Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coronado Day Date

Remember how The Dizz and I decided to have a 
once-a-month-really-fun-out-of-the-ordinary-and-we-each-take-turns date?
Well this here's month two and The Dizzle just made the deadline.
{You can read about my awesome and cool date idea from last month here.}

With possibly a little nudge from me, in the form of, "Gasp!! Look! A Ferry!!!!", 
while walking Downtown this past Memorial Day, 
V Dizz took it upon himself to purchase two roundtrip tickets for the Flagship Cabrillo 
that would take us to Coronado Island.
Saying I was excited would be a slight understatement.
Tickets were $9.00 {it really doesn't take much to excite me}.

We spent a few hours walking around, pretending like we were tourists.
Or, if you're me, then just being really Asian and taking about 2392 pictures.
It was splendid and the weather was amazing.
So amazing, I burnt the eff out of my forehead and shoulders.
I really need to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen.
This {almost} 26 year old body won't be so forgiving in the wrinkle department, I would imagine.

P.S. Bear with me on the Photoshop job with these pictures.
I apparently did half of them one way, and the other half another.
Don't judge. I'm learning....and lazy.

Tomorrow is the first day of June and it's my turn again for picking the date.
Any suggestions that won't break the bank??



  1. I keep meaning to get over to Coronado and play tourist... I guess summer is the perfect time to make that a reality!

  2. Oh my gosh sooo fun! I want to a ferry date too. Do you know if they allows bikes on the ferry?

  3. awwww cute! can you go to a bar and find me a boyfriend please? thanks.

    also, i changed my blog address last night, which i think means i might start blogging again. MIGHT.

  4. Tammy posted about SD stuff today too! Ironically, she included SeaWorld in her post which is where I used to perform, and YOU posted about Coronado where I was an Event Coordinator at The Del!

    I <3 my hometown, baby! Stay classy!

  5. Looks like a good time! Love Coronado Island!

    Your tradition of fun, never-been-done-before dates is an awesome idea. I'd love to do that with the husband - but like all new 'traditions' I try to start, it would last one month.

  6. you can always go to the fair! it starts on the 8th.

  7. Love this. Love Coronado. Bring me back to Caliiiii. And idea: picnic? Farmers market?

  8. FUN!! I've yet to visit Coronado and I've been in SoCal my whole life. That needs to change!

  9. We just came back from Coronado... we rented a surrey, put our twins in the front, and pedaled around the island. Gorgeous!

  10. That does look like fun. I love cheap dates! You gotta wear sunscreen! You are lucky with the young Asian genes but still cancer doesn't know race. Just take care of yourself so you can keep on blogging! I love both treatments. Where are the rest of the 2987?

  11. Super-fun idea! That V-Dizzle picked out a pretty rad date.



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