Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coronado Day Date

Remember how The Dizz and I decided to have a 
once-a-month-really-fun-out-of-the-ordinary-and-we-each-take-turns date?
Well this here's month two and The Dizzle just made the deadline.
{You can read about my awesome and cool date idea from last month here.}

With possibly a little nudge from me, in the form of, "Gasp!! Look! A Ferry!!!!", 
while walking Downtown this past Memorial Day, 
V Dizz took it upon himself to purchase two roundtrip tickets for the Flagship Cabrillo 
that would take us to Coronado Island.
Saying I was excited would be a slight understatement.
Tickets were $9.00 {it really doesn't take much to excite me}.

We spent a few hours walking around, pretending like we were tourists.
Or, if you're me, then just being really Asian and taking about 2392 pictures.
It was splendid and the weather was amazing.
So amazing, I burnt the eff out of my forehead and shoulders.
I really need to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen.
This {almost} 26 year old body won't be so forgiving in the wrinkle department, I would imagine.

P.S. Bear with me on the Photoshop job with these pictures.
I apparently did half of them one way, and the other half another.
Don't judge. I'm learning....and lazy.

Tomorrow is the first day of June and it's my turn again for picking the date.
Any suggestions that won't break the bank??


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My attempt at a juice fast...

So as you know (and if you don't, then where the heck have you been because it's basically the only thing I talk about these days), The Dizzle and I are running our very first marathon
this coming Sunday!

We have been training for the past 6 months; basically living, eating, breathing marathon training.
I am so incredibly ready to be done with this whole thing because I so incredibly dislike running.

Anyway, for as much as I've complained, whined, and cried over the amount of running I've had to do,
I will say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to eat literally whatever I want.
Prior to this training, I rarely ever had fast food.
I was pretty on top of my healthy eating.
Oh but now...
McDonald's, In n Out, french fries galore!
Spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread!
Want to go back for seconds? Sure, why not!
When you're running anywhere from 20-45 miles a week, 
well, it's basically a get out of jail free card every single meal.

However. Now that we're just days from the big day, we kind of had to take a step back and realize that maybe it would have been better on our bodies if we didn't eat so much crap and drink so much alcohol.
I know. Way to wait till the last minute.

So I had the brilliant idea of going on a JUICE CLEANSE.
Just to get rid of the toxins and start our pre-marathon week with a bang, ya feel me?
V Dizz was on board!

Since neither one of us owns a juicer, Jamba Juice was our first stop:
2 shots of mowed lawn wheat grass, please!
Also an Apple 'n Greens for him and a Berry UpBEET for me!
What size? POWER size, of course! Because we're doing a cleanse today and we've got to make sure we get enough nutrients and calories in our system so that we don't get too hungry and crash!

If you couldn't tell, I was pretty pumped up about this cleanse.


And then an hour passed.

The hunger pangs hit me suddenly. I was starving! I begged and pleaded with The Dizzle to feed me for surely I would die.
I must have been pretty convincing because he gave in and we agreed to get a healthy salad.
That could still be considered cleanse worthy, right? Right.
Especially with the globs of blue cheese dressing I consumed, I'm sure.

I think my body was still in survival mode because it wasn't but a mere
2 hours later that I felt the hunger pangs again.
At least that's what I told The Dizz when I saw the frozen yogurt shop.
I promised I would only get plain vanilla and fruit, so as to stick with the cleanse, of course.

By the time we walked the treacherous 3/4 of a mile home,
I could already tell what was going to overcome me.
That ravenous hunger that just can't be reasoned with.
With a fierceness in my eye and possibly a growl in my voice,
I told The Dizzle that I needed to eat and I needed to eat now.
Preferably his spaghetti with ground turkey.
The Dizzle knows that look is not one to mess around with.
Spaghetti was made.
So I happily scarfed down a plate. Okay, fine. I scarfed down two plates.

That night, belly full, we went to go check out those new luxury movie theaters.
You know, the ones with recliner chairs and your own personal waiter to bring you food and goodness throughout the movie.
It was our very first time there, so it would be a shame to have driven 30 miles and not enjoy the full experience that this theater had to offer!

