Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Korea Highlights: Karaoke Lovin'

Would a trip to Korea be complete without Karaoke?
I think not.
However, if you're not familiar with Korean Karaoke, it's not your traditional setting.
It's just you and your friends in a room, complete with tambourines.
No stage, no audience.
In some ways, I kind of like this setting better.
Because then you can feel free to do the following with zero judgements or interruptions.

You can even take a nap in between your karaoke performances!
If that's not convenience, then I don't know what is.

Also, can we please take note of the stellar video accompaniment to each song?
Let's take a look at the classic "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

Just a city boy....
{Except somehow this is a pigtail-wearing Korean school girl?}

Took the midnight train...
{and very upset about this apparently}

So anyway.
As you can see, Korean Karaoke is pretty top notch and entertaining.
I highly recommend you get out to your local Korea Town and get on this.



  1. I love karaoke in general, but Korean Karaoke is the best! Acting a fool with friends, banging on a tambourine, and the VIDEOS. The videos are awesome! Great pictures, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. I now want to go to Korea JUST for the karaoke. This is amazing!

  3. oh this looks amazing!!! though i'm still not sure i'd be able to muster up the courage to sing in front of peeps.

  4. I love karoeke! Those graphics are soo cheesy. But that's what makes it Korean ;)

  5. I went to a place like this in Orange County with some friends one. Pure amazingness.

  6. I bet they had a baller K-Pop selection to. Our Korea Town only does K-Pop karaoke, so that'd be real awkward for me. But I still kind of want to do it.

  7. Love it! They have a korean karaoke place like this in Dallas actually. I only went once but it was hilarious and awesome!

  8. Those graphics are great!
    What's "your song"?

  9. love the napping part! that is my kind of Karaoke!

  10. oh snap. i'm coming with you to korea next time. got it? (and then you can come to brazil with me... a little swap -a-roo. You like?)

    This is just too awesome. I love karaoke. You know what I don't love? Trying to spell karaoke.

  11. I find this far more pleasant than doing Karaoke in a crowded bar with strangers heckling you. And I'm pretty sure that the Korean videos make it one million times funnier.

  12. I'm cracking up so hard at the images on the karaoke screen!! I want to go and just watch all of them-looks hilarious! Loving all these Korea posts-thanks for sharing!

  13. I listened to a podcast about karaoke once that said it is actually very dangerous to do in Asia. People get murdered in the Philippines for bad singing. Crazy!

  14. However, if you're not familiar with Korean karaoke system Karaoke, it's not your traditional setting.



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