Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 Things.

1. I went to kickboxing last night. First time back in over a week. 
Felt good. Felt real good. 
I had the cracked out instructor again. 
You know, the one that screams, "UP HIGH!!! UP HIGH!!! DOWN LOW!!! DOWN LOW!!!" as if her life depended on it. It's a possibility she snorts a little somethin' somethin' right before class.
You know what else I noticed about her? She has a non-existent butt. 
And I find that odd. 
You'd think someone who did Turbo Kickboxing several times a week would have a rock hard behind instead of two little flaps.


2. I've been wearing my retainer for the past two nights.
My bright red, sparkly retainer.
After this last visit to the dentist, it got me thinking.
It would be a crying shame to have worn braces for so many years just to have my teeth shift again.
He hasn't said so, but I think my retainer wearing is a major turn-on for The Dizzle.


3. Speaking of The Dizzle.
I dropped him off at the airport this morning.
He's off to see his dad in Las Vegas again.
They're driving to UCLA tomorrow to get a second opinion on what's been going on with his dad's knee.
I really hope it turns out well.
No offense to the LV doctors, but they don't seem to know shiz there.


4. I'm not going to lie to you.
But remember how I was all gung-ho about not drinking for 30 days?
Well technically today would mark 23 days of no drinking.
And, let's see...I'm pretty sure I've had dranks on 6 out of those 23 days.
But you know what?
Compared to the alchy level that I was, I'm not that disappointed in myself.
17 out of 23 days without alcohol?
YOU try that and tell me how easy it is!


That's all.
Hope you all have lovely Tuesdays.
Possibly even Taco Tuesdays?
I will try my hardest to refrain from having a margarita.
But no guarantees.



  1. Ahhh i need to try kickboxing!! I have never done it but heard SOOO many good things about it!

    and yeah no bueno to the non-existant butt! she should have a kimmy k booty. Little flaps...im dying lol

    sooo proud of your 30 day no drink! youve done GOOOOOD...i could not do it!

    hope the dizz is okay!


  2. Good work girl! Tomorrow I start my adventure into 30 days sans alcohol. I was going to start yesterday, but my friend's bday dinner is tonight...and we're going to the place that makes the yummy FRESH grapefruit greyhouds...I'd hate to set myself up for failure in the first two days. Enjoy that margarita! :)

  3. Oh, retainers. They are a love hate in my relationship - ha! I wear mine religiously for the past almost 9 years (yikes). They have claimed the name 'no-no's' by my husband. I'll let you ponder why!

  4. you know, I always wanted a retainer growing up. All my friends had retainers and braces and I was jealous. Yes, jealous. I also wanted a cast (like for a broken leg). I was a strange little girl ...

  5. i want to try kickboxing! you should post a video of you doing it!! that would be so cool!


  6. I'm not coordinated enough for kickboxing so I would make a total fool of myself!! I'm also surprised the instructor doesn't have a butt, that's unfortunate.

  7. I love that you referred to her bum as little flaps!

    You know, 17/23 days without booze is pretty damn good. I'm fairly certain the statistic is reversed for me. (If not worse.)

  8. MAD PROPS for your booze freeish month! I certainly didn't refrain 17 days this month :D

  9. Love your blog! I worked out tonight for the first time in 2 months - it felt SOO GOOD!

  10. Keep wearing your retainer! I stopped wearing mine and now my teeth have shifted too much for me to put them back in...they've shifted so much that I'm contemplating getting Invisalign *groan* I'm kicking myself now for not wearing them or not getting a permanent retainer! Lol

  11. 17 days out of 23? I think that I'm about 2 out of 23 ...

  12. that is such a cool shot!! love it! xoxo

  13. I love your honesty on the drinking thing. I mean get real, we're in our 20s, drinking is totally acceptable right now and we gotta live! In fact, you've inspired me to drink even more! Oh, you didn't want to inspire me that way? Too bad.

    Hopefully they fix VDizzle's knee!


  14. just found your blog!
    soooo cute. love the quote about starting it in your header.
    too funny!

    xo the egg out west.

  15. I have a clear retainer I wear everynight. the kind that goes over all your teeth. It gives me an awesome lisp. it makes me feel extra sexy when were getting down and I have to pull my retainers out and drool all over the nightstand.

  16. Yep. I made it through 23 days of the Whole 30, and I feel the exact same...proud of what I did. Good for you!

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