So we got mini corn dogs.
And french fries.
AND a cobb salad. To stick with that know.

Long story long, I have zero will power and I'm fully aware I will probably gain about 20 pounds when this marathon is over because I will definitely not be running anymore and well, after this post, I'm sure we can all agree that me and food have a very tight relationship.


The End.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My brother and SIL's California wedding reception!

Alright. Finally. The wedding festivities have come to completion!
Yesterday was one grand ol' wedding party.
Close to 200 people came to the park for {surprise}Korean food, drinks, and dancing.
{Speaking of dancing, I would like to give myself a pat on the back for taking the initiative
and being the first one out on the dance floor.
When there's wine-a-flowin' and Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back, 
well, I'm pretty sure you can understand what needed to happen.}
And of course, the promised piñata.
To which I shamelessly took a good whacking to, thankyouverymuch.

Also, can we please just take note on what I'm saying in this picture below.
Hi. This is me and my band. I just got finished with my killer dance moves. What?

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

 Our marathon is in six days. Six DAYS.
So we've decided to do a juice cleanse today. It'd probably be a good idea to rid of all the 
alcohol and cheeseburgers we've been consuming as of late.
Unfortunately, I don't own a juicer.
Fortunately, Jamba Juice is around the corner.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day today!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Man Chili

So as we all know, I'm not the best cook in the world.
Okay, fine. I can't even be put into the "cook category" when the most I ever do is 
boil some water for Top Ramen or Spaghetti.
Boiling water? Pro status.
Cooking and sharing recipes? I don't even know what that is.

Anyway, the other night, V Dizzle was making his ohmygoshthisiseffingamazing Chili.
Or...Man Chili, as he calls it.

And I thought to myself: 
This would be a perfect thing to share on the blog!
The ingredients are so simple (for simple minded folk like myself),
the taste is 5-star rated,
and the recipe actually calls for beer drinking while you wait for the chili to simmer.
Who wouldn't want to know this glorious chili recipe?!

So I looked over to The Dizz to share my amazing idea.
And well, his response wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
Little did I know, this is a Top Secret chili recipe, not to be shared with the world.
It's a recipe that has been passed on from Man to Man.
And apparently *I* was the privileged one to be privy to such information.
Well then. Excuuuse me, Mr. Dizzle!

So, I'm sorry friends.
Don't blame me.
Blame the men.

But take my word for it.
Oh man. OH man. It is so good.
So good that I'm still paying for it 24 hours later....

...anyway...on that note:

Happy Friday, friends.
I hope your weekends are glorious.
I'll be going to my brother's wedding reception.
Yes, another wedding celebration after THREE ceremonies in Korea.
Rumor has it there will be a piñata.
A piñata at a Korean wedding.
Think about that for a minute.
Pictures to follow*.


*If you can't wait until next week, you're more than welcome to join this piñata party on Instagram with me: @mishlove

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy Connie's Visit to the Dentist

**Side note to all that don't know:
Connie is my alter ego that comes out, oh about, once a month. You know...during that time.
Carry on.


I had that annoying dental assistant again yesterday.
The one where he insists on commenting every.time on the movie I'm watching as he cleans my teeth. 
This time, as I'm quietly watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail,
in chimes Mr. Dental Assistant, mid-clean, complete with his snarky little attitude:
"Were you even born when this movie came out?"
Umm, pretty sure this movie was released in the late 90's thankyouverymuch. 
And I'm sorry, what? Who are you?

But instead of pretending I don't hear him,
I simply respond with a polite laugh and inform him that 
"Yes, I'm 25 and this movie came out in the 90's."

After a full 3 minutes of silence from him, he asks, 
"So what...were you like five then?"
Jeez man, back the eff off and just clean my teeth, will ya?
I'm trying to listen to Kathleen Kelly's story hour!

But again, because I'm too chicken shit to ever say aloud something mean I'm actually thinking, 
I respond with a polite laugh again and say, "Yeah...something like that."
{Even though, clearly, if he knew anything about You've Got Mail, he'd know I was 12. Obviously.}

I'm trying my hardest to push Crazy Connie aside and focus on the movie
when Mr. Dental Assistant decides to become an orthodontist.
After asking if I wore braces, he then firmly says:
"You should really wear your retainer. See your front teeth there?"
{as he hands me a mirror and completely ruins the movie for me}
"They're moving forward. And you see that gap?
It's only going to get worse."

