Friday, May 25, 2012

Man Chili

So as we all know, I'm not the best cook in the world.
Okay, fine. I can't even be put into the "cook category" when the most I ever do is 
boil some water for Top Ramen or Spaghetti.
Boiling water? Pro status.
Cooking and sharing recipes? I don't even know what that is.

Anyway, the other night, V Dizzle was making his ohmygoshthisiseffingamazing Chili.
Or...Man Chili, as he calls it.

And I thought to myself: 
This would be a perfect thing to share on the blog!
The ingredients are so simple (for simple minded folk like myself),
the taste is 5-star rated,
and the recipe actually calls for beer drinking while you wait for the chili to simmer.
Who wouldn't want to know this glorious chili recipe?!

So I looked over to The Dizz to share my amazing idea.
And well, his response wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
Little did I know, this is a Top Secret chili recipe, not to be shared with the world.
It's a recipe that has been passed on from Man to Man.
And apparently *I* was the privileged one to be privy to such information.
Well then. Excuuuse me, Mr. Dizzle!

So, I'm sorry friends.
Don't blame me.
Blame the men.

But take my word for it.
Oh man. OH man. It is so good.
So good that I'm still paying for it 24 hours later....

...anyway...on that note:

Happy Friday, friends.
I hope your weekends are glorious.
I'll be going to my brother's wedding reception.
Yes, another wedding celebration after THREE ceremonies in Korea.
Rumor has it there will be a piñata.
A piñata at a Korean wedding.
Think about that for a minute.
Pictures to follow*.


*If you can't wait until next week, you're more than welcome to join this piñata party on Instagram with me: @mishlove


  1. Hahaha that just made me laugh. I hope the pinata is filled with little bottles of tequila. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Piñatas are the bomb! Have a great weekend!

  3. well if he wont share the recipe... then have him just make some for me! :]

  4. More excited for this pinata than you know. Can't. Wait. And I want that chili recipe now!

  5. I wrote about your blog and linked back to you. Go check out why you are one of my favorite blogs to read.

  6. You place a picture of some yummy looking chili .. get me all worked up talking about it .. I'm ready to hunker down and cook some chili this weekend .. and then you let me down~ Typical female~ hahaha .. just kidding~

    Pinata's are awesome~ A pinata at a korean wedding .. I need to see it to believe it!! LoL~

    Have a great long weekend!!

  7. My husband makes a mean chili too. It must be a man thing ;). Another wedding/party? Is your bro like rich or somethin'. Haha. Have fun! I will see you on instagram

  8. gimme this recipe! tell V Dizzle that if you guys ever visit Portland, I'll buy him some fabulous beer as a thank-you...we are the microbrew capitol of the world, (or something like that). xoxo

  9. That V-Dizzle needs to learn that secrets don't make friends. Did he skip Kindergarden?

    I wish I was Korean. You officially make me wish that.

  10. Hey! I'm Halle, and I am the editor of the Classic&Glam Blog. I recently stumbled upon our blog! I'd appreciate if you checked mine out as well. If you like it, please follow- I'd be glad to return the favor.


  11. Everything about this post is amazing (minus the Dizzle's recipe tease) but the highlight was by far the pinata.

    (Isn't is always?)

  12. This made me laugh. Secret man to man chili. Hilarious + delicious! Bon weekend!

  13. Get in my belly!! I love chili, especially when it has nacho cheese with it! lol. Thank you for your interest in switching buttons with me, once I make the 200x200 size, I will let you know. Your button is up and running :). Thank you again.

    My new domain address for my blog is . making new changes to my not so much fitness/p90x blog.


  14. Oh gosh, the man chili looks so good...wish he would we could have the recipe.

    xo erica

  15. Omg that chili looks AMAZEBALLS!

    And I have never heard of a pinata at any wedding, let alone a Korean one.

    ♥ Duckie.

  16. Ha! That looks so delish (sorry you were paying for it for so long!). I love that the sour cream is heart-shaped.



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