Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Ramblings

First off, I think you guys are just swell. Yes, swell.
Let's bring that word back, shall we?
I "met" a lot of new people yesterday about button swapping and I'm excited to have a new little extended family on my sidebar. Thanks for giving two shits and not leavin' me hanging!


On to other news, I took a Zumba class last night.
And let me just tell you. I'm pretty sure that if I had a past life, I was a Zumba Guru.
And if that isn't the case, then I think I should strongly consider quitting my life and dedicating it to becoming one.
I was pumping my hips like it was nobody's business!
The great thing about that class, is you can basically wiggle your body back and forth, hop all around the room, wave your arms like you just don't care, and you'd still look like everybody else.
It was also great because the songs only lasted for about 3 minutes each.
So they were little 3 minute bursts of energy. Definitely doable. Definitely enjoyable.
Just you wait. Soon, you'll see MY face on one of these bad boys:


Got any fun and exciting plans for the LAST WEEKEND OF JUNE???
I'd REALLY like to go to the fair. I just heard on the radio this morning that they have deep fried beer.
Which, actually sounds kind of gross. But I'm intrigued. Because it's an excuse for more drinking, obvi.

But V Dizzle said he has a surprise day date for me on Sunday.
Let me tell you how hard it is to surprise me. Very hard.
So kudos to The Dizz for making this happen. Can't wait to find out what he has up that sleeve of his!

I hope you all have great weekends!
See ya on the flip side ;)



  1. Zumba class sounds so fun! Let us know how the deep fried beer experience goes - it sounds... delicious?

  2. I've been wanting to take Zumba. I always end up missing it, but it looks amazingly fun. Perhaps this weekend!

  3. I do love a good Zumba class but I think my heart (or body) loves kick boxing more.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy some deep fried beer for all of us!

  4. I love zumba AND surprise dates! Have fun! :)

  5. I freakin' love zumba. Gives me an excuse to dance like I have never danced before. Have a great weekend!

  6. I want to try Zumba so bad! But my gym doesn't have the classes :/ Maybe it's time for a new gym, lol

  7. Zumba is legit, I can only con my body into working out if it includes dancing. Glad you had fun! And can't wait to hear what V Dizzle planned too, I love when they try to plan surprises (usually, they spill the beans somehow in the process but the thought is nice!) :)

    Have a good weekend Mish!

  8. Deep fried beer...interesting. I had my 12th beer of the year last night, and I didn't make bitter beer face even once! It. Was. Awesome! I'm a wine/hard alcohol sort of girl...bring on the margaritas! Happy weekend!

  9. My Zumba Wii game is ridiculously fun. If my neighbors didn't stand right outside my window and laugh at me while I did it, I would probably do it every day. I would buy your dvd if you became a Zumba guru, gotta support the bloggers of the world!

  10. Haha pump them hips girl!!
    A zumba class is on my to do list.. I heard the are super fun!
    V-dizzle just Rocks!! Like what guy does that now and days.. lucky!!

  11. Where'd u take zumba? My friend teachers zumba at FiT on Saturday morning and he's amazing. =)

    Also, hmmm I'm surprising Nadav with something on Sunday night. I wonder what the dizzle has planned for you, and if we may just have the same thing planned??

  12. Surprise day date?? Aweee your bf is so cute!

    Deep fried beer? How is that even possible? Haha I know they have deep fried Oreos which seems weird to me!

    I love Zumba because it's basically like taking a dance class which I love!

  13. I was doing Zumba in Gabon last fall with a Colombian teacher. So fun and such a good workout!

  14. Hooray for Zumba! I started it a couple years ago and love it! Its so fun, you barely feel like you're working out.

    ♥ Duckie.

  15. Call me Sunday night...I don't want to wait until Monday to find out what the "surprise day date" is!!!! you :)

  16. Love Zumba and love day dates! We're heading to the beach tomorrow and then hopefully off for a hike on Sunday :) Oh, and lots of running. Because I'm nuts. Ugh.

  17. Oh, that's not you in the picture. Well, hell. I quit. lol!

  18. Zumba Zumba Zumba Zumba!! AAAhhhhh I love to Zumba, it's one of my favorite forms of exercise! Love it and am always so pumped to find out someone else is a junky too.

  19. oh lawd... deep fried beer. I hope hope hope they'll have that at the OC fair *fingers crossed*. I'm glad you like zumba. I like zumba but it hurts my knees and ankles (i have poor legs *sad face*). I'm into the hoopnotica now. wawawa...



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