I bite my tongue because I'm this close to maybe possibly almost saying something to him about minding his own biznass and leave my growing gap alone!
But like a good girl, I politely nod and smile, 
promising to go home to search for my red, sparkly retainer 
that I had in the 8th grade.

Of course, all I really did was get in my car, curse his name, and eat a bag of sugary Peanut M&M's 
with my freshly cleaned, gap-toothed teeth.
That'll show him.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's share the love...

UPDATE: WOW...I didn't know I'd get so many people responding!! You guys rock!
I'm at my max for buttons, but I'll definitely do this again for July! :)


The blog love, that is.
I've always been a fan of bloggers uniting.
In fact, one thing I've really enjoyed since starting this whole blog: the community.
There are thousands of bloggers out there, and we all have our own little corners, 
but I've actually come to find that there are a surprising amount of connections that we all share.
Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, with that said, I'd love to do some button swapping with you guys.
So for the month of June,
{don't worry, I don't expect a lifelong commitment}
let me know if you wanna swappity-swip-swap!
Yes...I just said that.

Feel free to email me at:


It has come full circle..

Once upon a time...
I was a young college girl of 18 and thought I was the coolest kid on the block
because I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch.
It was my first "real" job.
I mean, who wouldn't want to wear layered tank tops and ripped up jeans?!
And basically get paid to stand around with that guy wearing said jeans?!
So yeah. Cool stuff.

Anyway, I quickly {after 8 months} realized I was meant to do more with my life.
Though, what that was exactly, well, I'm still trying to figure that out 8 years later...
But moving on.

Tonight, I got a letter in the mail.
From the Orange County Superior Court.
Abercrombie & Fitch has once again been sued (what else is new?).
I quickly scan the letter:

Legal Notice...
Class Action Settlement from 2003...
Claim Amount...

And would you look at that?
I'll be getting approximately $180.59.
Something about not paying for travel wages and meal periods?
I'm not exactly sure. I told you I quickly scanned.
When you're offered free money, take it.
Don't ask questions.

So thank you, Abercrombie.
For not only providing me my first college job, 
but for compensating me 9 years later.

Let's go celebrate, friends!
Drinks on me.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I don't want to brag...

I felt the need to share my latest success in fame.

Ladies and Gentleman, you are looking at the face of Lightspeed's new Sleeping Pad.
The only one at my office who could accurately portray the necessary sleeping skills 
whilst camping.

Can't you see the intense amount of work it took to convince the world
that a fellow Korean girl could sleep peacefully in a tent 
sans any sleeping bag or blanket 
all because of this oh-so-comfortable sleeping pad??

I know. I'm impressed too.
It took a lot out of me, but I was able to deliver.

Enjoy this worldwide debut.
Now available at a Costco near you.
You're welcome.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes jet lag can be a good thing..

Regular sleep hasn't been the easiest task since coming home.
The first night back we went to bed around 10pm. Then, I was wide awake at 3am.
So of course, I had to stretch and wiggle around in bed until The Dizzle woke up too.
{Being awake at 3am isn't nearly as cool when you can have someone up with you.}
Then, we ate Fruit Loops. 
Me on the floor, him on the ottoman, in comfortable silence.
We went back to bed around 4am, cuddled a bit and talked about our trip.
Sleep was clearly not coming anytime soon.
So then I asked, "Want to go watch the sunrise?"
And of course, because he's a champ like that, was up for a little adventure at 5:00am.

We got in the car while it was still pitch black, except for the street lights Downtown.
Hand in hand, we drove to the sound of the Black Keys station on Pandora.
I don't think we really spoke many words, just took in the quiet night around us.
Which was nice, I remember.

We went to Mt. Soledad in La Jolla.
Which, if you've never been, is a really great location, high up on a hill, with an amazing view of San Diego and the beaches.
However, after this day, I have come to learn is not so good a place to see a sunrise;
As the sun never came out.
But that's okay.
It was still great feeling like the only ones awake at that hour,
sitting on a bench and talking about our desire to travel more.

