Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's share the love...

UPDATE: WOW...I didn't know I'd get so many people responding!! You guys rock!
I'm at my max for buttons, but I'll definitely do this again for July! :)


The blog love, that is.
I've always been a fan of bloggers uniting.
In fact, one thing I've really enjoyed since starting this whole blog: the community.
There are thousands of bloggers out there, and we all have our own little corners, 
but I've actually come to find that there are a surprising amount of connections that we all share.
Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, with that said, I'd love to do some button swapping with you guys.
So for the month of June,
{don't worry, I don't expect a lifelong commitment}
let me know if you wanna swappity-swip-swap!
Yes...I just said that.

Feel free to email me at:



  1. I am down for a swappity-swip-swap - as long as your swaps got swagger. Well I'd still be into it if it didn't have swagger. What's swagger anyways. Maybe I am saying it wrong? Yous got swagga'! Is that better? Or do I just sound like a white girl trying to sound hip. That's usually the case. Anyways - I'll swap with you. You know if you wanna.

  2. Yup, definitely count me in to hip-hop-blog-swap!! if you need to contact me:)

  3. Koreans unite! Bwahaha. I'm down to swap! Holla!

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. Sure I'll swap with ya! Come to my site, your button's already up. It was that easy. Don't be offended if I leave you up past June!

  5. Thank God, Duckie had your button on her blog, I woulda been missing out on your blog!! Thank you again Duckie for always finding awesome new bloggers for me!!

    Im korean and I dont know anything about Korean customs other than what I see and watch in Korean Dramas and what I remembered in my memories before I was adopted!

    Anywho, please swap buttons with me! I would love to learn some of my culture through your eyes...:).




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