Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day.. Done in Style.

As promised by Fasha himself, the limo promptly arrived at 5:30pm, ready to take us to The Poseidon in Del Mar for Father's Day dinner. But not before Fasha emailed us one last time to remind us to "dress to the max" as he'll be wearing his tuxedo and also to not forget our list of "10 Reasons Why We Think He's So Wonderful."

So anyway, upon entering the limo we were greeted with a multi-colored "CONGRATULATIONS" banner complete with bright red balloons. I'm not quite sure what we were congratulating, but I'm wondering if Fasha also had that arranged.
It really wouldn't surprise me if he did.


The restaurant was right on the water with a great view of the beach.
But probably not as great of view as it was for the other patrons who were in flip flops and shorts watching a herd of dressed up Asians (and one tall black dude) come waltzing in to the center table on the patio for all to see.
Yeah, we were those people. So what.

Then came time to read Fasha our lists.
Me, being the ever so prepared one, had them all written out on a Father's Day card.
My brother, on the other hand, completely forgot about our homework assignment (though, I don't know how after 800 email reminders). So he busted out 10 reasons on the fly.

I thought I would cry at this moment of the day being as emotional as I am.
However, when Fasha had to translate every.single.sentence to Princess Sophia in Korean,
it sort of broke the mood a bit for me.
That and also when Princess took a personal phone call at reason #8.


After dinner, Fasha asked the limo driver to take us to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.
It was quite the scene trying to watch him maneuver this long ass car through the parking lot, just barely avoiding side-swiping a parked car.

Once we got our ice cream, we all hunkered back into the limo for our drive home.
It was quiet and getting late; we were all tired from the day's activities.
I looked over at Fasha and he seemed lost in thought, when out of nowhere, he says to me,

"Hey Shella. What if I practiced Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' for karaoke. Wouldn't that be cool??"

Yeah, Dad. It would be cool. You cool son of a gun, you.

Happy Fasha's Day!



  1. THAT WAS AWESOME. Also, where'd you find those heels at?? I've been trying to find something pretty darn similar to them!

  2. bahaha. I really think that scene was pretty awesome. I really love Fasha. <3

  3. Do you think he'll be bragging to all his friends that his kids got a stretch limo & read him "10 Reasons Why He's Wonderful"?!? Hahaha.

    Tell him the blog fans are crying out for a video of him doing "Beat It." CRYING OUT.

  4. Yes!! This totally lived up to my expectations. Between the guy in the rocket t-shirt, Fasha in a tux, and the fact that he was in deep thought about karaoke, this could not have been more perfect!!

  5. Best post ever. It's amazing that this is your life. Your Dad should have his own reality show. I would watch it religiously. For reals.

  6. Haha I love these pictures.

  7. your dad is tooo cute!!!!!! pictures are super sweet!

  8. That food looks amazing. Your Fasha sure knows himself an awesome Father's Day celebration!

  9. two thumbs up from fasha and from me. he so cray! love it.

  10. Oh my gosh! I just love your life. I do. I just can't help myself.

    I'm going to go find a Korean family to adopt me.

  11. Can Fasha come to the "Lindsay's in town" meet-up later this year? ;-)


  12. haha this is great. he is just way too cute.

  13. Lol your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. Your dad in the tux is such a G and I loved your pics! Keep it up, I'll be reading!


  14. This is fabulous. I love your dad more and more every post.

  15. I love your dad!

  16. Nice limo~ LoL .. classic stretch .. so glad he didn't go overboard and get a hummer limo or something gaudy!! haha

    Tell your dad to practice so you can record him and put it on your blog~

  17. There is so much I love about this, but I think especially the last two pictures. Nothing better than baskin robbins in a limo, I always say.

  18. this is so cute. your dad is a hell of a dad. and your style of writing rocks! new follower here. lovin' this!

  19. Yep, this has confirmed that I am in love with Fasha. Sorry, Princess Sophia.
    (Hmm, it's not a little weird to confess that I love your dad on your blog, is it?...)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Your Dad is a complete bad-ass. Such a hilarious blog!

  22. I have completely fallen in love with your family now.
    And am about to embark on reading ALL the other posts you linked to..!!



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