remover? I have the same thing on my coffee table.

  14. Truth time:
    I think the REAL reason you gave us alcohol for 30 days is for..............

    blogging material.

    It's so obvious. You used to be all "marathon, eating, marathon, train, train training & eating" everyday. Then the marathon was over. After a few weeks, you hit a blogging rut. What to do? Come up with another thing to blog about.


  15. you wild child, what with zumba and water! You are totally going to get back to your marathon weight this month!

  16. I want to try Zumba but I am terrified because I am so freakin' uncoordinated!!!! Would I make a total fool of myself??

  17. 21 Jump Street is amazinggggg. and popcorn/nail polish mania sounds like tons of fun :)

  18. Stay Strong! I think I plan on doing this sometime this year...good luck!



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