Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Makin' Fasha proud..

...and yes, before I get all sappy on you, that is me. With my shirt around my neck.
Why? I don't know. Let's just hope this post doesn't get flagged for child pornography.
Moving on.

I think most kids, starting from a very young age, strive for their parents' approval. 
At least to some extent, right? 
"Hey Mom! Dad! Look at me! Watch this! Did you see that?!" 
I was definitely no exception; constantly making up songs, dances, or skits and wanting to perform them for my parents, just so I could bask in their applause and pride at my amazing talents.

Being almost 26 now, I can pretty much tell you that not a lot has changed.
Except, instead of saying, "Hey! Watch me do a handstand in the pool for 30 seconds!"
it's more along the lines of, "Hey! I got a promotion at work!", "Hey! I got this new apartment and I'm paying for it all by myself!" or "Hey! Meet my new boyfriend, isn't he great?"


Let me tell you a few things about my Fasha.
He is the most ambitious, goal-setting, over-achieving man I know.
When he puts his mind to something, he goes for it with every ounce of energy he has and he excels.
He has taught me that I am just as capable to do the same. Whatever that may be.
So throughout my life, when I accomplished something, however big or small, I always wanted to tell him about it to make him proud and in a way, prove to him that I too can succeed.


The other day, completely out of the blue, Fasha asked if he could take me to lunch,
just him and me.
I was a tad curious as we don't usually just go to lunch on a random Thursday.
We sat down and ordered, then Fasha pulled out his laptop and said he had something to say to me.

He began to read the following:

Dear Michelle,

Here are 20 Reasons why I think you are so wonderful and I am so proud of you:

1. I am proud of you because you are super-intelligent and smart. 
2. I am proud of you because you are beautiful and outgoing.
3. I am proud of you because you are funny and witty.
4. I am proud of you because you care about people.
5. I am proud of you because you are fun to be around.
6. I am proud of you because you care about our family so much.
7. I am proud of you because your personality is so wonderful and bright. 
8. I am proud of you because of your transformation.
9. I am proud of you because you are athletic: (i.e.) Cycling, Marathon, etc.
10. I am proud of you because you are so musically talented.
11. I am proud of you because you are more beautiful than Jennifer Aniston.
12. I am proud of you because you are a happy and joyful person.
13. I am proud of you because you can accomplish anything that you put your mind into.
14. I am proud of you because you are bold.
15. I am proud of you because you have integrity and keep your word.
16. I am proud of you because you appreciate Life.
17. I am proud of you because you have a boyfriend you love and like.
18. I am proud of you because you have good people skills.
19. I am so proud of you because you are authentic and straightforward.
20. I am so proud of you because you are full of vitality and energy.

Needless to say, I was leaking tears all over my cobb salad by the end of it.
Which then made Fasha leak tears and it was just a big tearful mess.
But it made my day. It really did.
Especially #11. Take THAT, Jennifer Aniston!




  1. Oh my gosh! Your dad is so sweet!

  2. Awwww haha the Jen Aniston part cracked me up. Cutest Fasha ever!

  3. Awwww Fasha.
    And, yeah, the Jennifer Aniston one cracked me up too.

  4. That is so sweet!! I never would have seen that coming! And yes, I too love that he picked Jennifer Aniston.

  5. this is so freakin beautiful...xx

  6. This is the most amazing thing ever. Ever. Your Dad seriously needs a blog. For some reason #17 is my favorite.

  7. This is the sweetest thing ever. :)

  8. How beautiful. I even got teary eyed!

  9. thats so sweet! dads make everything better! they are the best!


  10. That is really very sweet! I love your dad and I don't even know him.

  11. Wow ... that was amazing~ I wish my dad was so open!!

    I'm going to ask my pops to write 20 things too .. and 1 better be that I'm more handsome than Brad Pitt! LoL

  12. I teared up reading this...how amazing. #11 is the best one imo and you should know that I too have pics of myself topless with a shirt over my shoulders while walking around in nature

    xo Cat

  13. that, that was amazBalls to say the least! 11 def was the one Im sure that made you smile and laugh with pride! yes indeed take that Jennifer Aniston!

  14. Aw this is so cute! And seriously, Jennifer Aniston, that's SUCH a compliment! You go Fasha!

  15. Dang!! I have tears in my eyes so I can only imagine what an emotional moment that must have been! Your daddy is amazing!!

  16. This is too sweet. Having someone tell you you are more beautiful than Jennifer Aniston is a big deal. :)

  17. Aw! How sweet of Fasha! I especially love that he added in J. Anniston as a point of reference.

  18. Your dad is adorable.

    P.S. I posted one of your buttons on my blog. Hope that's OK! :)

  19. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Fasha is so adorable!!!

  20. Your post touched my heart too!! Your Fasha is a great father!!

  21. Your Fasha is the best. What a nice surprise.

  22. That is just the sweetest! You got yourself a mighty good one there :) As a girl who's got herself a pretty swell papa as well, I know that feeling of just overwhelming thankfulness at having a dad who lets you know how much he loves you!

  23. Umm I think he gets the Cutest Dad award for that!

  24. this is so cute and sweet! you've def. got an amazing fasha right there!!!! not going to lie. i cried reading this. i'm such an emotional sap. it's embarrassing and ridiculous!!! i find daddy daughter relationships so adorable. i was and still am a daddy's girl. the girls i work with always say how cute they think it is that my dad calls me sweetheart. i'm his only daughter and only he can call me it. i get creeps when a guy says it to me. haha.

  25. fasha is adorable!!! how sweet of him to type that up for you!! he probably wants blogging lessons from you since he brought his laptop to lunch, right? didn't you say once he wanted to blog? LOL!!!

    you have some good blood flowing through you girlie... and I can see you're the same passionate and loving person like your pops!


  26. I wish all dads were as vocal about their love and pride as your dad is! Though I just read your next post and I see why you thought this list had an ulterior motive. LOL. My fav, besides the JenAn one, was a boyfriend you love and like. Glad you like him ;).

  27. It appears that Fasha went to the same daddy boot camp as my dad. ;-)

  28. What an amazing thing for a father to do!! Wish more dads were like him!!!

    Forwarding to my dad now to make him feel bad that he hasnt done something like this!



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