Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, Friends.
How was everyone's Easter?

Mine was spent consuming the following:

*Strawberries n Cream Oatmeal...x2*
*Ritz Crackers*
*Large plate of Spaghetti*
*3.5 slices of Cheese pizza from Pizza Hut, complete with Ranch dressing for dipping, of course*
*Top Ramen*
*Peanut M&M's*

Don't judge me.
If you ran 16 miles in a day, 
Burning about 1600 calories in 2 hours & 40 minutes, 
I think you'd do the same, yes?
This is the one and only thing I highly enjoy about this marathon training.
I can eat like I'm a 700 pound woman,
physically stuck to my couch,
with food being my only motivation for movement.
{Too harsh of an image?}

16 miles, baby!

My Mint Sorbet nails were about as festive as I got for the weekend.

Poor Dizzle...he was a tired little fella and promptly
fell asleep on a pile of my laundry about 10 minutes after our run.

That's all.
I wish I had more exciting news to share.
But for the next two months, my life revolves around running.
And I'm going to make you all suffer right along with me. ;)



  1. Sixteen miles is nothing to snuff your nose at. Girl, that food is TOTALLY acceptable for that distance! I may or may not eat a lot of food on a regular basis and just blame it on training. Whatever. If anyone judges, tell them to try running. Pshaw.

  2. Very impressive! You are a rock star :)

  3. Love your nails!! Congrats on the long run. I can't even imagine running that much. That's amazing. Keep going!!

  4. maybe running isn't so bad if it means indulging in all that food!!! very impressive!

  5. What are you talking about?!?! I find it to be very nice hearing about your weekends. :)

  6. Love your nails! Great color! And wow 16miles?!? That's crazy! I'm so jelly I wish I had that motivation! I eat all that even if I didn't work out haha!

    Xx kelly

  7. You go girl! You're my inspiration!

  8. I can't even count to 16 so the fact that you can run to 16 is like, woah...

  9. Love the fingernail polish!!

    Have you seen any of your friends doing the photo a day challenge? I am participating for the first time this month and I'm loving it!
    I am going to be doing my own photo a day challenge for May for people to do! Be sure and visit my blog and do it too!!! Tell your friends!


  10. I would eat AT LEAST that much if I ran 16 miles. Good work, you are going to kill that marathon.

    The mint nail polish is amazing. Love, love, love.

  11. I think your body is going to want to run even after the marathon is over....
    Just sayin', once you start you may not be able to stop ;)

  12. 16 mi is dope. That's pretty exciting. Nice view of the water :). Makes it somewhat more palatable.

  13. With a route like that, I'd run 16 miles!! You're lucky to have the waterfront close by.

    Your blog is so fun to read...especially since it includes two of my loves - food and running (one can't go without the other, obvs).



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