Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am not a baseball fan.

So you're probably wondering why I got all decked out for the Padres game with The Dizzle last week.
Well, my answer is simple: I won free tickets. 
And we all know I'll go against many dislikes so as not to turn down a free opportunity.
 Last year, Victoria's Secret had these tops. And I figured, well, I am a San Diegan, so I guess it wouldn't be waaayy out there to represent a San Diego team on those rare occasions I actually go to a game. {I can usually muster the enthusiasm about once a year.}
So to the game we went!

Turns out The Dizzle doesn't care much for baseball either!
So the three innings that we were actually there, we spent that time doing the following:

Enjoying some brewskies....
{because what's a ball game without beer??}

Making awkward faces for one another...

Then, spent several minutes perfecting The Mish Mustache...


And then you know...we had some deep, serious, grown-up talk too...



  1. Ugh - not a baseball fan either.

    I went to a game in Dallas once and it was the worst day of my life ... 40 degree C, humidity, burning plastic seats, sweating through my pants to make it look like I peed - I will forever be scarred.

  2. love baseball. LOVE it. Just went to an A's / Giants game on Sunday. Granted, I spent most of the time chatting with my manfriend and drinking lots of beer, I always find games to be a lot of fun!

  3. Haha, baseball games can be fun with a group of people. My husband is obsessed, but baseball games in SC during the summer are pretty miserable. Luckily, my husband and daddy have that one thing in common and can go on baseball dates all summer long. =)

    Cute pictures!

  4. Yeah. That's how I pass time at a baseball game too.

  5. The best part about going to a ball game... is people watching!!

  6. Ha this is funny. I basically only eat/drink my way through Mariners games too because well, they suck and the food at the games is AMAZING. Who doesn't love $10 beers.

  7. Drinking is the only reason a person would go to a baseball game, right? Otherwise, I could watch the game of what looks like ant-sized men on TV at home. Also, I'm a fan of the mish moustache, it's a definite pastime of mine, wedging my hair between my nose and lips.


  8. I LOVE baseball! Already been to 9 games this season. I get that it's not for everyone though. Padres stadium is pretty awesome too. But hey, you looked super cute and what's not to love about drinking beer?!

  9. You two just kill me with how adorable you are. And generally all I do is drink at baseball games haha :)

  10. I like baseball but I get too antsy to sit through all those innings! I buy the VS baseball tops too just because they're cute haha

  11. Baseball is kind of... ok, really boring. I'm impressed you made it through 3 innings! You totally get an A for effort on that one.

  12. Thank goodness the one and only Padres' game I went to was the best of the season...13 runs in the first inning! It was all downhill after that, though.

  13. I always liked going to baseball games, but I realized it was more about hanging out with people and wakling around the stadium. Bahaha! It's like going out to lunch or something. BUT... I was on the Pad Squad for the Padres for two seasons, and that made games WAY MORE fun!

    At least you look cute with a Mish Mustache.

  14. look like there were tons of people there enjoying that game...



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