Friday, June 22, 2012

Forget the dolphins, what about the sea lions?!

The Dizzle and I went to Sea World last weekend because we got free tickets for running 26.2 miles that one time long ago that I no longer like to talk about.

I was a little excited because V Dizzle had never ever been to Sea World in his whole life. His whole life! Weird, right?
So I told him that he can't be a San Diegan and not have gone to Sea World at least once in his life.
Me? I've been going since the days I wore a leash around me so I wouldn't run away from my parents!


After watching the dolphin killing bloodbath of a documentary, The Cove, V Dizz and I had slight reservations about Sea World and basically anything that didn't let animals be in their natural habitat!
But I guess we got over our animal rights phase long enough to get on over to Sea World.

The first thing I took The Dizzle to when we got there was the Sea Lion & Otter show.
And oh what a sensitive soul my man is.
He gave it a chance, he really did. But I think just seeing those sea lions prance around a little 15 foot stage didn't make him so happy.
...Even though, I mean, come on, look at this talented little fella!

When the show was over, he kind of sat there silently for a moment or two, taking it all in.
I gave him a little hug and said..."I understand, Boo. Let's go see Shamu instead!"
As if seeing a 30 foot killer whale in a swimming pool would be better?


Anyway, on our way to the next show, we came across the sea lion feeding area.
Though, at first I didn't know what people were supposed to be feeding because they all looked pretty uninterested and or d-e-a-d.
Am I right or am I right?

But then.
A quick turn around the corner and there they all were.
Hungry and VOCAL.
Just sitting there in this shallow pool of water, being stared at by these funny looking people pointing and laughing at them. And okay, fine, maybe I was one of those funny looking people pointing, but still. How rude.


Then I spotted this little one. He seemed so sad and alone.
I just wanted to reach out and pet him and let him know everything was gonna be okay.
We made eye contact and I felt as though we were communicating on a deep level right there in the heart of Sea World.
Okay, not really, but he was definitely staring at me. Though looking back, probably because he just wanted food from me.

So then, that's when V Dizzle walked up, breaking our eye contact, with a tray of fish to feed him.
Little Olly (that's what we'll name him) couldn't give two shits about me once he smelled those little guys. Dinner was served.
He then proceeded to make a very loud roaring/barking noise, to which I reacted with a very loud scream.
It was unexpected, okay?


We managed to make it through the Shamu show, but then it seemed to me that removing V Dizzle from the park would probably be the best plan of action.
I didn't think his little heart could take much more.

As we were leaving, hand in hand, I looked up at him and said,
"So we're probably never going to come back here, huh?"
He looked down at me, shook his head and sadly replied, "Probably not."

So that's all. Not your most exciting post about Sea World.
And no judgements for the rest of you who like those kind of places!
Just don't go expecting to see The Dizzle in the front row with a Shamu hat on his head.




  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think you've made V Dizzle up. All those talents, good looking, AND sensitive?? And that sea lion did look sad!!

  2. Awe, that is so sweet that your bf is so sensitive about the animals, some of them do look so sad :(

    On a happy note though, those sea lion pics are too cute!

  3. Like you, I watched The Cove. Though both my husband and I have been to Sea World before so I really don't think there's ever a need to go back! Those sea lions look a lot like my dog! I'm sorry your boyfriend didn't have the best experience but at least he knows for sure that it's not his cup of tea!

  4. Ok Ok, I swear I used to feel the same exact way about Sea World, but I am now obsessed. It all started when I stopped going to the shows and started hanging out at the whale observatory area and Dolphin Point. Nadav and I went Wed. night and seriously PLAYED with dolphins for like 30min. They swam right up to me, splashed me, jumped right in front of me, and I petted them and rubbed their tummies the entire time. It was one of the best things that has happened to me in a really long time.
    The shows kinda depress me but really interacting with the animals is a whole different story. =)

    Also, Sea World seriously does so many good things for sea life in San Diego. They actually just saved 2 baby seals who lost their mother from La Jolla Cove. If you ever get tickets again I say you give Sea World another chance. =P

  5. This is not my place to share all of my feelings about that place, but... I have stories. My work there was always entertainment-related (I never worked with animals), but I still learned a lot.

    I adopted my cat from the Pets Rule show, and THEY TOLD ME HE WAS A GIRL, for crying out loud. And his teeth were ROTTING OUT OF HIS HEAD.

  6. Seriously Mish, I don't know how you do it but you singlehandedly can turn around my day with your storytelling. I feel bad for V dizzle because he was clearly deeply affected and I can't say I don't agree. Something about those caged animals doesn't seem right. But animal rights rant aside, poor guy, take him out to the ocean and show him all the other sea life that get to live free.


  7. Poor sea lions ... having to beg for their food ... reminds me of homeless people on the side of freeway exits~

  8. I wanna hate Sea World, I really do. But then I see pictures like the ones you posted and the cuteness of the animals takes over and I want to see them myself. That probably makes me a horrible person.

  9. They used to have a beer garden, I've heard they've removed it, but that was the highlight of my trip there. Did you at least make it on the roller coaster?

  10. i had such a good comment that i typed out about the fact that you were on a leash, when i hit post, it didn't go through. i did this 3 times. losing my thought about the leash each time. and it wouldn't go through. i couldn't figure out why for the life of me. until.......i went to get to my email and i wasn't logged into my google account. FML



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