Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Korea Highlights - V Dizzle: The Superstar

He won't admit it, but everywhere we went, people oohed and ahhed at what seemed like 
the only black man in their country.
The ones that actually mustered the courage to speak would comment on 
how handsome, big, or "movie star-like" he was.

But the best part for me was seeing all of the little Korean kids run up to him to practice their English,
wave, or just say hi to "The American."
"Hi. How are you? Where are you from? You're so BIG."
They gave him candy, held his hand, and posed every chance they got when he held the camera.
{As for me? They couldn't give two shits and gladly pushed me aside.}

At one point, he had them chanting, "KOREA!!!!!!" at the top of their lungs {see pic 3}.
Don't ask me why.
But they seemed enthused and highly proud of their country.

By the end of the week, he became quite accustomed and blended right in with their mannerisms.
Can't even tell them apart, can you? ;)



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  1. omg, hilarious!!! My best friend is a 6'0 black guy who lived in Japan for 2 years and he told me that everywhere he went someone would ask if he was P. Diddy. My friend is really light skinned and does not look like P. Diddy at all. But that was always his favorite story to tell when he came back. I cannot believe all the kids!! That is too much!!

  2. Seriously - this is amazing. The pictures are awesome. Especially the last one!!

  3. How cute were the kids with V Dizzle? Totally couldn't tell him apart by the end of the trip! The only thing they said to you was, "You're Korean. Why can't you speak Korean?" Right, right? That's what they'd say to me in Taiwan...

  4. Sad I didn't win, but this post totally changed my mood bahahahahaha. My godbrother studied in China and he's a big rugby player with red hair and people went CA-RAZY for him. So I imagine he and V-Dizz had similar things happen haha :)

  5. Hahah this is too funny! Great pictures!

  6. This is so cute! I love all these pictures.

  7. hilarious. he does know that attention will not continue back in San Diego right? :)

  8. Hilarious!! Also, the Asian peace signs. They kill me every time.

  9. Love this!!! My hubby is half black and was stationed in Japan for 2 years and the same thing happened!! Ahh I want to go to Korea!!!

  10. Same thing happened to my sister's bf in China. He loved it!

  11. It's quite easy to acclimatize to Korean culture. I lived there for two years and still pull out a peace sign or a hand heart anytime a camera is present. I hope he relished in the fame.

  12. That's awesome! Go V-Dizz.
    The picture of those kids jumping is just priceless.

  13. Hahahaha! That's amazing that they were so entranced by him. Although in all honesty, he does have that famous-athlete-look to him. Lucky him AND you ;)

  14. hahahaha! this one just killed me!!!!! that is so awesome!

  15. HAHAH! This is great!

  16. i find so much joy for the last picture. oh and V-Dizzle's peace sign.



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