After we came to the conclusion we'd never quite see that sunrise,
we headed back home, made breakfast burritos, then slept till 4pm.
Clearly not helping our time zone adjustment, but oh well.
It was still a moment and one I'd like to remember.

Hope you all had lovely weekends.
Happy Monday!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Korea Highlights: The Wedding(s)

You think one wedding in America is a lot on your plate?
Try having three in Korea!
I could barely keep up, so I won't blame you if you don't.

Okay. So.
Katie's family is Catholic, so the first ceremony, and apparently the one that "sealed the deal,"
was done in a Catholic church.
Unfortunately, I really don't know much else.
Mostly because it was all in Korean and as we know: 
Mishi does not-uh speak-uh da Korean.
Regardless, it was beautiful, she was beautiful, and I still cried in the name of love.

Moving on to the next ceremony where she got to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous white dress.
This particular morning, there's a good chance I dry-heaved about 15 times
because I was so hungover excited.
I got to the wedding location looking slightly disheveled.
So much so that apparently my mother felt the need to do something about it.

But nothing compared to a few moments later when we couldn't find Fasha!
He was needed for pictures and no where to be found.
Like a dutiful sister & daughter, I went in search.
I saw a man that looked just like him, 
except he was wearing jeans and a long sleeved Abercrombie shirt.
It couldn't be him, it's probably just that all Asians look alike, right?
In comes Fasha.
Abercrombie wearing and all.

Apparently he was upstairs practicing for the ceremony.
I don't know, I was too hungover, I mean excited, to question.
We all managed to pull it together. Fasha got dressed. My stomach stopped churning.
And the rest of the evening went swimmingly.

For the third and final ceremony, they headed upstairs for the traditional Korean gathering.
They went all out with the wardrobe, gathered around a table, and were greeted by several of the guests to accept gifts.
{aaannnddd this was where my camera died and out came the iPhone. Hence the extremely poor quality. My apologies.}

It was such a great experience to see all of this and an amazing trip that I'll never forget.
Congratulations to my brother and now my new sister in law!
I love you both.


Happy Weekend, lovelies.
Thanks for enduring a week long recap of Korea ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Korea Highlights: The Food

I think it's safe to say I'm a disgrace to my heritage when it comes to "appreciating" the food.
I'm sorry. But I just cannot. Cannot get myself to consume some of the things they call delicacies.
It's a shame really when that's all there was to eat everywhere my family went.
There's only so much beef and rice I can take in one day, people.
So let's just say I hit up the Burger King down the street on more than one occasion while I was there.
Sure, maybe the cheeseburgers tasted a tad different than what America produces, 
but trust me, in comparison to octopus, it was more than okay for me.
It's basically the reason I am alive and here today. My life source, if you will.
So, thank you Burger King.
I'll forever have a special place for you in my heart.

V Dizzle, on the other hand, was very good at being adventurous and trying new foods.
And for the most part, he really did enjoy it all.
Beef, chicken, pork, fish, octopus. No problem.
I don't think he'll ever be trying a silkworm ever again.
He said it tasted like old gym socks and rotten mushrooms.
Yum. So bummed I missed out on that crunch fest.


We were so burnt out on Korean food (and Whoppers for me),
that the first thing we ate when we got home was a giant, freshly made salad.
Now tell me that doesn't look good.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Korea Highlights: Karaoke Lovin'

Would a trip to Korea be complete without Karaoke?
I think not.
However, if you're not familiar with Korean Karaoke, it's not your traditional setting.
It's just you and your friends in a room, complete with tambourines.
No stage, no audience.
In some ways, I kind of like this setting better.
Because then you can feel free to do the following with zero judgements or interruptions.

You can even take a nap in between your karaoke performances!
If that's not convenience, then I don't know what is.

Also, can we please take note of the stellar video accompaniment to each song?
Let's take a look at the classic "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

Just a city boy....
{Except somehow this is a pigtail-wearing Korean school girl?}

Took the midnight train...
{and very upset about this apparently}

So anyway.
As you can see, Korean Karaoke is pretty top notch and entertaining.
I highly recommend you get out to your local Korea Town and get on this.



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