Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap from Sicky McSickerton

I'd like to say I take pride in my strong Korean genes,
in that I rarely ever get sick.
I'm strong. Like Bull.
In fact, the last time I felt this poopy was back in September.
But lo and behold, 7 months later, here I am dying.

I'm writing this from my bed as we speak type;
Literally laying on towels because my body is sweating as if I've just ran 18 miles.
Speaking of running, The Dizz and I were supposed to run 14 yesterday,
and it's actually getting quite imperative to stick with these runs,
because our marathon is in just 40 days!
But I just couldn't.
My head is pounding enough as it is.
I couldn't imagine the amount of pounding it would take to run 14 miles.

So for the most part,
I've been cooped up in the house with my own personal caretaker.
Thankfully The Dizz is the best nurse doctor in all the lands.
Bringing me OJ, water, and vitamin C.
Getting me both a burrito from Rubios and french fries from McDonald's 
just because I couldn't decide.
Making me tea before bed to help my throat,
then scratching my back until I feel asleep.
{Did I mention I can be a bit of a weeny when I actually do get sick?}

Thank you Boo. You da best.
Next time you're sick, I've got your back.

Oh, and also, any time I was feeling down over the weekend,
I just pulled out this picture of Fasha.
It's a gem.
An honest to goodness gem.
Please note the luscious hair and the ninja-like arm stance to really pronounce the muscles.




  1. Things! 1) OMG Fasha. Ruv. 2) I'm sorry your sick girl. It's da worst. 3) But you're oh-so lucky you've got a sa-weet personal doctor. Boyfriend's make the best doctors. 4) The things I would do for a burrito from Rubios RIGHT NOW. 5) Feel bettah!

  2. Feel better! I'm so glad you have someone who takes care of you. Say "thank you" to him for me. :)

  3. Hahah I could not stop once I saw this picture.. totally reminds me of a picture my Dad has while sporting some daisy dukes!
    And umm hello can I get sick and have the royal treatment?! Lucky errr I mean hope you get better soon! lol

  4. that's the food i want when i'm sick! love you. feel better!

  5. Feel better soon!! Lucky for you that you have that doctor there for you. Is there anything he isn't good at? Take care over there.

  6. SO awesome that your boyfriend is taking such good care of you. Feel better soon!! And if you happen to be feeling guilty for not running yesterday, don't. You really aren't supposed to run when you are sick. Like REALLY.

  7. Hope you're feeling better! Fasha's da bomb

  8. the sickness: boo! the photo: yay! I'm pretty sure he was a stud muffin! and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree:-) Get better soon pretty lady! xoxo

  9. Feel better soon! At least you have an awesome man who is taking spectacular care of you, which almost always makes the whole being sick thing better.

  10. I am sorry you are sick! I LITERALLY know how it feels. Also, are you doing the SD rock and roll? If so, me too! I'm only doing the half (ha, only) and I'm kind of terrified even though this won't be my first one. I just haven't been training as hard as I should be. 40 days sounds better than 6 weeks...

  11. Sorry you're a sicko. :(
    I've heard eating bull testicles will make you strong like a bull again.



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