Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bean dip and Potlucks.

Wanna know why I hate potlucks?
Because I feel like it's basically a silent competition between all of those god-gifted women on who can whip up the better roast or pasta salad with a snap of their fingers and a flick of their wrists.
Then they flaunt their creations around and revel in the "oohs" and "ahhs" from all the roast eaters,
exclaiming, "oh it was so easy and so last minute!" when clearly it looks as though hours of preparation were involved.
I am clearly not that kind, can you tell? 
Somehow the cooking genes were lost by the way side when I came around.

So when potlucks come up, I usually just try to avoid them altogether.
However, if it's a situation I can't get out of, then I'll buy something lame at the grocery store.
Something like a tub of sour cream, throw in some onion mix and call it my homemade chip dip!
It's highly creative, I know. But somehow I don't think people believe it was homemade when I was too lazy to even take the dip out of the sour cream container.

Anyway, today we're having a company potluck.
I had an urge to eat some bean dip. 
I had an even bigger urge to purchase said bean dip from the grocery store, already made, already awesome.
Then something came over me yesterday.
Maybe it was my slight intoxication from all the beers that were had at the baseball game.
Maybe it was the slight smile of pride on V Dizzle's face as I entertained the idea of making it myself.
Whatever it was, I decided to tackle this head on.

I consulted with The Google Gods.
Then I threw some ingredients in my cart based on two different recipes I thought were easy enough for me.
And we're talking 6 steps or less easy because I just don't think I could handle anymore than that.
I got home, whipped up the beans (aka put the two cans together in a bowl and stirred),
whipped up the avocado (same step as the beans),
cut up some tomatoes,
opened a can of already sliced olives (my personal favorite step),
mixed some sour cream and cream cheese,
and lastly, sprinkled a butt load of cheese on top with a flick of my wrist!

A Six Layer Bean Dip, because I just couldn't figure out what the 7th layer was supposed to be...

...and might I add that The Dizzle said it was the best bean dip he's ever had.
I'm going to pretend that he wasn't just saying that to be nice and actually meant it!



  1. That.Looks.Amazing.

    I feel the same way about potlucks - and cookie swaps. It's like..battle of the housewives or something.

    And I always lose.

  2. sliced up olives!? you smarty pants. i am so ready to devour this! is it noon yet???

  3. looks delicious. I usually take the store-bought salsa and chips route.

  4. I think Dizzles comment saids a lot about your dip since he is some kind of Culinary connoisseur

  5. this does look delicious. and i hate potlucks...usually because I am too lazy to make something. I have a few things I'm good at making...but they all involve waaaay too much work for my liking! also, i HATE potlucks because everyone signs up to bring something and there's always, it never fails, a group of them who don't bring a thing!!! seriously! i mean i brought something. so you HAVE to too. if you don't then, guess what, YOU DON'T GET TO EAT!!! but i put on a smile and say ohh no big deal, we'll have enough. but really i want to rip them a new asshole because they're the ones who eat ALL the food and don't care.

    ok so that was a rant. sorry. but i didn't think you could get the full effect of my anger without it =)

    my quick and easy bean dip is...cream cheese, can of chili beans, and shredded cheddar cheese. spread them in a pan in that order...bake like 10 mins...basically just melt the cheese and viola!! easy peasy!


  6. i seriously LOVE me some bean dip but am always too lazy to make it myself. so kudos to you for actually doing it!
    there was a time where i bought it for a potluck... but ended up eating it on the floor of my hallway the night before instead. such a healthy meal! :]

  7. I made my first layered bean dip a few months ago and it was definitely one of those that looks soo pretty and like it took some serious time and cooking ability, but really is prettyy darn easy. Good choice :)

  8. Layer dip is the best!! I made it once, for myself, and never thought to use this for the work potlucks (sometimes I don't think right) but this is a GREAT idea for those homemade potluck judgement sessions. I'm definitly keeping this in mind.. the vegetable platter from the grocery store might not be cutting it anymore.

    When I made this I added some lettuce.. possibly the seventh layer? hah who knows...

  9. wow! go girl.

    and i have to say you are an awesome writer. LOVE the opening paragraph. :)


  10. you sound like one of those people you described who flaunt their roasts .. but rather .. it's bean dip!! It's hard opening cans and mixing together!! LoL .. just kidding! Good step towards the right direction though .. becoming domesticated~! kekeke

  11. Looks tasty! Dips like that with tortilla chips are great for potlucks or when you're hosting a party...I usually make mine with a salsa con queso sauce instead of shredded cheese--just a variation!

  12. You rock! Looks yum and i'm sure he was totally telling the truth!

  13. Yum! I would eat that any day.

  14. Aww, I thought the Pot Luck would be fun, the imaginary competition you speak of never ever even crossed my mind when planning! Your dip was good thou!

  15. Lol. love this. I mean it's honestly secretly true, potlucks are about sharing and love but MOSTLY about competition. Haha Your bean dip looks delish, well done.


  16. oh serious yum! my mom-in-law makes this for parties, and it's so good! I become quite anti-social and camp out by it with a bag of chips:-) xoxo

  17. In my opinion, it looks DELICIOUS!

  18. I love 7 layer dip...its so good! I never know what to bring for potlucks. Im usually that person who brings platters of cheese and what not to nibble before everyone gets there. ::shrugs::

  19. Congrats! Your culinary skills far outshine mine.

    I used to feel the same way about potlucks. Until I married my husband, who loooooves to cook. Now he cooks and I bring it and take the credit. I'd say it's a win-win.

  20. Boom!

    And I think the 7th layer is the "I just made this with a flick of my wrist so you can suck it" layer (if I'm not mistaken).

  21. I love potlucks for the unlimited food potential. Stepford wives be damned, that food belongs in my belly. Your bean dip would find a very happy home in my stomach.



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